Cat Creek Classic – 2013

Christmas Eve means one thing to the Parker family: The Cat Creek Classic. The Parkers breed athletes (and marry them too…aside from me, of course!) and it’s the one day of the year where they can all showcase their talents and fight for victory.

I have learned to embrace this whole football culture I’m now wrapped up in 🙂 Here is my post from last year about the event!

Jordan should be the blogger in the family 😉  He wrote a pre-game article as well as a post-game one so I’ll let him pretty much tell the whole story of how the game went down (let’s be honest, I would be TERRIBLE at trying to explain football stuff anyways!).

Cole also put together some videos from the game. This highlight video is pretty awesome…I love the slow motion plays! It’s 3 min long (the full game is 12) and you can def tell how crazy talented this family is when it comes to sports 🙂

Highlight Video

Full Game Footage

Controversy surrounds ‘Good Bulls’ as
2013 Cat Creek Classic approaches


You knew it was coming. It was
almost a given.

Controversy surrounds the upcoming
Cat Creek Classic because of a comment made by a player for the Good Bulls. Starting
wide receiver Jake Parker has missed multiple practices and has given virtually
no explanation. He did offer up this gem that shocked America.

When asked about his absence at
practices, Parker said, “Why do I need to go to practice? I know what I’m going
up against and let’s just say I’m extremely confident. In all honesty, I don’t
really want to play in the game. I’d rather be shooting innocent animals.”

comments sparked a controversy with PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of
Animals). Protestors have been camped outside of the Parker’s home for the past
several nights, calling for the suspension of Jake Parker.

president Lenora Mayfield gave this statement. “We believe that there needs to
be repercussions for what Jake Parker said. 
What he said was uncalled for. This is a dangerous man. No animal is
safe in this town. Deer, raccoons, squirrels, dogs, cats, chickens, hamsters,
you name it.”

Cat Creek Classic committee also gave a statement in response to the
controversy. “We have no comment on the remarks made by Jake Parker.  As of right now, we’re getting ready for a
great game between one great team [Good Bulls] and another mediocre team [Aged
2 Perfection].”

was mainly taking a shot at Jordan Bacon, the starting receiver for Aged 2
Perfection. Reports have surfaced that Parker does not feel the need to train
or practice because the talent discrepancy is so large between him and Bacon.
There was no argument from Bacon.

probably right, Bacon said with a smirk. He’s extremely talented. Size,
strength, speed, you name it. He’s got it all. It’s going to be a big challenge
for me. I’ve thought about not showing up at all.”

Good Bulls are looking to defend the trophy this season after a 46-39 victory
in 2012. Steve Parker threw a touchdown to Brad Fleming late in the game to
break a 39-39 tie. Aged 2 Perfection quarterback Rusty Parker drove his team
down the field only to have be sacked on the last play of the game. The upset
bid fell short. Once again, the Good Bulls are huge favorites against an
outmanned Aged 2 Perfection squad.

Good Bulls opened up as a 16 ½ point favorite which is no surprise. The line
has crept up to 18 ½ after a lot of public action on the Good Bulls. There’s no
secret as to why the line is that large in such a big game. It’s simple.


made big play after big play last year on his way to 5 TD’s and MVP honors.
Even though Aged 2 Perfection receiver Zach Parker had a big game against Cole on
defense to keep the game close, the two way star doesn’t believe it’s a big

Ha. What’s the big deal? I’m all about scoring touchdowns. So what if they
score too. It’s all about who has the most points on the scoreboard at the end
of the game. More than likely that will be us. I’m all about shootouts and

For the second year in a row Parker
took the feud to twitter.

“Another year, another W. Zach hasn’t retired yet?!?! HAHAHAHAHA. The nursing
home called, they want their patient back!!! #football #CCC #immadome

feud didn’t end before Zach took the final jab. Parker replied, “Again, I’m not
really sure what twitter is. We had to cut off our internet to save money. I
had a snapchat account for like two days until we got rid of our smartphones.
But I’m sure he’s got national championship rings right? Wasn’t he #1 on
Sportcenter’s top plays? Oh my bad, that was me.”

