Corn Maze Fun

Robyn had off of school on the first Monday after the big move so we decided to take the kids to the corn maze (that playgroup thing I’m a member of was going so we got a great deal!). While life was in overdrive with the new house stuff gearing up and helping Mom settle in, I’m still glad I took the time out to hang out with a good friend and to give Kye some much needed fun!

Kye and Lorelai enjoying the hay barrels

my big boy!

check out Kye pumping those arms while I’m going for the Pippy Long-stalking look…you know you love it

(btw I’m wearing the la cocoa broach necklace along with the jet faceted necklace)

This slide was pretty lame but the kids make it look rather fun!

well…at least Lorelai made it look fun 😉

It was Kye’s first time EVER in a bounce house and he LOVED it

He could have just stayed there all day

Thanks Robyn for these awesome shots of me having to go in after my kid

a smile that secretly is saying “let go of the ropes and go out the door now.”


They had some random tin building thing filled with corn. I’m sure you country types know what I mean? It was odd to me but it made an extra place to play so we went with it.

playing in the corn was fun (and dusty!)

He, of course, loved watching the big boys play

Robyn ran to her car to grab Lorelai’s water when Kye noticed the tractor for the hay ride…

Running back to tell us all about it

“come on Lorelai, you gotta see this tractor”

“um, what’s so great about a stinkin’ tractor?”

Kye: “you’ll get it when you see it, I promise”
Lorelai: “okkaaay

Kye: “wow isn’t this awesome?”
Lorelai: “I still don’t get the big deal”

Kye: “see look: it’s green, and big, and has huge tires!”
Lorelai: “ummm sure?”

Kye: “hurry! we can get even closer”
Lorelai: “someone save me!!!”

Kye: “thanks babe for checkin’ that out with me”
Lorelai: “okay, now it’s my turn to decide what we do next!”
(wasn’t that commentary fun?!) 

Before we tried out the actual maze we took a little break from the fun on the hay ride 🙂

It was a bumpy ride but the kids liked it!

The actual maze didn’t last long. I mean how far can you really go with two toddlers???

Our trek through the maze was proof that somethings are just in your blood. My child is a natural competitor (like Daddy…obviously not like me) as he decided this was a race and he needed to win. He seriously ran around every crowd of people we passed!

wait for Mommy, please???

Robyn and I decided to cheat and just find a way out of the maze then we relaxed for some lunch before heading home.

I am not meant for the country…lesson I learned? If you’re going to a corn maze do NOT wear your expensive black flip flops!

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