Britt’s K4 Graduation

Britt has been SO excited about her K4 graduation! Kye had both a K4 and Kindergarten graduation while at preschool (you can see his K4 here and K5 here) but this was Britt’s first and only graduation ceremony. She will be going to public school in the fall for kindergarten (they decided not to offer kindergarten at her current school, Kye was actually the last kinder class there, and really I don’t think we would have gone that route anyway…she and Kye both are THRILLED to be at school together in the fall).

She really wanted Kye to be there to see her graduate but the timing just didn’t work out for it as he didn’t need to miss school so close to the end of the year. Tess was able to be there though as were Zach and I, Big Papa and G-Mama, and Casey and Carter! Britt wore the same cap and gown that Kye wore to both of his ceremonies. I’m hoping that thing holds up for Tess and Tab ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve mentioned plenty of times in the past that Zach and I aren’t big fans of the whole “graduation” thing. At this stage kids didn’t do anything to earn such a ceremony and it’s not something we make a big deal out of. However, it’s still precious and adorable and still a program that Britt prepared for and we’re, of course, proud of that!

Britt surprised us as she’s our silliest child at home but MAN she was VERY serious about her graduation. She barely ever cracked a smile! It was so funny and cute that she was taking it so seriously. 

Zach handled videos, I handled pics ๐Ÿ˜‰ Walking in!

All business ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

They recited a Bible Verse, sang a song, said both the old testament books and new testament books of the bible and recited a cute little poem.

Leading up to her graduation ceremony Britt kept telling me that I BETTER cry. She said I cried at Kye’s so I better cry at hers too haha. I have gotten more emotional during past end of school years, but this year I’m just not? I don’t know if it’s because we have SO much else going on but I just kinda feel like the end of the year is checking something else off the list and to keep on movin. Lucky for Britt though they sang the same song Kye’s class sang that totally got me crying for him AND worked like a charm for hers too. The little shimmy they do during it just gets me every time. It’s so sweet and precious and just makes you realize how little bit of time we have left of them being sweet little babies! This is the song!

Each child got a little diploma and their teacher said a few words about them including what they want to be when they grow up (Britt said a baker) and what they loved about K4 (Britt said “learning new things”). Here’s a video and also a video of when we all got to cheer for her!

To end the program the kids lead us in their favorite song from Chapel. It was pretty funny b/c all the kids were in super serious concentration mode and weren’t able to loosen up for the song!

Britt did a GREAT job and we are very proud!

Britt has truly LOVED K4. She’s been such a great student and has really blown us all away with her achievements. She has adored her teacher and we’re only a week or so into summer and she constantly says how much she misses her. I’m so thankful for our amazing preschool. I love that it’s Jesus centered and that they always bring everything back to God. The entire staff truly loves each child and we’re so blessed! 

Casey and Carter had to head out quick but here’s a group shot of everyone else!

So proud of our big girl!

Sweet sisters!

Big Papa and G-Mama surprised her with flowers!

And her teacher gave her such sweet gifts!

We had a reception with snacks and a chance to visit and get photos before heading home for SUMMER!

She’ll be next ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have been truly so impressed with Britt as a student. She LOVES to learn and takes it very seriously. She does her best at everything she tries and has especially excelled in her reading this year. Friendships are very important to her and she has such great memories of playing with all of her sweet friends on the playground. She’s grown up before our eyes over the course of her preschool career. It’s hard to believe she’ll be going to school all day in the fall. I will miss our lunches together and she’ll miss her afternoon nap ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know she is SO excited to be at school with Kye and will do so well with all the exciting changes she’ll face. I love that she’s been surrounded by such strong Christian influences and have full faith she will continue to be a shining light wherever she goes! We are honored to be her parents and so thankful she’s our girl!

I cannot believe how much she’s grown and changed since that first day of school! 

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