Britt’s Summary of Month 5

Here is everything Brittlynn had going on during her 5th Month of life (from April 6th-May 6th):

Toes: During this month anytime I put Brittlynn down on the floor she would immediately start reaching for her toes. She LOVED grabbing them and got very frustrated whenever she couldn’t put them in her mouth. This also led to her practicing turning over from her back to stomach! Here’s a video and here’s another video

Fingers: While she enjoys putting her toes in her mouth, she’s obsessed with her fingers. It’s obvious that she does it for comfort. Whenever she is upset she will put the first two fingers on her right hand in her mouth and it instantly calms her. Very much reminds me of the affect the paci had on Kye. Fingers are much cuter than a paci. And it makes her a WAY better sleeper than he was. Zach and I are already thinking up how we’ll be able to wean her from them. I’m hoping it won’t be a permanent thing…we’ll see!

Her favorite finger position!

Hair Report: Bless her heart. At least she has hair on the top/front!!! The back is pretty comical looking. I’m surprised that people don’t comment on it more often, I think her beauty just over shadows it πŸ™‚ Right?

You can sorta tell it’s starting to grow back in, but it’s SO blond it’s WHITE so you can’t even see it. Notice the bottom…that dark patch of hair really is that much of a contrast!

Car Seat: Brittlynn still isn’t a huge fan of the car seat. Since she does have her schedule down, I started taking Kye to school and picking him up each day if Zach couldn’t do it (except Wednesdays…Mrs Charlotte still brought him home since she was picking up Kye anyway). I was hoping the extra car time would help her to adjust to the car seat. But it hasn’t really. She does very well during our morning walks…she’ll even keep sunglasses on the entire time (20-40 min) like a pro!!! With driving more, she has fallen asleep in the car seat more often than I would like. I simply can’t reach her car seat to help keep her awake!!! I do think part of the reason she doesn’t like the car seat is the toy selection because she can’t pull them down. I’ve attached other toys that hang lower so she can pull them into her mouth πŸ˜‰

I love how she’s got a firm grip on the toy…you know she’s dreaming about it!

You can tell she JUST took those fingers out of her mouth

First Boo Boo: Brittlynn had her first boo boo this month. She and Kye were playing in the pack and play and he accidentally dropped a toy on her. She had a tiny bruise from it (you can sorta see it on her forehead). While it’s wasn’t a big deal, SHE made sure we didn’t forget that she was injured. Oh my goodness the DRAMA of a baby girl!!! She cried and cried and cried and cried and just wanted me to hold her and comfort her and love on her. People often say that you baby a little girl but it’s not because you want to…she DEMANDS it!!!

Holding Bottle: Brittlynn does GREAT drinking from the bottle now. She even helps hold it herself! She still gets distracted pretty easily but she really enjoys being held so she can see what’s going on around her. Something I simply can’t do when nursing πŸ™‚

Watching Big Brother swim!

Reaching: Brittlynn LOVES to reach out and grab things. She has great focus and awesome eye-hand coordination. It amazes me the things she’ll grab on the first try!

Reaching for the link on the fish

got it!

While she loves to reach and grab things, she gets frustrated at the things that won’t detach. One of her bouncers has an owl that you can pull down (which she does over and over and OVER) while the other one has animals that you can’t pull down. This frustrates her so I have to be sure to give her other toys while she’s in this bouncer! Here’s a video of her pro skills at taking down that owl!

Her favorite thing to grab? My camera strap!!!

Zeke: Zeke has taken a recent obsession with Brittlynn’s room. It drives me nuts. If we don’t take the time to look for him under her crib and chair then we’re likely to find him in her room after her nap. Big no-no. We actually had her angel care monitor go off once and when we ran in there Zeke jumped out of her crib. Scared me to death!!! (She was actually at the very end of the bed so we think she just got off the sensor pad thing but STILL!). I love the cat, but he’s starting to drive me insane with his passion for her room.

