Cat Creek Classic 2015

Every year Zach’s family participates in the Cat Creek Classic. It’s not-your-average backyard football game. To say they take it seriously is an understatement. It’s a BIG DEAL. 

Last year it got rained out and had to be rescheduled for early Jan, but this year the weather cooperated and it was able to go down on Christmas Eve.

Big game ready! 

Several of the players from both teams got together in the weeks leading up to the game and made a pre-game video. It was 30 min long. I’d love to post a link to it but it was too long to even upload on YouTube haha! We all gathered together prior to kick-off to watch the video. The kids thought it was SO COOL to see Daddy on tv πŸ™‚ It was hilarious (Jordan’s laughter through the whole entire thing was possibly even more funny than the actual video!) and my husband missed his calling as an actor πŸ˜‰

Truly big kids…they took their chairs as far away from the adults as possible to all sit together ha!

Basically this year was a MEGA BUST on the game. Our team is called “Aged to Perfection” b/c they are the older players and the running joke is that we are always injured b/c we are old. Well. This year we lived up to the name. Mr Rusty only has one good eye (please continue to pray for him…he had surgery last week and is in quite a bit of pain and it will be a long road to recovery), Zach has major back issues (thanks to a wreck from May 2014 which we still haven’t gotten closure from), and Jordan pulled his hamstring the first play of the game

Needless to say, these expressions accurately portray our feelings about the game this year:

I took a few pics, but not many. It was legit just a cluster. Random people hopped in to play. Poor Mr Rusty had to be quarterback with his one good eye and had to help out and play other positions with Jordan’s injury. Zach wasn’t even close to 100% due to his back. And the other team got a new player this year who is another young athlete so we were basically screwed haha!

Kye was HARDCORE about being an “announcer” for the game which was super cute πŸ™‚ 

“I can’t even”

At least we could all eat our misery away πŸ˜‰

Daddy has some cutie pie cheerleaders!

The Bull πŸ™‚

At half time the kids got to play and it was adorable πŸ™‚

Kye and Colt were such a great time with Kye at quarterback and Colt at receiver! Precious cousins!

Britt cracks me up haha waaaaay in the back!

Pretty soon Kara will be joining in the fun!

Uncle Barry was even in the Christmas spirit and was all about playing with the kids!

The boys had their own little side game going!

This kid is SUCH a helper!

Trophy presentation

Aunt Karen took home the MVP award from The Good Bulls team!


All the crew…maybe we will have better luck next year…we just gotta get HEALTHY πŸ™‚ 

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