Crazy(ier) Hat Party

Something I LOVE about Casey is how “hardcore” she gets about stuff. It really makes doing stuff with her so much fun b/c she gets into it. I can always count on her to dress in theme for all the birthday parties I plan and I know she’s always down to get crunk about anything we decide to do. While it can be annoying that she’s sooooo into her birthday…it also makes it more of an EVENT. I kinda wish I could adapt her birthday hardcoreness b/c man Casey always gets the BEST birthday celebrations 😉 

This year she had SO many birthday things going on and it all kicked off with a surprise family party for her at Mrs. Charlotte’s house one Sunday afternoon. She really wanted a crazier hat party along with a slip and slide and donuts on a string. Ya know, totally normal things for a 28 year old to be requesting haha! Of course Mrs. Charlotte delivered and Jordan did a great job of keeping the surprise a secret!

This pic is SO epic! Casey had it on her phone and I had to take a pic of it haha

Kye took over camera duty during gift opening, he got a few good ones!

Britt gave Casey this picture in her card…it’s a picture of me and Casey holding hands 🙂

The babies napped while the slip and slide got rolling!

Once the babies got up they got to join in on the fun!

The golf cart is THE hit for the toddler crew!

Uncle Jordan loves his girls 🙂

Best Buds!

Growing up I guess Zach, Courtney and Casey all had these donut on a string races at their birthday parties. I’d never heard of this until I met their family…but I just recently saw it at a fall festival so maybe it’s a southern thing?!?! It’s pretty hilarious!

It’s a game where a donut is hung from a string and you have to eat it off without touching it. NOT my kind of game b/c hello mess. 

Carter was given a pass on the no-hands rule 

and since Tess can’t really stand unassisted that well yet she didn’t partake 😉

Colt was the first to give up on the no-hands so we called it a game!

Of course there was an adult round because duh any chance for a competition and the Parker crew is IN!

It was a fun afternoon and kicked off Casey’s birthday MONTH early since it wasn’t even September yet! 

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