Christmas Day

At about 10 we finished up with Christmas and everyone headed over to Big Daddy’s for breakfast. Zach ran home to let the dogs out and Mom and I packed up all our stuff while we waited for Kye to wake up from his nap. Usually every Christmas Zach and I head out to drive to Melbourne by about 9 so this was the first year I got to go to Big Daddy’s for the big breakfast they have.

Of course, Zach and I made a pact that we were going to stick with Kye’s schedule through all the craziness. I know most people just go with the flow and give up on a schedule around the holidays but Kye wasn’t feeling great (post to come!) and I was having issues (post to come!) and Kye just is the happiest when he’s on track. Why risk him not being his cute happy self? Yes, we missed out on some activities but it was our choice and to us it was worth it!

Once we got there it was so cute to see Kye and Payton enjoy the wagon Big Daddy and Little Mama got for all the great-grandbabies!

Big Daddy with Kye


I LOVE my Big Daddy!

We didn’t get to stay long because we wanted to be home in time for Kye to take his afternoon nap. It was nice to see everyone and participate in the secret santa exchange. I got Mrs. Charlotte (and bought her a cute ornament with everyone on it), Zach got Masha (and got her a cute sweater), Austin drew Zach (and bought him a Stranger cd), and Mr Rusty drew my name (Zach told him to buy me panties haha but he got me a couple cute shirts and some lip stuff instead). It was a pretty fun new tradition.

The nicest thing was that Big Daddy gave a little speech. While some of it seemed like it may have been about some family drama (Zach and I not attending some events due to Kye’s schedule) most of it was about how much he loves spending time with his family and how precious our time together really is. After he got done talking he said he had someone he needed to give a special hug too…and it was my mom! How sweet was that? He hugged her for a long time and encouraged her. This being the first Christmas without Nana was tough for her but it was SO nice of all the Parkers to welcome her to their traditions! I know she really enjoyed it!

While the adults talked Kye cruised around the house collecting bows on his hat…


While Kye slept we all got everything ready at the house for our big dinner. Brandon and Chrissy arrived around 2 and we went ahead and opened our tacky pj presents so Kye could be part of it! It’s a fun newer tradition we started where we each draw a name and buy them super tacky pjs that they HAVE to wear on Christmas morning! Zach was proud of his tackily wrapped gift 🙂

After all the go-go-go it was nice to be at home. Of course I was still playing hostess (and didn’t get to shower until that night…and hadn’t showered since the morning before..yucko!) and was still busy but it was just nice to be home. Gramma and Daddy had so much fun with Kye and it was nice having extra help to watch him while I got things ready for dinner!

I made a FEAST! I know it’s some random food for Christmas but I tried to come up with things that I could make in advance since I wouldn’t be home most of the day to cook. And I’m so glad I did that as I was pretty out of it the day of and probably would have screwed it all up! I made lasagna, green bean casserole, butter beans, a potato casserole, garlic bread, and dessert. Brandon and Chrissy made an awesome Caesar salad and we enjoyed the whole thing on my fine china! FINALLY after being married for almost three years I put it to good use 🙂



After dinner we decorated Christmas cookies!!! It’s probably my favorite thing out of alllll our millllions of Christmas traditions. I just love it! We make a mess, decorate them all pretty, then PIG OUT on Christmas. When Brandon and Chrissy left on the 28th we had eaten almost all of them!




Up next is Christmas Morning Round Two!!!

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