Don “T-Dog” Faircloth is ready to make his stamp in the ballgame. Replacing
Brad Fleming, Faircloth will be matched up with Benjamin “Trey” Nees. Nees had
a coming out party last season with huge plays in the passing game and speed
that makes him dangerous every time he touches the ball.

the deciding match-up could be between the brothers at quarterback. Rusty
Parker and Steve Parker will go head to head for the 50th year in a
row. Last season, Steve got the best of his younger brother, throwing darts
around the field and putting on a clinic.

what I’ve been trained to do over the years. I just get better each year. I’m
in great shape, the wing feels great and most of all I’m still really good
looking. Rusty’s got little brother syndrome and I get that. But I can’t feel
sorry for him. The plan is to go out there and embarrass him.”

Rusty Parker wasn’t too fond of his
brother after the loss last season.

“All class, 24/7. You know he can’t
just win the game, shake hands and be done with it. He has to humiliate people.
He did some awkward dance in front of our team after they won. He shoved my
grandson down after the game. It was all ridiculous. He sent me picture
messages of himself with his shirt off saying, ‘This is what perfection looks
like.’ He went overboard.”

Twitter feuds, selfies, and
controversy. It’s what we’ve come to expect of the Cat Creek Classic. And this
year is no different.

                  Trophy with winners from last year!

Zach had the idea of doing patches on all of the jerseys this year to honor Austin. While the game will never be the same without him, it’s wonderful that everyone still continued on the tradition this year. 

 Yes, they even cut and paint the field…

 Cheer Section!

 Team Aged 2 Perfection

 Team The Good Bulls

 The original Bull 🙂

 Sick but still showing support 🙂

Colt was PRECIOUS! Kye and Payton didn’t care one bit about the game but Colt wanted soooo badly to be out there playing. He sat on the sidelines majority of the time and G-Mama even ran inside and made him his own jersey to wear. Next year our team needs all new jerseys so we’ll make sure to get the boys some too!

 No matter how old and “washed up” he gets, he’ll always be my MVP 🙂

 He was so sad he couldn’t play!!!

 Fans 🙂

 Britt ADORES Colt, it’s so cute!

It was a tough game for me to watch. I’m used to the Blazer Football Glory days where Zach caught everything, where it took a ton of guys to get him down, and where we won National Championships. Cole has FOR SURE taken over the “star player” role and it’s tough to watch Zach be frustrated with himself and to see his team lose! Zach def got competitive about it and I spent a good bit of time in his defense on the sidelines! Maybe next year will be our year 🙂 We joked that we should do a family basketball game instead as it’s probably the only hope our team has in beating Cole’s skills!

 Jolee keeping the time!

 Proud grand parents 🙂

At the end of the game the guys all let Colt come out (Kye was napping by this point). They didn’t tell him the game had ended and they all were so sweet to “play” with him. He scored a touch down! While our team lost, Colt said later “at least I got that last touchdown at the end for us.” SO precious!


 Trophy presentation by Big Daddy

 They get to keep the lovely trophy for another year (gotta say…I wish we’d won but I do NOT mind not having to have that trophy…)

 MVP: Cole Parker!

 The would have been MVP if we’d won for our team: Jordan Bacon!

 Proud wife 🙂

All the exciting game details brought to you by Jordan Bacon!

Steve Parker fights through
devastating injury, leads ‘Good Bulls’ to 46-35 victory


                  It started off as a normal
game day for Steve Parker. He got up around 7:00 AM, grabbed some coffee and
read the newspaper. He took a shower while blasting Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 3
album, listening to his favorite song “A millie.” He ate breakfast at his
favorite restaurant, Willie’s Waffle and Meat Market. He got in his car and
drove to the field. What happened next was stunning.


was shades of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, January 1994. As Parker was
getting out of his car, the door mysteriously smashed his right hand, breaking
every single bone. Teammates came to help him up.

