Christmas Morning

Get ready for a BUTT-LOAD of pics from our Christmas morning at the Parker’s πŸ™‚

Santa for sure came huh?

 The kids all line up by age to see what Santa brought for them

Here’s last years picture:

 and the one from this year (here’s a video of us attempting to get a picture of all three of them)

Kye knew which gifts were for him and he dug right in

 Here’s a video showing the Santa present opening, how Kye opens gifts one tiny piece at a time, and Casey getting her Santa stuff too

 Santa brought Kye a tent with balls for his new playroom, a grill (Kye really wanted a kitchen but Santa knew Daddy said no), and some play-clothes

 Love the concentration face

 The ball pit was a hit!

 This little toy Lighting McQueen was in his stocking and was one of his favorite gifts of the morning

 these two had their little cars and were in Heaven

 such a little girly girl

 Glad Mom could be with us again this year!

 As you notice the kids all had matching pjs as well as the adults. EXCEPT Mr. Rusty. He said he wouldn’t wear his b/c I would have pictures up on the blog and Facebook of it. So I told him instead I will say how lame he was for NOT wearing them. He was lame. πŸ™‚

 Brad and Mr. Rusty passed out the gifts since Zach had to follow dr orders and stay laying down as much as possible

 the boys didn’t care if any more gifts were passed out or not!

 ready to get the show started

 I think this is a cute pic: Zach is out of it, Courtney is looking so lovingly at Brad, Casey is smiling and ready, Colt and Kye are in hardcore play mode, Mrs. Charlotte is doting on Payton and Mom is posing it up πŸ™‚

 We made the error of letting Kye open this train set first. BIG mistake. He was over opening and didn’t care a thing about any other presents! Here’s a video of us trying to get him excited.

Now that Mom’s selling Aflac she works with Mr. Rusty all the time and he never has a stapler. So she got him a UGA one πŸ™‚

 Here’s a video of Kye and Daddy opening their matching ties (found on this website:

 helping Gramma open

 everyone else was more excited than his golf clubs than Kye was (here’s a video of him “opening” them)

 the boys were in constant play mode and poor Payton was just left to wander around alone

 helping Daddy open the present Kye got for him! This is about as close as I got to getting a picture of Zach wearing it…I was so slack this year. (here’s a video of him opening it though)

 This was a legit Stella & Dot Christmas!

We got Courtney The Claire Necklace

 Mom got this garden stone made for Mrs. Charlotte – isn’t that sweet?

 We got Casey the Goa Pendant Necklace

 Mr. Rusty got Mrs. Charlotte the Liv Multi Charm Necklace

it was adorable, but didn’t end too well for Colt when the box collapsed on him!

 Mrs. Charlotte got Courtney the necklace set that every mom needs!

A delicate chain necklace with initial charms and birthstone charms to represent her babies.

 Kye had desk calendars made for his lucky grandparents

 Courtney and Brad bought Casey the Penelope Necklace

 Kye helping me open the present he picked out for me with Daddy (spoiler alert: it was Inception on DVD but here’s the video of me opening it)

 Mr. Rusty thrilled Mrs. Charlotte by getting her the gorgeous Audrey Cluster Bracelet

 a nail gun! perfect for a guy who just had back surgery πŸ˜‰

 Courtney and Brad got Mrs. Charlotte one of my personal favorite Stella &Dot necklaces: Avery Chains and Pearls

 a food processor so I can make Kye’s Sneaky Chef meals much, much easier!

 Casey and I are both obsessed with these tunics from Victoria’s Secret – they are slimming, sexy, casual, and go with anything (I tried to find a link for you but I cannot stand their website. So un-user friendly)! We got her one for her birthday and I got one to wear for Kye’s 18 month pics then we both got several more for Christmas – score πŸ™‚

 This girl got hooked up – her parents also got her the Silver Bardot Spiral Bangle

Here’s a video of Kye’s big gift from G-Mama and Big Papa as well as a video of Kye opening his last present!
Followed by….The Matching PJ Run Down:

Mom and Mrs. Charlotte (the grandmothers!)

 Casey, Me and Courtney (the sisters)

 Zach and Brad (the men. Minus Mr. Lame Rusty and Brad’s shirt)

Zach and I grew up with two VERY different types of Christmas mornings. On my family’s Christmas morning we make it LAST as long as physically possible. We take lots of breaks for cookies. We take turns opening gifts. We discuss each gift and why we bought it for the person. Basically what would take most people an hour takes us four or five. For Zach’s family it’s the total opposite end of the spectrum. They rush like mad to open, open, open so they can get out the door to Big Daddy’s for breakfast. I think it was a little too overwhelming for Kye as he didn’t get to really enjoy the opening process or focus on the gifts. He’d open, we’d toss it aside, he’d open again. Don’t get me wrong, it was a FUN morning! I just wish it didn’t have to be so rushed. I tried not to get disappointed with how un-involved Kye was with opening and how un-excited he seemed about the presents that I spent time picking out, wrapping, and Zach worked hard to pay for. Thankfully we had another Christmas morning coming up the next day to try it all again! πŸ™‚ 

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