Brother Sister Love!

In writing Kye’s monthly summary for August I found several cute pictures of the kids together and figured why not just do a whole post with just them in it??? I mean everyone loves to see my cute children on the regular right? 🙂

It’s so funny to me because I’m in the habit of dressing them coordinated now without even trying!!! Zach and I tend to color coordinate without even meaning to. Like we’ll both be getting ready to go somewhere and walk out wearing the same color. I swear he sees what I’m going to wear then copies me 😉 We are destined to be a cute little old couple wearing matching clothes every day. Can’t you just picture it???

The older Britt gets the less “breakable” I feel like she is so the more I’m trusting Kye with her. They play hardcore and get pretty rough but they also love each other so much. She laughs and giggles at every single thing he does. And, trust me, he eats it right up!!!

I love this 🙂

He was trying to turn her face towards the camera, her sweet little hand on his leg is precious

He’s attempting to give her a kiss and she thinks it’s hilarious

Another day of accidental color coordination!

Tickling each other

My sweeties!

I know I will FOREVER cherish these sweet moments between them. I’m sure before I know it they will be driving each other nuts and not be so sweet and loving all the time 😉 I look at them and my first thought is always “I am so blessed.” And I am. Beyond blessed!!! I pray that the Lord will bless us with more children in the future but until then I’m so content with my life and where my path has taken me. I’m thankful to have such an amazing husband and such wonderful children. It doesn’t get much better than this!!!

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