Christmas at Mom’s {Part 2}

Zach said it best this year…we are SO lucky that we get to have two Christmases every year because we get to have lots of kids and craziness at Mrs. Charlotte’s which is really fun then we get to have a relaxing Christmas where our kids get all the attention at Mom’s which is also fun! Both mornings are so different and we really enjoy that!

I liked that Kye got to open each gift and take his time and that we all got to watch everything as it happened. We opened presents from 7 until noon. Yes, FIVE hours! We do take lots of breaks though 😉 We actually ended up having to wait and open stockings the next night because we had to get home for Kye’s nap! Here’s some of the moments from our morning:

When Kye got to take one of his Christmas gifts to school for show and tell he picked this one so it must be a favorite!!!

Helping Brittlynn open her present from him

After Brittlynn ate we had her open some of her gifts (here’s a video)

I love this picture!!!

I bought the hat at a Kelly’s Kids party (I’m not really into those type of clothes so this was about the only think I liked haha) and I’m glad she at least wore it once!

Mom bought Kye his monkey for his first Easter and Britt has a lamb for her first Christmas!

Kye showing her how to work her new computer

Gramma getting some present time in too!

listening to Gramma read her a story

I LOVE that Mom got her some books because most of Kye’s have inscriptions to him in them and I want her to have some of her very own books too

Twins 😉

If I’d taken off the elf hat these would have been so cute

Yes, I broke down and bought Kye a THOMAS. But NO, we are not doing Thomas stuff. For the longest time anytime I asked him what he wanted from Santa he’d say “Thomas” so I felt bad and figured having one Thomas train wouldn’t be a big deal. He won’t be watching the shows or getting anymore of the stuff, just the one (and that ONE little train cost $12…and you wonder why I’m not a fan of Thomas stuff?!?!)

So happy!

Christmas ornament for our first Christmas in our new home

My own personal tradition is to just PIG OUT on Christmas cookies allllllllll of Christmas morning. Well with Kye being old enough to know what’s going on I held back as long as I could but eventually broke down and had to have some. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them! Duh, Kye wanted some too so we gave him his own plate of them. He never ate them all (I snuck bites of his when he wasn’t looking) but it was pretty cute that we were both chowing down on Christmas cookies together 😉

Kye talking to the train conductor and showing him how to open presents

Britt’s first Christmas ornament

Kye using his spy kit to spy on the Christmas tree

too funny

One of Kye’s big gifts from Gramma was a trampoline! Here’s a video of him opening it (I love how well he closes his eyes…)

Helping Gramma open her newest piece of Snowvillage (couldn’t resist buying the Chick-Fil-A one!)

At almost every event I host I borrow my friend Ashley’s cake stand…now I have my OWN!!!!!

the last present

Zach’s last gift, a shop vac. I love how right when he sees it he goes into high-five mode

It was a MEGA fun morning! Sometimes when you’re really tired you either get crabby or goofy (or at least Zach and I do) and this morning we were pretty goofy. We took these two videos and were CRACKING up at what Kye was doing. Like tears we were laughing so hard. Now that I rewatch them…um…not that funny. In this one Kye was doing some leg kick thing with the trampoline and in this one he randomly hit his head back on the couch and said “boom boom pow.”

We, as always, had a wonderful Christmas and were so blessed to have both of our families here in town. While we were exhausted after it all…I said to Zach “can you imagine if we had driven to Melbourne?!?!” I really, really can’t imagine doing all of this, plus traveling, with a newborn! So glad we didn’t have to and that Mom lives 2 seconds away now 🙂

When we got home we had one last present for Kye to open. We waited until after nap then took him upstairs in his playroom where he found something HUGE wrapped up! Here’s a video of him opening it!

Through Pinterest I found this site where people used Ikea stuff to make a lego play table. Zach bought all the pieces on one of his trips up there and put it all together! It’s a duplo table for now since Kye is too young for real legos but the board pops out so he can just have it without legos for his cars and trains and so, one day, we can make it have a big kid lego top! I LOVE all the storage under it too and think that I’m pretty lucky to have such a thoughtful, handy man for a husband 🙂

Another VERY successful Christmas!!! We had a BLAST and truly cherished each moment with our wonderful children and families! Kye is already counting down until next year 😉


  1. The Troutman's
    January 17, 2012 / 8:44 pm

    Yay for the cake stand!!! Where did your mom find it? I have several other friends who always ask to borrow mine. I loved loaning it to you though! I loved having a reason to see you!

  2. The Troutman's
    January 17, 2012 / 8:44 pm

    Yay for the cake stand!!! Where did your mom find it? I have several other friends who always ask to borrow mine. I loved loaning it to you though! I loved having a reason to see you!

  3. Anonymous
    January 17, 2012 / 9:34 pm

    I love your blog! Been reading forever and you have a very beautiful family 🙂 But why don't you like Thomas things? Just curious haha

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