Christmas Card Roll Call!

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This is my 1,000th blog entry!!! I didn’t realize I was creeping up on 1,000 posts so I wasn’t prepared…I will be posting my top 10 favorite blog entries soon though 🙂

Last year I started what I thought would be a fun yearly blog tradition. I LOVE getting Christmas cards and I thought it’d be neat to post all the ones we get on here to share 🙂 Enjoy seeing the cards from this year and have fun comparing them to last year’s cards!

Something I did this year was I went through all our photo Christmas cards that we have gotten through the years. I bought some metal rings from Hobby Lobby and punched holes in them all and put them on the rings in chronological order. Now we have a fun Christmas card book to look through every year. Kye really enjoyed looking through it! Many of the cards we got this year were from people we may not know (or at least Zach may not know) in real life. It cracked him up that people from the blog world would want to send us a card and would want one of ours in return. I love it though don’t you???

Anyways…here’s our card collection from 2011:

1. My sweet nieces!

2. Newlyweds Taylor and Jordy (you can read about their wedding here)

3. My cousins

4. Claire and Dan (and you can also see their wedding here!)

5. Missy (who sent a letter along with hers which I love!)

6. Sweet friends from church

7. Good friends of Zach’s from childhood (I’ve never actually met in “real life” though)

8. The Harners (Kye wore the SAME pjs this year!)

9. Zach’s cousins

10. New friends!!! Amanda has a blog too, and I’ll be adding it to my sidebar soon I promise!

11. Zach’s cousin and my new buddy Lindsey! Can’t wait to get our baby girls together!

12. Newlyweds Cassandra and David (who is my sister-in-laws brother)

13. Ashley with cutie Preston who celebrated his first Christmas!

14. My cousins Ben and Liz

15. This cracks me up! The Colsons, wonderful friends of ours from church

16. The Megows always have a great card…pressure is on for next years guys!

17. Not sure who these people are…I think maybe they work on our cars?

18. These are, hands down, the BEST pics of Courtney and family!!! LOVE them!

19. New friends and also newlyweds (here’s there wedding post!)

20. My kids. Okay, not really but that’s how I’ll always think of them! Theirs is my favorite card to get each year to see how much they have grown and changed. Madeline is a KNOCK OUT (which I always knew she would be) and Candler just keeps getting cuter. And yes, my Candler (Kye’s first name) is named after this Candler!

21. Liz, this was Kye’s favorite card of the year…he kept pointing at Damian in the Buzz outfit and saying “that’s me!”

22. This is the reason Stacy couldn’t deliver Brittlynn – she had a newborn baby herself. Guess it’s a valid excuse right? 😉

23. Kye also loved this card. He kept it at his seat at our table and would just stare at it…I wonder why? It’s his favorite girl Kailyn!

both sides of the card were too cute not to show off

24. No longer newlyweds (I’m so used to think ya’ll are that I almost posted your wedding link too haha), Danielle and Jonathan!

25. More of our wonderful church family

26. Zach’s childhood bff Michael and my new babywise bff Laura 🙂

27. More newlyweds! Melissa and Ryan

28. One of Mom’s former favorite students and a fellow mommy Julie with her family

29. One last look at our card from this year!

Isn’t it fun to look at them all? Do you have any favorites??? Thanks to everyone who sent us a card! We enjoyed each and every one of them and hope you enjoyed ours too..and those of you who didn’t mail any this year (slackers!) I hope to see something in my mailbox this Dec!!!


  1. Kim Harner
    January 18, 2012 / 6:07 pm

    Funny, the first card you posted is the one we used last year! These are great! Such a fun idea! Why didn't I think of it? Maybe next year!

    • Ryan Sedgley
      January 18, 2012 / 7:12 pm

      Thanks for posting ours. Anne was super happy to see it. We have to get together soon. I need to meet my new niece. She is so beautiful! You both do such a great job.

  2. Brandy Wilkes
    January 19, 2012 / 8:20 pm

    Loved Stacy's.  The photo on the side of the two of them is phenomenal!!

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Christmas Card Roll Call!

Links to Amazon are affiliate links.

We got SO many Christmas cards this year! I always love getting them but this year each card was even more special to me. Since we didn’t get to do much decorating for Christmas I didn’t feel like it was even Christmas time but each day when I checked the mail I got a little dose of Christmas spirit! Thank you to each of you who sent us a card, they were ALL appreciated 🙂 I thought it’d be a fun blog tradition to scan all the photo Christmas cards to give you a shout-out (I mean Christmas cards ain’t cheap so they deserve a little love don’tcha think?). Want to pick a favorite???

