Celebrating Mother’s Day!

Being a parent is such a blessing. Zach and I both take our roles as parents super seriously and consider it such an honor to have this role. We treat Mother’s Day and Father’s Day like major events around here. It’s a great chance to devote the day showing our appreciation for the other parent!

Typically we celebrate Mother’s Day on the day before Mother’s Day. We spend the whole Saturday together and Zach will plan out the entire day (and I do the same for Father’s Day of course!). This year we couldn’t do it the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend because Colt and Payton had their birthday party. We decided to do it a week earlier but then it was DOWNPOUR rain all that day so we had to move it to the Saturday after actual Mother’s Day.

Seriously, the timing of all of it was SUCH a God thing and I’m so thankful it worked out how it did. I really “needed” a special day and my sweet family didn’t disappoint!!!

First we woke up to Daddy’s famous pancakes!

Next we went ahead and opened my present. Zach took the kids with him to shop and it’s so sweet to me that he wants them to be involved in the process. He even let them choose the card for me! Kye was SO excited about the card and his message inside it. He also did an awesome job keeping the present a secret. He didn’t give me a SINGLE clue!

Yes, a Minnie Mouse card…for a two year old birthday…

Kye’s message

My world!

I was shocked at the gift they bought me!!! Zach took the kids to Steal’s to shop and they did an awesome job!!! Zach told me that Kye had his heart set on a ring for me…that had a $15,000 price tag. Some lucky girl is going to be spoiled by him one day for sure! I LOVE the bracelet and especially the thought that went into it. It goes so well with my ring and a necklace Zach bought me!

While Britt napped Kye and I watched The Little Mermaid together! Zach got an awesome deal on a new tv and we were able to sell our old one to pay for most of the new one too! It’s one of those smart tvs with the 3d glasses. I’m zero percent into the 3D. I mean I don’t even care about HD haha. But we busted out the glasses to try ’em out for the movie and it did make a big difference!

After Britt’s nap we packed up our stuff and headed to the neighborhood park for a picnic lunch and to play for awhile. I love being outside for some pictures!!!

It’s so fun having Britt old enough where she can eat at a picnic too!

Silly Girl

Britt is now able to “smile on demand” the only problem is the smile she gives us is SCARY hahaha

She makes an awesome pirate though hahaha

Such a good Daddy taking her on a potty break!

She’s pumped and he looks thrilled

These two make me the most blessed mama!

Time to play!

He’s growing up and getting so adventurous!

Zach, legit, let Kye drive home! He handled the gas/break but Kye did all the steering!

Britt’s face says she doesn’t quite trust her brother’s driving skills

We live just down from the playground so it was a nice little ride to practice on!

When we got home it was HOT out which it hadn’t really been yet this year. It’s crazy the weather we’ve had and how cool it’s stayed. We went to feel the pool and it actually felt warm enough to take a dip! We only had a few minutes before naps so we just stripped down the kids and let them go in their underwear! They thought it was awesome 😉

After naps we headed out for an early dinner. Before we left we got a couple more pictures! My favorite part of any event or holiday is the picture taking 🙂

For dinner we at at Aligatu. It’s hard to believe that we haven’t eaten there since last Mother’s Day and it’s crazy to think how much has changed since then. Britt was so so little and now she’s running around and using the big girl potty! A lot changes in a years time when you have little babies huh?

Kye was REALLY into the “cooking show” and especially loved eating with chop sticks. I’m one of those hardcore people who insist on using chop sticks to eat my food at Chinese or Japenese places. I love that Kye got so into it. He only used his chop sticks too! And we took them home and he loves to eat with them. I plan to find him some plastic ones as a Christmas gift 🙂 Even though we may live in small town, South Georgia we can still raise a cultured kid!

Whatever Brother does she tries to copy…

After dinner we headed over to The Mix. We couldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day without some froyo for sure!!! Before bed each night we always say our favorite things from the day and Kye has started saying “duh” after the really good stuff (like, my favorite thing was going swimming – duh!). While we were eating our ice cream at The Mix Kye said “man, we sure are duhing it up!” Haha. Love it 🙂

I always end up with a TON of froyo and toppings in my cup and we learned an important lesson that day: Mommy shouldn’t be the one to get Kye’s froyo. Haha. I ended up giving him WAY too much. Kid was SPOILED for sure!!!

Kye’s cup

Mommy’s cup!

Britt LOVED getting to share with us 🙂

Haha can you tell she loved it?

It really was SUCH a fun day and I appreciated even more this year than any other. I know I say it all the time but I am truly so blessed. I have two babies that make my entire world go ’round and a husband who treats me so amazing. I always dreamed of growing up and having lots of kids and being a stay at home mom. My dreams have all come true and are even better than I could have ever imagined! We had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration and I’m so thankful the timing worked out the way it did! It couldn’t have been a better day 🙂

The night ended with putting Kye to bed and he sang a song to me. It was all about how much he loves me and how he wants to make good choices for me. How I’m always so sweet to him and how beaitufl my eyes and hair are. It was PRECIOUS and totally made me cry. The perfect ending to a perfect day!

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  1. Robyn Mullican
    July 6, 2013 / 6:09 pm

    Such a great day! It so made me want to go to Aligatu soon, though! I haven't been, seriously, since LL was like a year old. Too long! And I LOVE the pic of both of them in the pool in just their underwear. Adorable. 🙂

  2. Catherine McEver
    July 7, 2013 / 7:47 pm

    Her "smile" CRACKED me up!!!! I love the pirate face!

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