was just screaming ‘why, why,’ when I got to him,” said Don “T-Dog” Faircloth.
“I was worried that we were going to lose our quarterback.”

took some advil, taped up his hand and threw 7 touchdowns on the way to a 46-35
victory over Aged 2 Perfection.

game started with Aged 2 Perfection driving down the field with a big play on a
crossing route by Jordan Bacon. Aged 2 Perfection got in the red zone before
quarterback Rusty Parker threw an interception near the goal line. The Good
Bulls struck quickly after the turnover with a touchdown catch by Don “T-Dog”

next drive for Aged 2 Perfection was very similar to their first. Rusty Parker
hit Zach Parker and Jordan Bacon for big plays to get back into the red zone.
However, the drive stalled and they turned the ball over on downs. Once again,
it didn’t take the Good Bulls long to get back into the end zone. Cole Parker
took a pass 60 yards for a touchdown on the first play of the drive to take a
13-0 lead.

their third drive of the day, Aged 2 Perfection finally got on the board.
Receiver Jordan Bacon beat Jake Parker for a 30 yard touchdown catch. It was
the first of three touchdowns Bacon scored on Parker. Parker was a little
surprised by the speed of the star receiver.

he should have practiced more,” said Bacon, referring to the lack of practice
time Parker utilized due to his extremely high confidence level coming into the

Good Bulls took a 33-14 lead early in the 2nd half as Cole Parker
continued to make big plays. It looked like it was going to be a blow out.
However, Aged 2 Perfection began chipping away at the large lead. Quarterback
Rusty Parker started to get into a groove in the 2nd half as he
found Trey Nees and Zach Parker on a couple of receptions to get down the
field. Parker hit Bacon in the back of the end zone for a 3rd time
to cut the lead to 33-21. After a big defensive stop, Aged 2 Perfection got the
ball once again, and brought it within single digits with a 25 yard touchdown
grab by Zach Parker.

know I’m getting older,” said Parker. “I know my speed is on the decline but I
can run routes in my sleep. I’ll be able to get open when I’m 70 years old.
That won’t ever be an issue.”

cutting the lead to 5 points, the Good Bulls quarterback Steve Parker knew what
he had to do.

had to step up,” Parker said. “I knew my team was counting on me and I had to
make a big play. In that moment, I thought back to that song by Chamillionaire,
‘Trying to catch me riding dirty.’ It gave me the inspiration to do something

hit Jake Parker for a 28 yard touchdown to get the lead back to double digits
and essentially seal the deal. But in pure Cat Creek Classic fashion, there was
plenty of controversy in the end.

an emotional victory, Good Bulls star Cole Parker was obviously excited and it
showed in his post-game interview.

the best receiver in the game,” said Parker. “And when you put a sorry player
like Zach Parker on me, that’s the result you’re gonna get. Don’t you ever talk
about me!”

the comments, twitter erupted. Words like “thug” and “gangster” were being
thrown around. However, many pointed out that Parker attended Cornell
University, virtually giving him a pass for all prior and future

mysterious car door incident was not over. Quarterback Steve Parker made it
known that he didn’t feel there was anything mysterious about the incident
before the game.

is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life,” said Parker. “However, I
don’t think my injury was an accident. This was planned and my legal team is
looking into it. I will have my revenge.”

                  He got
his revenge shortly after his interview. In a shocking turn of events, Parker
brought an opponent’s wife into the mix.

poured Gatorade and Chick-Fil-A sauce on my pregnant wife,” said receiver
Jordan Bacon. “This isn’t the first time this has happened. Last year he pushed
down a child. I’m not sure what he’s going to do next. I’m a little
apprehensive about bringing my family to this event. It will be brought up to
the Cat Creek Classic committee.”

the end, it was a 46-35 victory for the Good Bulls, winning their second
straight Cat Creek Classic. Cole Parker was named MVP with a 5 TD performance
while Don Faircloth and Jake Parker added 1 TD. For Aged 2 Perfection, Jordan
Bacon caught 3 touchdown passes and Zach Parker reeled in 2.

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