Danielle’s Family Wedding Shower

Last Saturday morning I got up super early at Casey’s to get ready to go. I was ready to walk out the door and went to put on my wedding ring when I couldn’t find it. We searched her ENTIRE room for 45 MIN!!! I was even ready to accuse her (sweet, innocent!) roommates of stealing it haha. Thankfully we found it (IN my jewelry pouch, where we had searched at least 8 times grrrr)! But the whole ordeal kinda put me in a rush for the morning as I wanted to get to Danielle‘s in enough time to help set up some for the shower. Of course I got there about 15 min early and mostly all the work was done but at least I got to help a little bit!

This was the MOST detailed and thoughtful shower of any kind that I’ve ever been to. Danielle’s sisters threw it for her and I was SO impressed with them. I’ve known Danielle’s family for a long time and they are the most welcoming, loving, caring people! The theme was cheery blossom and they had Japanese food and tons of little oriental details.

love the lanterns they had hanging everywhere and Jon’s and Danielle’s initials!

they had these signs made that say Danielle, Jonathan, and eternal happiness

they even made really cool tables so we could sit on pillows on the floor!

the favors were ADORABLE (and I’m sad I didn’t get one!)

close-up of the chop sticks

fortune cookies that one of her sisters hand dipped in chocolate to match the theme

 Sisters and hostesses!

It was SERIOUSLY the biggest shower I’ve ever attended…72 people total! Isn’t that insane? It meant that Danielle got hooked up with awesome presents for sure!

from Chelsi-such a “Danielle” present

she’s a busy girl so I know that crock-pot cooking is for her

I think this was a favorite present 🙂 (um can I steal your arms PLEASE?!)

and duh, these are so fitting!

The decorations were cute, food was yummy, and company was a blast! It was great to get to see some friends from high school. Taylor (who was my maid of honor) and Chelsi are both fellow bridesmaids and Rachael is one of Danielle’s longest running friends. The four of us had a LOT of catching up to do ~ especially now that Taylor’s engaged! We had fun laughing together and especially enjoyed making commentary on all of Danielle’s awesome presents 🙂 Being at Danielle’s house for her shower reminded me of MY bridal shower that she and Taylor threw for me at her house several years ago. It was actually my biggest shower too! 

All my high school friends who came to support during my shower

Taylor, Chelsi, Me and Danielle

Reunited for Danielle’s shower! Rachael, Chelsi, Danielle, Taylor and Me!
(ps: this dress I have on I’ve owned since I was 12!!!)

Danielle with two of her other bridesmaids: Laura and Chelsea (more about them in the next post!)

It was a SUPER fun shower and was so great to see how many people love Danielle and are excited for her and Jonathan and their new lives together. I love this picture of Danielle…doesn’t she look like such a future Desperate Housewife? Trade that water for a martini and she’d be good to go haha!

More wedding fun to come!

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