Britt’s BBB, Disney Springs, and (Gasp!) Universal

Last year for Britt’s 5th birthday we surprised her with a Bippity Boppity Boutique experience! She LOVED it and it’s the only thing she wanted to ask for for her birthday this year. It was ROUGH when we switched her trip because it’s tough to get BBB reservations, especially with short notice. I ended up getting the location I wanted (Disney Springs) but not for the best time (noon) but we just had to roll with it. I KNEW Tess having the late night the night prior at the MNSSHP and then skipping nap was gonna be ROUGH but what can you do?

We headed from Ohana over to Disney Springs for our reservation. Britt wanted to dress up like Moana but with a princess bun. Doesn’t make that much sense but we rolled with it because it’s all about whatever she’s wanting! I was SO pumped about her Moana dress! I got it from Zulily for super cheap and was stressed it wouldn’t make it in time for our trip but it did AND it fit! Whoop whoop!

Bippity Boppity Bouique is a phenomenal experience. We’ve never done the one at MK (and I just don’t see that happening as I can’t justify the park time!) but the one at Disney Springs is super magical! 

First we went into a dressing area where we got to speak to the Fairy Godmother and get changed into her outfit (YES you can bring your own outfit! We have only ever done the cheapest package and bring our own dress!). 

Ariel is my fav, duh!

She was SO PUMPED!

Only two adults are allowed back but siblings are fine and we all were able to sit in a little corner right by Britt’s booth to watch. Both Kye and Tess did really well being patient and Britt’s fairy godmother in training was above and beyond. She was very focused on Britt and talked to her the whole time, nonstop and in a low tone where it was truly a private experience between the two of them. I could hear bits and pieces of things she was saying and she had a story behind every single phase of the process and incorporated every princess, fairy, even trolls into it πŸ˜‰ 

Hot Mess Tess. Bless her she was worn out and it was pretty hilarious!

Trolls hair!

She used a MASSIVE bun which was pretty funny on Britt’s little head but she does have a massive amount of hair. 

We were concerned about the changes we’ve heard in the products they use. It is less, but it’s still PLENTY and the hairstyle had no issue at all staying put. Plus it was a sock bun so we were able to keep all the items she used to do it and can recreate the look at home. 

Nail time!


You can just tell she LOVES it!

Even with the cheapest package she got a tiara, Mickey pin, bag, comb, and all the makeup/stickers/nail polish they used. 

Pixie Dust!

The reveal

Last year when we came Tess was obviously a year younger and was sick so she clung to Daddy the whole time. This time she was much more interested in what Britt was doing and I felt a twinge of guilt about not scheduling it for them both to do. 

The fairy godmother was SO sweet and offered to do pixie dust in Tess’s hair too! It was JUST the right touch to make her feel special and included! And it was free πŸ˜‰ She offered it to Kye too which he declined πŸ˜‰

Finished look!

A photo shoot is included at the BBB location and I love how these turned out! 

Britt’s arms look so athletic to me!

A new place coming soon! I will have to look into this if/when Kye does his 10th birthday at Disney!

After we finished up at BBB we did our typical Disney Springs shopping spots. We always let the kids choose a new pin to add to their pin boards in our playroom (they get one per trip). We always hit up the Christmas shop to get an ornament. We always go to Goofy Candy Co to get a treat. Plus we always hit up World of Disney so kids can spend their chore earnings! I took advantage of my 20% discount on merchandise with my annual pass and did some Christmas shopping too πŸ˜‰ 

Watching a little Star Wars while brother did his shopping!

I LOVE that Britt loves getting pics taken πŸ˜‰ 

Another must do? Lego Store for a lego car race!

I love my shirt! It says “Live Like Their Is No Midnight”

She wanted all the little airplanes for her “treat”

Another must stop is the photo studio at Disney Springs. It’s FREE with Photopass (which I have for free with my annual pass whoop whoop) and it’s a great place for family photo opportunities and also a must-do after spending the dough on BBB. 

This used to be a pretty well kept secret but now that secret is def OUT and we waited a hot minute for our photos. I will also say they need to design the line better for this experience as people were walking in through the store next door and totally cutting in line which made it take even longer. 

Britt LOVED it though! And who doesn’t love cheesy studio pics right?!?!