1. Our precious niece and nephew

2. part of our church family and, yup, he’s the Sheriff

3. our adorable second cousin (if we weren’t related I’d totally hook her up with Kye)

4. The Colson’s who I hope to get to know better this year

5. my brother and his wife (okay, not legit brother but we’ve always included him as family)

6. I think it’s cute that the grandparents used pics of their grandsons on the card don’t you? I can see Mom having a pic of her and Kye next year!

7. Yes, she’s famous (well at least on this blog!) this is Stacy as in the Stacy who is my midwife 🙂

8. gotta love a first Christmas one (here’s Michelle’s blog)

9. more church friends with their sweet two daughters

10. I love the ones with Santa don’t you?

11. Their daddy is a photographer so, duh, the card is adorable

12. my neices! Julia and Anne looking soooo grown up (sorry it’s not straight, I’m not a pro at the scanning thing)

13. blog friends turn into real friends (here’s Kim’s blog) 🙂

14. This one took me a second to figure out when I opened it but it’s friends of Zach’s since childhood whom I’ve never actually met but feel like I already know

15. I love when people send REAL cards but include a 4×6 picture! The Starr family who I also hope to get to know better this year

16. Dr. Eaves, one of our favorite college professors, sent a card with his daughters on it

17. my cousin with her husband and daughter (she’s Uncle Spear and Aunt Cheryl’s daughter and Madison, her daughter, was our flower girl!)

18. Claire!!! I LOVE the idea of the save-the-date as a Christmas card, I got it on my calendar and we will be there!

19. the always artsy Megow family 🙂

20. SUCH a cute idea Danielle!!!

21. I can’t wait until next Christmas to see their little BOY featured on their Christmas card, right Ashley?

22. Kye’s lady Lorelai (here’s Robyn’s Blog which she swears she’ll be updating soon)

23. This is one of my favorites, I love Brandi’s outfit and Bailey (the little girl) looks adorable with Santa

24. first Christmas as newlyweds for Devan and Taylor!

25. one of my fellow bridesmaids in Brandon and Chrissy’s wedding

26. Aren’t these little kiddos precious? Chelsea you make cute kids…have some more (and yes, the two on the ends are boy/girl twins!!!)!

27. I love reconnecting with high school friends thanks to blogging (here’s Megan’s blog)

28. I expected a cute family picture and, of course, I wasn’t disappointed Liz (sorry guys her blog is private!)

29. My cousin Jason and his girl Liz…she was also a bridesmaid in Brandon and Chrissy’s wedding and they are the CUTEST couple ever!!!

30. Duh, the Green family would have a cool Christmas card 🙂

31. I get pumped to get a card from the Murphey’s each Christmas. I miss Madelyn and Candler VERY much and I cannot believe how grown up they are getting (yes, my Candler is named after this Candler). No matter how old they get they will always be my “kids” 🙂

32. Love that Missy included a letter with her card to fill us all in on what they’ve been up to this year

33. The Ford Family, looking adorable as usual

 34. Our new Aflac buddies Mike and Whitney!

We also got several real Christmas cards and I want to thank: Dorothy Fendley, Roger and Becky Mullican, Aralee and Brandon Smith, Bob and Bobbi Petty, Uncle Chip and Aunt Michele, Aunt Cheryl (tough not to see Uncle Spear’s name beside hers 🙁 ), Auntie Gretchen, Dad and Audrey, Danny and Lisa Pool, Cleta Colson, Amanda and Chris Rawlins, Bonnie and Victor, Aunt Donna, Josh and Danielle Eckerle, Mr. Bill and Mrs. Jerene Lee, Delores and Bill Parrish, DeAnn Bohm, Grammie and Pop-Pop Nostrand, Kathy Hobart, and Auntie Amy and Uncle Joe!

I would like to always have a holiday type of picture for our card but there just wasn’t time this year. So I went back to the pictures we took in September for Kye’s 18 month photo shoot with Captured by Colson and I think they turned out pretty cute! I had a TON of coupons from Shutterfly and ended up getting them for $0.33 a piece…not bad…except that I ended up sending out 200 of them! I honestly needed more so I plan to get at least 225 next year. If you thought you’d be getting one and didn’t PLEASE send me your address so I can have you on my list for next year!!!

Can’t wait to hear which ones were some of your favs! It may be Jan but on this blog we’ll be in Dec for awhile 😉

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