Christmas Tree Farm 2016

Every year we go out to Hambrick’s Tree Farm to cut down a Christmas Tree. This year we went earlier than we have ever gone before (the Saturday PRIOR to Thanksgiving) and were actually the very first customers of the season! We wanted to have the tree up and decorated and give it a good few days to get plenty of water prior to leaving for Disney 🙂 

We told the kids we wanted a 6-6 1/2 foot tree so they were mindful to check tags!

I got Zach this shirt on super post-Christmas clearance last year…I figured it’d be handy to have in case we attend an ugly sweater party or something, I didn’t quite picture it being worn to cut down our tree haha

Tess’s shirt ended up being a tad short and it cracked me up b/c she looked like a pregnant girl who was too cheap to buy maternity tops!!!

Being the first family had some advantages. The big one being that the workers were SUPER helpful. With Zach’s back he really couldn’t handle the whole cutting down and carrying the tree thing so it was perfect that the guy was able to help. It also worked out great that Kye is such a big kid now and could cut down most of the tree himself!

Big Boy!

One of our favorite traditions 🙂

We had planned to put the tree up that afternoon and decorate it but then we had some epic light issues..b/c of course. Last year all the lights worked so well so Zach was mindful to wrap them all together to make the tree decorating a breeze. But they didn’t work. So he went to the store and bought some NICE lights to replace them. Then one of those strands didn’t work either!!! We had to put the festivities on hold and that night I exchanged the non-working lights and we were finally good to go the next day!

It was one of those zero percent relaxing moments. All the kids were hanging and handing and needing help and it was just straight CHOAS. It was one of those times where I FELT like I had three kids haha. No ornaments got broken, which was a small miracle. And we all survived! 

This is how we all felt when it was over 😉

We don’t do a fancy tree. Or really even what most would call a pretty tree. It’s simple. Just lights and ornaments of which 95% are from our trips! We collect an ornament anytime we travel and our tree is quite full!

Our tradition is to drink hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie the night we decorate the house and tree for the holidays!

Tess is obsessed with her little seat and never wants to sit with us!

I was SO PUMPED that she crawled into my lap by the end of the movie!

I love that we decorate so early. This year we decorated for Halloween the last week of September and for Christmas almost a full week prior to Thanksgiving. I’m totally and completely cool with it. I love enjoying all the festive decorations as do the kids! Zach and I agree that our family could use as much added joy as possible this year so we went ahead and did everything early and are so glad we did!

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