Britt’s First GNO!

One Sunday during July Zach decided to have some “guy time” with Kye after naps. They went to the dollar movie and saw Epic (which Zach admitted he could TELL wasn’t produced by Disney haha) and ate dinner at McDonald’s. Not to be outdone by the boys, Britt and I had our very own Girl’s Night Out! It’s SO fun that she’s old enough to do things like this and it was a taste of what my life would be like once Kye started back at school. We had a fun time together and I enjoyed the quality time with my sweet girl!

Our first stop was to the mall. I mean, where else to women go when they get man-free time??? Duh! I had a free panty coupon and needed to get a new bra (obviously also had a coupon!) so it worked out great having Britt with me for that outing. Kye’s at an age where I can no longer take him anywhere near a Victoria’s Secret. Last time we went in there (I can’t remember the last time I PAID for panties…I always have a free coupon!) his little eyes saw way too much and I knew it would be our last visit!

She did well at the mall and we went to the pet store at our mall to check out the animals there as a treat! Britt was in HEAVEN! She raced over to these little fish and kept talking to them and even kissed them…here’s a video that totally makes me smile 🙂

 Dancing for the fish!

While she really loved the fish, she basically freaked out over the cats. She was meowing at them and jumping up all excited wanting to see them and kept saying “Cat! Cat!” in her sweet excited voice. I love how easy it is to entertain a toddler 😉

Kye and I never had issues out in public. He was (and still is) always content to just ride in the stroller. I’ve never dealt with “stroller resistance” before but Britt is much more independent and wants to walk. I have two options when we are out in a parking lot area: either you ride in the stroller, or you walk and hold Mommy’s hand. Guess which option Britt prefers? Yes, it was a trick question as Britt prefers neither! I am BIG about boundaries and if she won’t hold my hand then it’s back in the stroller she goes (or if I don’t have a stroller it’s in my arms she goes for me to carry her). She isn’t too happy about it but guess what…she’s not the boss, I am!

My original plan was for us to eat dinner at McAllisters. It’s one of my favorite restaurants and kid’s always eat free. Little did I know that they close SUPER early on Sundays! I felt so bad as it was well past Britt’s normal dinner time by the time we got to Steak and Shake (gotta love how they are open 24 hours) and got our food. I did pretty well entertaining her while we waited and thankfully our neighbor brought us plenty of crackers to nibble on!

 Giving knuckles for some awesome Steak and Shake grub!

 We even shared a milkshake and guess who finished it off???

 All gone 🙂

We had a GREAT night out together! We laughed and joked around (as much as you can with a toddler anyway!). She was wonderful company and I love that she’s at an age where we can finally do things like this together. I’m so excited for the days of shopping and getting our nails done. I know they are a long way off but for now I’ll keep enjoying every moment I have with her! Zach and I both value independent time spent with our children and do what we can to make sure each child knows how much we care about them as individuals!  

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