Jumperoo: Britt still very much loves the jumperoo. I typically save jump time for the end of her awake time as it’s GREAT for when she’s fussy. She can use all the toys on it and enjoys them all pretty equally. She hasn’t figured out yet that she can spin to get to other sections but she LOVES to jump jump jump.

Here’s a video of her

She never plays in the jumper without Kye around so attempting to video her doing it is tough as he kinda dominates the attention. It’s pretty hilarious. Here’s my first video attempt, here’s my second, here’s my third, and finally here’s my fourth!

Tub: We stopped using the sling portion of the tub this month and she just sits in the actual tub. For awhile we put the sling thing down so she could use it as a pad for her head but by the end of the month she was sitting so well that she didn’t really need the pad anymore so we just use the tub on it’s own. Once she gets to be 6 months old we’ll probably bust out the tub seat we have and start bathing her and Kye together πŸ™‚

Here’s a video of her in the tub

Her neck is getting so strong as well as her back! She can pull herself to the sitting position!

Here’s another video of her in the tub (with Kye’s lovely commentary)

Kye likes to help with bath time

No more pad!

Cat Woman πŸ˜‰

Playing with Kye: I’m so thankful my kids have such a great relationship. It’s been so much more natural than I expected it to be. Now that Brittlynn is eating quicker, we have a LOT more together time with the three of us and we find all kinds of fun things to do. In this game Kye was hiding and Brittlynn was “looking” for him πŸ˜‰ Love his hand sticking up in the first picture! You can tell she’s really good on her stomach, here’s a video showing how well she does and how easily she rolls over!

Can she find him?

Here’s a video of us playing

More Stuff Britt was up to During her 5th Month:

  • This month I finished up the last of the probiotics. I took one a day since she was born to help with her immune system but I felt like it’s warmer out and the chances of her getting sick aren’t as high, especially now that she’s older. 
  • I was a little nervous about how she seemed to always have her mouth opened, I read it could be a sign of indoor allergies but was relieved when the dr said it’s nothing to be worried about!
  • On 4/9 she got up on her knees with her butt off the ground for the first time
  • It now takes me about 12 minutes to have a full pump session. I still have to pump at 10:30 at night or earlier in order to relieve myself. I typically get 6-8 oz at that session and still feel full the next morning
  • If she wakes up during naps or night time sleep she doesn’t really ever cry…all she does is moan or say “eh eh eh” a lot
  • She loves to reach out and touch our faces and will pull us closer to her – SO SWEET! She gives us “kisses”
  • We often play “I’m gonna get that baby” when I tickle her and Kye ALWAYS wants to save the day πŸ™‚ Here’s a video
  • Britt understands that objects still exist even when she can’t see them. 
  • Her teething got worse this month. I did use teething tablets for the first time on April 14th, I’ve only used them a couple of times though
  • She’s still on the 4 hour schedule
  • She started sucking the first two fingers on her right hand on April 15th
  • While she eats she is SO loud. Constantly moaning the whole time she’s eating!!!
  • She for sure knows her name and will respond to it by looking
  • I swear, this child is more “demanding” than Kye ever was. She has had a blow out diaper in her bouncer, in her car seat, and on her play mat! She likes to keep me on my toes!
  • She has sped up with her eating, she now finishes in about 30 minutes
  • I stopped giving her the mylicon at her feedings and haven’t noticed any problems since. 
  • She rolled for the first time from her stomach to her back to the left side early in the month (here’s a video) then she rolled from her back to her stomach for the first time on April 21st (here’s a video!)
  • She isn’t a daily pooper…she poops every couple of days which is normal for a breastfed baby
  • When I read to her she really enjoys the touch and feel books, she’s very in tune with differences in texture in a way that I don’t remember with Kye at all. She loves to feel different things
  • She has started to play with my hair while she’s eating…and she will also randomly hit my chest with her arm! The hair playing is sweet…the hitting not-so-much
  • Her hair is getting lighter and lighter
  • She “talks” constantly! But her laugh is my absolute favorite sound she makes…here’s a video of it when I sing “itsy bitsy spider” to her. This video is probably one of my absolute favorites EVER. Her laugh is SO cute (it gets cuter as you watch…and excuse the unattractive angle of me!) I’m not the only one who gets to enjoy her laugh, Daddy has started a new thing where he runs her legs at night after bath, here’s a video of that!

