Day at Jellystone

Years ago Zach discovered this place about an hour away from us called Jellystone. It’s a big campgrounds place and he’s been several times. Back in his management days with work he’d take his team out there as a reward! He’s always talked about wanting to go out there as a family and took Kye out last year camping. He wanted to camp again with Kye and this time we planned it so we could have a fun family day together out there as well!

The guys got up early and headed out so they could have some guy time and us girls planned to get there around 10ish then come home before dinner time. Skipping Tess’s nap and just living it up!

Campgrounds means you must wear a hat right? πŸ™‚

Britt was pretty envious that she didn’t get to camp with the boys!

When Zach and Kye camped last year the big water slide was closed for the season so we wanted to go plenty early to make sure we got to use the slide! Omg the big kids were in HEAVEN!

And Mama loves a lazy river πŸ˜‰

Tess was pretty off all day. She didn’t eat much and I thought maybe it was related to her not getting a nap but I later found out the culprit. 

The big kids got their slide fill and Zach, Tess and I went around the lazy river a bunch of times. It was perfect because we could keep an eye on the big kids and got to enjoy some relaxing time too!

FSU had an afternoon game so we planned to get lunch made then eat it at their clubhouse area to watch the game. It all worked out super well!

Britt took a pic for me haha Classic mom mode. 

Game time!

No nap = silly time!

They also have a regular pool that we enjoyed after lunch!

This girl is a swimming MACHINE!

Resting with Daddy πŸ™‚

Slide pros

The boys were VERY ready for us to LEAVE so they could have their time πŸ˜‰ 

We headed out and legit got less than 5 min down the road when I heard the sound no parent likes to hear: vomit. I pulled into mobile home park and poor Tess had puked EVERYWHERE. My first thought was that it was from all the swimming and sun and that she just was off. She puked on Christmas Eve after all the junk food b/c it just threw her system out of whack so I thought maybe this was the same thing. It was a nightmare to clean up. 

TIP OF THE DAY: Keep a roll of PAPER TOWELS in your car! Zach got this huge paper towel pack from Sam’s awhile back and I figured “why not” and just tossed one in my car. Y’all that roll has been a life saver on many occasions!

Super thankful I had a coverup for Britt’s swimsuit. We just rolled with it!

An iced coffee was a MUST HAVE. 

And a treat for my big helper too πŸ™‚

We had planned to have a fun girl’s night so I still rolled through Zaxby’s and got dinner for Britt but she was feeling a bit off too and didn’t eat any of it anyway. 

I got Tess in the bed and wanted to make the night special for Britt. I set up a spa night for her. With my massage chair, pedicure tub and I painted her toes and applied the Elsa and Anna fake finger nails my dad and Audrey got for her. Girl was in HEAVEN!

As an added bonus she got to sleep with LOTS of friends that night πŸ˜‰ 

It was hilarious the next morning because literally every single nail was off haha

At 10:30 I got a call from Zach that he was vomiting. He and Kye had to load up all the camping stuff at 1 am and come home. Zach was so bad that he went to the ER to get fluids because he had dehydrated from all the vomiting. Kye also started puking. 

Turns out that Mema, Jolee, Casey, Jordan, and Mr. Rusty (and I think Courtney too?) ALL were puking that night. We had ALL been together Friday night so we think it must have been food poisoning! It was short lived and since everyone ate the same dinner and everyone puked it makes the most sense! 

We had a suppppppper chill Sunday

I didn’t mind the sick boy snuggles πŸ˜‰

I loaded the kids up with everything I could to help their tummies!

And gave them all bubble baths with some oils in them to help too! 

Even though the stomach bug was kinda a weekend killer, we still had a great day together and Kye and Zach are def due for a camp out do-over! 

Videos from our day:


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