Cade’s Birthday

The day after Devan’s wedding we got to see Javon and Dawn again at their son’s birthday party! Cade turned 2 and he is all about some Mickey so they had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party. Since our wedding we’ve been friends with Javon and Dawn but we struggle to get together very often because we are all SO busy. Considering all the AMAZING weddings they get to attend, they travel waaaaaay more than we do! When we are all happen to be in town we try to get together if possible. Cade is a little bit older than Kye but I LOVE that Kye has a guy friend and they have a fun time together. I borrowed these pictures from Javon’s facebook from the fun day!

the birthday boy!

 Kye loved the cookies, of course

 and he enjoyed helping Cade open his presents

 we did move him out of the way, I promise.

 this Mickey toy was awesome – he sings and dances!

 playing together with the lizard Kye picked out for Cade

 I spent the whole party cleaning up blocks. I’d clean ’em up, Kye would dump them back out

 Zach spent the whole party enjoying Cade’s new toys…such a kid!

 The cake they had was AWESOME. Like coolest cake I think I’ve ever seen. Javon’s such a good daddy to drive ALL the way to Atlanta to pick it up for the party!

Kye really enjoyed the party and signing “Happy Birthday” especially left an impression on him. He will sing “happy” (the only word he sings) all the time now and whenever I mention Cade he’ll start to sing it as well. I think it’ll ALWAYS be Cade’s birthday in Kye’s mind! I’m glad he had a great time and I’m hoping we can work it out to get them together to play more often. 

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