More Pics of Britt: Here’s some more pictures of my sweet girl from this month!

She likes her swing, but not for very long!

Chunky cheeks after eating

I LOVE this outfit Mrs. Charlotte bought her and tried to get some pics of her in it, she wasn’t in the mood but thankfully I got LOTS of cute ones at Payton’s party to make up for it!

Showing that belly πŸ˜‰

She LOVES to swing on the playground!

Now that she’s on the 4 hour schedule we do their nap and bed routine together. So we all read a story together before 1:00 and read one together before bed at night. It’s a wonderful tradition! We also all say prayers together. One of us will go put Brittlynn down to sleep while the other takes Kye potty then we’ll have special time just the three of us. I think it’s important for Kye to get some alone time still and it works out beautifully!

I had to go through all of my stored milk to get enough out for our trip to Toronto. Without even really trying (like I don’t pump specifically for the purpose of storing milk…I only pump when she misses a feeding or when I had to relieve myself due to engorgement or mastitis…) I had 446 oz!!! Which is a TON of milk in under 5 months time!!! I’m SO thankful for it too because I replaced what was used while we were in Toronto and it gave her just a little bit more than enough for our entire trip to Italy! Thank you Lord for blessing me with my amazing milk supply!

Me: WOW. This month my hair started to MEGA fall out. Like in massive amounts. It’s disgusting and annoying. I’m just hoping I don’t get the annoying baby bangs like I did with Kye…only time will tell I guess. At this point after having Kye I was down to my goal weight. I didn’t actually look like myself until I stopped nursing, but the scale said the number I wanted. While I gained WAY less weight during my pregnancy with Brittlynn, it’s been harder to lose it than it was with Kye. Toronto was a HUGE wake-up call for me. In my daily life I live in pjs majority of the time so I don’t get dressed in like legit clothes often. In Toronto I was dressed every day and I HATED the way I looked and felt. When we got home I got my butt in gear and joined MyFitnessPal. It’s free and it’s an app on your phone where you can track your calorie intake and exercise. I love that you can scan items! We canceled our Weight Watchers as this is SO much easier (and we’re saving $32 a month!). You can also add friends so you can help motivate each other (my name is EmilyP33…look me up!). I’ve actually been working out (GASP!). Walking more with the kids, doing the elliptical at night occassionally, swimming laps some, and even a little P90X with Zach…watch out world haha. I have noticed a difference and have lost over 3 lb. Which I know it’s a TON but it’s only been a month and I have to be careful with my calories since I’m nursing AND my body tends to just hold some weight while I’m nursing. I know I probably won’t be 100% where I want to be until I wean her but I’m only 1 lb over my pre-pregnancy weight now which isn’t bad…and I don’t pump prior to weighing so with the amount of milk I make it may be adding a few pounds haha. I know it’s all going out the window for Italy (PIZZA! PASTA! ICE CREAM!!!) but I’m confident that I’ll get back hardcore when we get home πŸ™‚

If you want to look back at Kye’s 5 month summary you can see it here. I love how similar they are in what they had going on but I also love how DIFFERENT they look. Seriously, two totally different children! The only real similarity I see between them is the shape of their eyes, what do you think?

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  1. Chelley
    June 4, 2012 / 4:22 am

    My hair has recently started to fall out a TON too. This happened with Brianna as well, but it was one of those things that I totally forgot about until it started happening this time around. I hate it. It's so annoying and I ALWAYS have hair on my clothes, pillow, recliner, etc. And Brenson is always covered in it as well. Yuck.

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