Christmas Morning – Round Two

Tacky PJs: When Zach first joined our family we decided to start a new family tradition! Around Thanksgiving we draw names and on our Christmas Eve (which is actually the 25th) we swatch gifts and reveal who we picked. We then have to WEAR whatever our person bought us all through our gift opening the next morning. Here’s how it broke down this year:

Kye bought (Mommy did it for him!) for Aunt Chrissy and since she’s a BIG Gator fan getting her an Alabama SEC Champion shirt showcasing the score from the game was a must. Brandon got my name and of course he bought me Gator Gear since I loathe the Gators! I actually don’t mind the shirt though b/c while I hate UF, I do have respect for Tebow (how could you not?!). 

Mom got Zach’s name

Chrissy got Mom’s

Zach got Brandon (pooor Brandon..)

I got Kye’s name which was SO tough! At first I got him a Disney Princess outfit but then I thought better of it and returned it for some tacky Christmas dogs and some lime green leggings. I took a MILLION pictures of him so you’ll surely see his outfit below! Here’s a tacky group shot! ๐Ÿ™‚

Every Christmas morning growing up Mom always took a picture of us coming out and seeing the gifts (she puts most of the gifts out Christmas Eve so it’s a big surprise) and as adults we still always act mega shocked!

it really was a shock…look how full our living room was!

Kye opened his stuff from Santa, the tool bench is BY FAR his favorite

I love how my family does Christmas because we make a day of it. We take our time and make it last as long as possible! We take turns opening presents and talk about each present (Zach pokes fun at this but Mom and I like to talk about why we bought each gift and the deals we got etc!). We also take lots of breaks for Christmas cookie eating! This Christmas was no different and we took from about 7 until almost 1! Here’s a video of a little taste of our Christmas morning!

Kye MADE this Christmas! I am so thankful we had a March baby as he was an awesome age for his 1st Christmas. I was born in November and Brandon was in September so we were both pretty lame for our first ones. It was neat that Kye was old enough to play with everything. He didn’t really care about opening but he loved all his new toys! Maybe we’ll get lucky with baby #2 and have her/him even earlier in the year so they’ll be even older for their first one!

everyone’s view of me all day haha pants were a little baggy!

Levi loved his daddy all morning!

Gramma got Kye a big boy truck to ride on, he loved when Uncle Brandon pushed him

silly baby

Zach putting Kye’s new monkey towel to good use

Brandon and Chrissy wanted money for their wedding album!

we’re a little nuts huh?

Kye and Uncle Brandon really bonded over this trip, it was so sweet

Gramma couldn’t resist getting her baby a sock monkey

BUBBLES!!! I love his face!

He really was super cute for Christmas, the PERFECT age

excited for some books

 Zach was shocked to get a table saw!

I basically got an entirely new (sophisticated!) wardrobe…so awesome not being pregnant!

Zach, Kye and I surprised Mom with a GPS

Mom worked her BUTT off to make this tripoly board for Zach…something that will be passed down for generations I’m sure. It meant so much to him and was SO special of her to do that!

Yet another family tradition is the Pickle Present. Mom hides a pickle ornament (one year she used a real pickle) in the tree and we race to see who can find it first. Whoever finds it gets a special present! Ever since Zach joined the family he’s found it so this year he promised he wouldn’t find it and gave someone else a chance. Chrissy was the winner!

The very last thing we always do on Christmas is open cards and stockings. We go over board on stockings and wrap them all for each other. This year it was fun  having Kye in on everything! And it was neat to be buying him a Christmas card too! He won’t remember this Christmas but all the rest of us will always remember his First Christmas!

Brandon loves Guy Harvey and Chrissy does too! It was so cute that they bought Kye a couple Guy Harvey shirts! We had to get a picture of them all matching ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course I had to wash Kye’s shirt because he puked on it in the two seconds he had it on, so typical

Ended the day with Kye’s new monkey towel! I love it!

I think it’s obvious in all the pictures, but we had an AMAZING holiday! I may not have been feeling so awesome but I’d much rather me be the one hurting than anyone else because I think I did a good job of pushing through it ๐Ÿ™‚ My goal was to make this Christmas SUPER fun and super busy! I wanted us to all focus on the good and on Kye and how fun he is and not think about the sad things (how Nana isn’t with us this year). It really couldn’t have gone any better. EVERYONE from all the families got along great! We all (Parker’s Christmas AND Sedgley’s Christmas) laughed and joked around and just enjoyed being together. The main person I wanted to have fun was my mom. She was the closest to Nana and I knew this holiday would be difficult for her. She was GREAT though and it made me feel so so so good to hear that she felt this was the BEST Christmas since Brandon and I were little kids ๐Ÿ™‚ Mission Accomplished!

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