Casey’s Proposal Story

I knew if I wrote my version of Casey and Jordan’s proposal that it would get her to write hers and here it is 🙂 

Anyone who has been close to me in the last few months knows how badly I have wanted to be engaged. NO I am not one of those girls that is dying to get married, but Jordan and I both have know for awhile that we were the ones for each other and it makes so so much sense for our lives for us to be married! LIke Emily said in her entry tensions were running high the night before the proposal day. I actually thought something was going to happen that night, and when it didn’t I was even more upset! Emily for sure added fuel to the fire because we talked about it the whole night! (really funny now…such a schemer) Needless to say I was planning on being mad a Jordan all day Saturday, until I woke up…

Jordan left early in the morning. I was not sure where he went but I figured he was going to get breakfast and cheer me up, since I was upset the night before. I got out of bed, got some coffee, and settled down on the couch to watch Eat, Pray, Love for the one hundredth time and mope all day, when I got a phone call. Jordan seemed unusually chipper on the phone and asked me to look for something in his room. He told me to look in his top drawer and when I did he hung up! Immediately when I saw that it was a note I had a crazy mix of emotions. I was happy, sick, nervous, and more than anything SUPER anxious.  I read the note, which was super, super sweet, and then read the directions for the day. He told me that I would be going on a scavenger hunt with him as the prize at the end.  Since this is not something that Jordan does everyday I knew that it would end in a proposal but I had no idea when, where, or how it would happen. At that point I was REALLY underestimating how elaborate his plan was.

The first clue was in my car, and it told me to go to Little Mama and Big Daddy’s house. It also said that there would be a special guest there. When I arrived it was Mema. I was super duper awkward with them. This being my first stop I really had no idea what to expect and just really wanted to get going so I could get my final prize. After talking to them for a minute, and Mema telling me several times to not hurry and be careful (it was pouring rain), I got my second clue and was on my way.

Little Mama, Mema, Big Daddy and I

The clue they handed me instructed me to go to our church in Lakeland. While all of the clues were super cute and they rhymed, this one was my favorite. When I got there, the 3rd clue was on the porch with flowers!  

By this time I was getting super, super anxious and I just kept thinking that if I hurried I would be engaged soon! Silly I know. This clue took me to Adel to see Jordan’s dog Chip. Its kind of a complicated story but Jordan and some of his college roommates had a dog, aka the other love of Jordan’s life, and the roommate that has Chip now lives in Adel.  Finally I arrived at “Chip’s house” (Jordan’s roommate, Blake, took Chip and now Chip actually lives with his fiancee’s, Ashley, parents) to see Ashley, and her twin sister Brittany, for my next clue. I had some issues getting there because they live of  a looooong dirt road which was washed out because of the pouring down rain! By the time I got there my stomach was churning, I couldn’t eat anything all day because of my nerves. I know the twins thought I was really strange because I was sooooo nervous by this point and still felt like I didn’t know what to expect.  I talked to them for a few minutes and then was on my way with clue number 4. I saw Brittany the next weekend and apologized for being so strange that day! They are so so sweet though and said that they totally understood. I felt really bad after I left that day though because I forgot to look at Ashley’s ring and she had just got engaged too!

Once I got in my car and ripped open the clue I discovered that this day would be longer than I thought because I was going to our Dairy Queen off exit 84. This is the Dairy Queen that we always stop at when we are making trips back and forth to Kennesaw.

After stopping for gas, Pepsi and peanuts (my road trip food) I arrived at the Dairy Queen. I was very interested to see how Jordan was going to pull this one off. I did not see any familiar cars in the parking lot and didn’t even know what to do when I got inside. I walked in and was so shocked to see Emily and Zach sitting in the corner booth. I was actually very relieved to see some friendly faces! Zach bought me a Blizzard, which I couldn’t really eat, and I talked to them for awhile. They were both all smiles, especially Emily! They seemed to want me to stay for awhile but I just really, really wanted to keep going and get to the finish line! I just kept thinking how sweet it was that they drove all the way up there and got Jody to watch Kye just for me and Jordan.

They wanted me to open to clue there so I did and found out I was on my way to Kennesaw, I figured I would be after the 4th clue, to a park that Jordan and I loved to go to.

After what seemed like the loooongest drive of my life, and getting lost on the alternate route that Zach had me take to avoid bad traffic, I got to the park. I thought that maybe this would be the final destination, so I got myself ready! I got out of the car and walked around for a bit, I was really expecting to see Jordan, when I saw our friend Alex off in the distance. I was actually really happy to see him because he really is one of my favorite people in Jordan’s life. He was super cute and just kept smiling! He gave me an envelope that said FINAL CLUE! After seeing that I did not stick around for long.

The final clue directed me to Centennial Olympic Park. This park is special to us because we watched the fire works there on the 4th of July the year before, and Jordan knew that it was such a special time for me! After getting stuck in some traffic, and feeling like was about to throw-up due to nerves, I finally got to the exit! By this time Jordan had texted me, the first time I had talked to him all day. He told me where to park, and to let him know when I got there. Finally I arrived and got a call from Jordan. He told me to walk towards the aquarium. Well of course I was pretty much running when I saw him from far off. At this point I really felt like I was in a movie! 

