Britt’s 3 Month Photos

Brittlynn drank a bottle while Kye took his three year old photos then it was her turn to shine! I wasn’t overly pumped for Britt’s photo shoot. To me, the three month phase is the most awkward baby phase. When I look back at pictures of Kye during this age I don’t think he was all that cute. His three month photo shoot was my least favorite of all the ones during his first year (you can see it here) so I didn’t stress much over these. She’s teething, she wasn’t super thrilled about being outside, she can’t sit up yet so it’s tough to get good positioning, etc.

When I looked through all the pictures, I was pleasantly surprised! Of course, she’s my baby so I think she’s precious all the time but I’m really interested to see if I look back at this age and call it her awkward phase too like I did with Kye??? Will I still love all of these when I compare them to her future photos? 

Lindsay did a really, really awesome job of maximizing every photo opportunity with Britt. At one point Kye had hurt himself so Zach and I had to help him out. I was holding Britt over my shoulder while messing with Kye and Lindsay just kept snapping away. Those images ended up being some of my favorites! 

I also have to give a BIG thank you to Rachael! Mom and I figured out that navy, white and yellow would be a great color scheme for the spring photos but I had a tough time finding outfits for the kids (luckily Zach and I owned everything we wore already!). I found the onesie for Britt at Target and it was PERFECT. And it was only $5. Problem was our Target only had a 9 month size. I tried online and it was sold out there. I called other stores and they said they do not ship to people from store locations nor will they ship to another Target store. Thankfully Rachael didn’t mind picking it up for me at her local Target then shipping it down.  I think all of our outfits came together perfectly! Also if you like Britt’s bow I bought it from the cute store in the mall, Let Them Be Little. They have some super cute stuff and I love their bows!

{1} The blanket in all of these shots was actually my baby blanket!









{10} This is probably my favorite…I actually cropped it from a picture of Britt and Kye that Lindsay took (you’ll see them all in the next post). Britt looks ADORABLE but it’s not that great of Kye.




{14} My favorite of us together, although it’s hard to choose a favorite since I really truly love each of them! I love that we got individuals with each child 🙂










{24} This is now hanging in our living room 😉












{36} My other favorite…I just want to kiss on her! Isn’t this face precious?!?!

{37} Love that my baby girl has enough hair for it to blow in the wind 😉




Aren’t we so blessed with two absolutely beautiful children? Lindsay did a FABULOUS job of capturing their cuteness, I (as always!) highly recommend Captured By Colson for any of your photography needs! I’m looking forward to Britt’s 6 month shoot in June…hopefully she’ll be sitting up by then 😉


  1. Robyn Mullican
    April 17, 2012 / 12:20 am

    Oh my goodness – I LOVE LOVE LOVE #14!  I know you don't love to frame pictures,but this is a MUST!

  2. Rachael_Copponex
    April 19, 2012 / 2:53 am

    I love 14, 18 and 24!

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