Britt’s First FSU Game!

Zach and I haven’t been to an FSU game together since 2012.  Every year we plan to go but then all the games are TBA and end up being later in the evenings which just doesn’t work with young kids and living 90 min away. 

This year we went ahead and got tickets to the first game of the season that we were free and that had good start times. 12:30 pm would be HOT but at least it’d be early enough to make it a day trip! We decided NOT to take Tess to the game. We took Kye when he was around 18 months old but really, that’s SUCH a first time parent move haha. 😜 Britt hadn’t ever gone to a game until now, and she’s almost 5 πŸ˜‰

It worked out great because Mema (Zach’s grandma) was free and could spend the day with Tess while we went down to Tally! 

We decided to hit up Panera for lunch! One thing we won’t do again is have the kids order food there…it’s def a place to pack food for kids if you can. Hello $5 pb&j 😳

This is my new FAVORITE pic of Zach. I even went in and changed his pic in my phone so when he calls me the come up. Dude looks HOT in a baseball hat right?!?! 😍

YUM. Don’t care that it’s almost 100 degrees…get in my belly!

We had an easy time with parking (Zach has a super secret spot) and walked over to the game!

She loved dancing to all the music!

I was so proud of my themed nails haha

I believe the last game we went to there were also planes that flew over! It was really cool!

I had to look it up to remember who we played but it was Charleston Southern Buccaneers

Favorite moment of the football games πŸ˜‰

It was our first time at the stadium with the new mascot and changes with the club level and the screen. It was all super nice!

This is his “cool dude” face 😎

 I LOVED this shirt! It says: 

We say please, thank you, ma’am, sir and especially GO NOLES

and we never wear orange and blue!

Pros of attending this game:


HIGH, quick scoring game (exciting for kids)


SO. HOT. (legit they said it was 104 in the stadium!)

When the game first started I took Britt down to get DRINKS. We were all so so thirsty and just SO hot. I brought some of my frogg toggs towels to get wet as well. It was hilarious when in line for the drinks because Britt said “is the game almost over?” and I told her “no babe it JUST started” She was SO loud and said “Just started? OH my!!!” Everyone around us cracked up. 

I KNEW going in that she’d be SUPER pumped about going TO the game but that actually AT the game she’d probably be pretty bored. I warned her in advance that it was going to be HOT and that all we’d be doing was sitting watching football but that I expected no complaining from her! She really did a good job!!!

Kye would have stayed ALL DAY. He LOVED it. He’s the perfect age for these types of outings and was so into the game. We decided to head out at half time b/c we were blowing them out and it was SO mega hot. Kye really wanted to stay to watch the half time show! So we did, just for him! 😊

We wanted a pic just us so we told Kye to lean back πŸ˜‚

Walking out holding hands in a chain

Duh, yall know this was my fav moment! Anytime I can get this boy to hold my hand is a good day to me!

Kye had noticed a snow cone truck on the way in and suggested we stop on the way to the car for a cool down treat. GENIUS!

It was the first (sadly I’m sure not last) time that Britt got attention from a man. It CREEPED ME OUT. He was hanging around the snow cone truck and just kept telling us how pretty she is and kept saying “those blue eyes going get you in trouble” and comments like that. One comment on her being cute, cool. But to go on and on…no sir. I was uncomfortable as was Zach. At first Zach told me to take the kids to the car but I didn’t want to leave him and risk the guy following us so we just kinda tried to ignore him and head out together!

They always immediately want to try each other’s 

Snow Cones help the SWEAT

Sweaty messy mess!

We got home and Zach went to get Tess so the big kids and I just hung out and COOLED OFF. I HATE the feeling of being super sweaty! I thought it was a good time to try out a top knot look…Casey rocks it and it’s super cute on her but I thought I was too old for it until I saw another mama post a pic with it and she encouraged me to try it too πŸ˜‰

Videos from Our Day:

We had a SUPER fun (and hot!) time and it was great to be there for such a BIG WIN!

Go Noles!

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