After our hello, which I felt like I had been waiting for forever, we held hands and walked around the grassy lawn in the middle of the park. This was probably the funniest conversation we have ever had! I can not even explain how crazy nervous I was. Finally we got to a small hill in the middle of the park and Jordan reached in his pocket and got down on his knee! This was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced in my entire life. Of course I immediately started balling my eyes out crying! I cannot even tell you what he said because I feel like I have no recollection of those moments. All I know is that I hugged him for the longest time, before I realized that I haven’t even looked at the ring! When I did the tears came even worse because of how beautiful it is!

These are the pictures taken by Javon Longieliere Photography of our proposal!
You can also see the blog entry on his blog here!

I also noticed a woman, in all black taking too many pictures of us to be a tourist. She came up and introduced herself and I discovered she worked for Javon! I was so excited that I would be able to re-live that precious moment over and over. She then wanted to take some more pictures of us and I tried to hold it together, but I was still in freak out mode. I was shaking, crying, smiling all at the same time and I know it shows in the pictures! I was just so happy but also had a feeling of disbelief that it had actually, finally, happened!

Soon after Jordan said we needed to go to his parents for dinner. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of upset that Jordan was rushing me. I really needed a moment to settle down before I had to drive back to Kennesaw. Jordan dropped me off at my car and I reluctantly left him, I really just wanted to be with him! I soon discovered why he was rushing me though!

Of course the first thing I did when I got in the car was call my mom, but she didn’t answer! Well I was freaking out because I probably called her 20 times and there was not answer, if you know anything about Char this is not normal. I was so upset because I wanted to call other people but I couldn’t until I told my mom, and I was just dying to tell her. I hadn’t even talked to her ALL day!   I HAD to tell someone so I broke down and called my sister, I didn’t know that she already knew everything, and I called my best friend Jenna! Who probably had the best reaction out of anyone since she was the only one who didn’t already know 🙂

When we arrived at Jordan’s parents I was excited to see his family and share the moment with them but still kind of upset that I could not get a hold of my parents! After I walked in I got the best surprise EVER because my parents, Zach, and Emily walked out of the back room! This was sooooo awesome! I can not express how amazing it felt to get to share this moment with my family and Jordan’s! I was also so happy that Jordan’s grandmothers were there!

Roses from church that morning and cake that Jordan’s dad made for us!

Nanny, Jordan, Dot and me

with Jordan’s parents

with my parents!

all the parents together 🙂


Mom and Dad bought me some bridal magazines so we can start planning

Close-up of THE RING!

Jordan’s parent went all out! The house was decorated, they made a cake, had sparkling cider, and Nanny brought her famous spaghetti! We had such a good time talking to everyone and sharing all the details with them! It only got better because not too long after we arrived Jordan said he had something to show me. He had put together videos of Colt ,Payton, Kye, and Courtney.  (You can see Courtney’s video HERE and the video of the kids HERE) At this point I was in disbelief at how perfect this day was! Jordan had literally thought of EVERYTHING and I had no idea how it could have possibly been any better. I was blown away at how thoughtful and special Jordan had made this day for me. Everything that he did showed me even more how excited I am to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man who loves me and makes me so happy! I know that I will never ever forget this day and I fell like the luckest girl in the world to have gottan to experence it!


Wasn’t that SUCH a great proposal?!? I was so proud of Jordan for thinking of so many little details to make it personal and special. It was great to see Casey so happy and I’m glad she’ll always have all of these pictures to look back on and make her smile 🙂


  1. Crissymegow
    August 22, 2011 / 7:16 pm

    sooo sweet, I am feeling all giddy and happy for her!

  2. Robyn Mullican
    August 23, 2011 / 1:16 am

    Such a GREAT proposal and a beautiful ring!

  3. cutepeach8
    August 23, 2011 / 3:25 pm

    Ok. THAT WAS AMAZING! What a great story that puts all other stories to shame…I LOVE the pictures sooo much! I am jealous. I admit it.

  4. cutepeach8
    August 23, 2011 / 3:25 pm

    I think it's a cushion cut diamond! Those are my FAVORITE!

  5. cutepeach8
    August 23, 2011 / 3:26 pm

    (and jealous…right? or is that just me?)

  6. emilysparker
    August 23, 2011 / 5:20 pm

    @10c96993b87a793e476b4ca9a6b64ff6:disqus and @google-5d8e80ccefc63bdf75c6bf5f54458415:disqus  I feel so happy for her too! it really was beyond perfect! i told zach that the only thing I'm really, really jealous of is the pictures…how AWESOME is that?!?!?!

  7. emilysparker
    August 23, 2011 / 5:21 pm

    @google-5d8e80ccefc63bdf75c6bf5f54458415:disqus  yup – it's a cushion cut! she didn't know either and had to look it up haha 😉 i LOVE it b/c it has diamond around the SIDES of the stone too so when you look at the sides you still see diamonds!

  8. emilysparker
    August 23, 2011 / 5:21 pm

    @google-5d8e80ccefc63bdf75c6bf5f54458415:disqus i really do think it was one of the best proposals EVER!!!!

  9. Rachael_Copponex
    August 26, 2011 / 1:32 am

    I think big daddy was the most excited about getting his picture taken

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