They even had different backgrounds which Kye was excited for!

It was SO SWEET. Kye finished with his solo ones and then asked the photographer if he could take a few more with just him and his daddy πŸ˜‰ 

We did everything we could to bribe Tess to be in the pics but she wasn’t having it. We offered stickers or treats and she turned it down so we did ’em without her!

Then of course right when we walk out from the photos Tess runs and picks a flower and asks me to take a picture of her with it. She smiles cutely and THEN says “treat now?” Um no. You missed your chance Princess haha!

Totally wanted to buy this for Tab πŸ˜‰

After we had our fun at Disney Springs we left Disney property and traveled to the DARK SIDE. When planning Britt’s bday trip I had a special dinner planned for the night of her BBB experience and sadly I wasn’t able to reschedule it when we changed our travel dates. I’m hoping to do it next year for her birthday though so I’m not telling what it was πŸ˜‰ I tried to think of another option that would be super special of her and just struggled. So I started googling. Britt’s FAVORITE thing is CHOCOLATE. And I found this Chocolate themed restaurant that I thought she’d love. Only negative? It was at Universal Studios.

If y’all know me then you know I’m FIERCELY loyal. I’m hardcore to the core about the things I love. I’d never, ever cheat on Disney. I haven’t stepped foot on Universal property since I was a pre-teen and I never plan to again. I don’t even want Kye to read Harry Potter b/c I don’t want him to want to go to Islands of Adventure haha.

But this restaurant looked really cool and is located at Universal City Walk which I assumed was just like Disney Springs so I figured, why not? I felt like a total traitor though going there…

We left Disney Springs at 3ish and Tess IMMEDIATELY fell asleep!

We pulled up to park and had to PAY $20!!! Just to park for DINNER. It was ridiculous. It turns out Universal is set up where everything is within the park entrance so everyone parks in the same area and it’s all a $20 fee to park. Crazy. Even to visit City Walk! AND we had to go through security too prior to entering the area. We def weren’t impressed. 

It was extra hilarious that we met this random Universal worker guy who started chatting us up and told us that he had been fired from Disney. Hahaha! Universal…where people go who are rejected from Disney πŸ˜‰ 

As an extra special addition to the day my cousin Ben and his wife Liz met us there! They live in the Orlando area and it was BEYOND sweet of them to come (especially with having to make that dang $20 parking fee!). It meant THE WORLD to me that we were able to spend time together and catch up and we are hoping to hang with them again next time we are in the area (c’mon Tab!). 

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

They do not take reservations but we were there so early that we didn’t have much of a wait. Britt and I went to the bathroom and met some characters! 

The restaurant was very well themed and the characters were def in character but y’all it just wasn’t Disney. I’m biased. I admit. But we weren’t impressed and def all left feeling like we’ll stick to Disney dining options in the future πŸ˜‰ It was good to let the kids have a taste of Universal because Kye announced that it’s awful hahahaha! #brainwashed

Tess was exhausted and it really worked out in our favor because she slept the ENTIRE meal. She needed the rest and we were better able to chat with Ben and Liz and not having to worry about her. She woke up just in time for dessert which was perfect! 

We packed the kids dinners and then ordered fun desserts to share! The food was really good, but we were disappointed with the desserts. It was like they were almost bitter? And VERY rich! The shakes came with paper straws which fell apart as you used them AND they were so thick it was hard to drink! They were all super pretty though! 

S’mores Sundae for the birthday girl!

We had THE best time catching up and I was super proud of the big kids for how well the behaved with the longer-than-usual dinner and mostly adult focused conversations πŸ˜‰ It made my heart SO happy to spend such quality time with my family and I can’t wait to do it again soooooon! So beyond sweet of Liz and Ben to come!

Next time hopefully they will get to meet Tess haha!

It was a BIG day after such a BIG day the day prior and, as previously mentioned, I would NOT recommend planning such a full day after a late night (especially the MK party events). We were all worn out and exhausted and ideally we would have done Ohana breakfast, napped, then had Britt’s BBB and dinner but with BBB you gotta get what you can get when you get it and it was worth pushing us all beyond our limits to make sure Britt had her biggest birthday wish fulfilled! We had an early night to bed and a full day of fun to come! 


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