Chalk Fun

For Christmas Jordan (Casey’s boyfriend) bought Kye a HUGE thing of sidewalk chalk. Obviously it’s been too cold to use it and the first chance we got we took it out in the driveway. Kye has been in love with all things drawing lately so I was pretty sure the chalk would be a hit. I was right. He cried and cried when it was time to come inside!

It was the first time I’ve hung out in the front yard of our new house and it’s for sure way busier living on a corner than it was living further back in the neighborhood. A neighbor came by and talked for awhile and even told us he’d like to have us over for dinner sometime (made me feel good after the playground drama for sure!). And two adorable neighbor kids stopped by and hung out for awhile too. The girl was 11 and the boy was 7 so the boy and Kye had fun with the chalk while the girl talked to me the whole time. I’m sure I was the same way at 11, a little grown-up 😉 At one point she said to me “do you really like your door color?” I told her that we do like it since we picked it out and she said “some people think you have bad taste. It is a little bright, don’t you think?” I WONDER where she heard that??? haha. It cracked Zach and I up for sure! I really did enjoy getting a chance to get to know some neighbors and will be hanging out in the front more often.

Here’s some pictures from our first chalk drawing day!

very focused


Kept saying he was drawing “mommy and daddy”

finished product (Zach was NOT happy that we did it on the driveway but, hello, it washes away!)

He also wasn’t too happy about how chalked up Kye’s clothes were (thank goodness it was washable and came right out!)

A great way to spend an afternoon 🙂

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