Christmas Tree Farm 2017

Every year we visit our local Christmas tree farm to choose and cut our Christmas tree. It’s a super fun annual tradition that we all look forward to each year. Our new spin on it has been going to get our tree on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. So basically we’re like the first ones out there for the season and have the pick of the litter 😉

With a baby on the way I wanted to really make sure we got there and got our tree up and ready and it worked out great again this year to go ahead and do it early!

The kids knew to look for a 6 1/2 foot tall tree 😉 

My vest

My top

Constantly wanting to be ON MY HIP. 

Found the perfect one! I adore how Tess just sits there and watches haha

Kye cut down most of it on his own this year!

Preview of teen years with these sassy faces

So excited to have another helper next year!

Yall Britt had the outfit Tess is wearing when she was little and I went through the bigger size stuff I had for Britt and I couldn’t believe I had this dress that seriously matched PERFECTLY with Tess’s top! What are the chances?!?!

Girl pic!

They have guys on four wheelers that come get the tree and we drove to meet them at the shaker!

Our tradition is to pull out ALL the ornaments and then hang them all. It’s always so fun to look through all the ornaments of our family travels 🙂 

(these are the pics you get when you ask your 5 year old to take them haha!)

Our tree!

After we decorate the tree we always watch a Christmas movie and drink hot chocolate!

So grown!

The Christmas season is always such a special time of togetherness and memory making and I love kicking off the season with my sweet family 🙂 

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