Meeting Woody and Jesse

Kye loves Toy Story and all the characters from the movies. We don’t do tv shows so he gets to watch movies instead (my reasoning for this is not that Disney movies are more educational… View Post

Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom Fantasyland

When we booked our trip I revolved everything around the Crowd Calendar on the touring plans site. Tip: It has every day of the entire year and ranks each days level of crowdedness on a… View Post

Disney Day 1: Arrival Day

I’ve been mentally trying to decide how to blog about Disney…do I write Disney planning tips as I go or wait and do one blog entry with all my tips? In thinking about my future… View Post

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Part 2

While you are all recovering from Christmas fun, I know your holiday wouldn’t be complete without part II of our Disney adventure (and more importantly, part II of our “hott day” right?). So I’m taking… View Post

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Part 1

Couldn’t leave to celebrate Christmas with my last post not being Merry! And nothing is happier than Disney right?!? 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I LOVE our tradition of getting away during the holidays just the two… View Post