Britt’s 1st (unplanned) Dentist Visit

While we rarely deal with sickness in our home…we deal with super random stuff all the time! I’ve said it since Britt was very young: she’s our wild child. And she is. Very wild! Now that she’s walking…she is EVERYWHERE! 

During one of my physical therapy visits for my foot I took both kids with me (first and last time that ever happened…). They were doing great and playing wonderfully together. Britt was walking around the room and took a fall and bumped into the chair I was sitting in attempted to let my foot get treatment. She cried. It was dramatic. It ended quickly. Then I got home and realized she’d chipped her front tooth. Like, pretty badly.

This picture CRACKS. ME. UP. 

Anyway. It was sharp and since she does suck on her fingers I felt it was a we-need-to-get-this-handled-asap kind of thing. So I called the dentist and went up for her first visit the next day! Her appointment was at 10:30…right during her morning nap.  Kye didn’t go to his first dentist visit until he was three. So I could prepare him. Read books about the dentist. Build it up. Etc. I couldn’t do ANY of that with Britt. Needless to say, when the forms I filled out asked if I thought my child would be corporative during the appointment I said NO WAY. 

Big Girl at her first Dentist Visit!

While we waited she had fun playing with the toys in the waiting room!

She surprisingly did very well. She sat on my lap for the x-ray and didn’t mind it a bit! Things got spotty when I had to hold her down so they could file the chipped tooth. That’s when the screaming started! They asked if I wanted to go ahead and have her first cleaning since we were there…I said no 😉 I was SO impressed with how nice they all were about the chip in her tooth and how supportive they were about my concerns with how it looked. They filed it down so it wouldn’t be sharp and said to come back in a couple weeks to recheck it and make sure it wasn’t injured or messed up or anything and we could file it more then if we wanted to. I was SO PROUD of how well she did for her first visit!!!

She would NOT really let me get a picture of it after they filed it but you can kinda tell here!

On Tuesday of this week we went back for her follow-up. The first few days after we initially had it filed down it bugged me to death. The little chip in her front tooth didn’t really bother me but how it was shorter than the healthy tooth did. I was fully prepared for them to file down the healthy tooth at this visit. 

This time around Britt remembered the dentist. She was NOT happy. Getting the x-ray was a bit of a nightmare. She sat in my lap and I had to pretty much hold her down to me while they got the x-ray. Thankfully the tooth looks fine! No discoloration, no damage. She was SO upset that I def didn’t wanna mess with trying to file the other tooth down some. Dr. Josh was SO great and said we could file it down if I wanted to but that he wouldn’t recommend it. Why mess with a perfectly healthy tooth??? Plus, with my luck she’d turn around and chip that one haha!

I’m used to how it looks now and really you don’t see her top teeth all that often. She shows her bottom ones more often than the top. Dr. Josh said with time her baby teeth will change and most likely the chipped one will come down some and be closer to level with the other one. I told him we aren’t having any professional pictures until July and he said if I want to do something more to it before the pictures just to let him know! Hopefully we can avoid anymore falls…but I’m super thankful we have the Aflac Accident policy especially since we don’t have dental insurance to cover this little adventure!

They wanted to schedule her for her first cleaning this Spring. I declined. Again, Kye did AWESOME at his first cleaning when he was three. I don’t see an advantage to bringing her this young for cleanings. Dr. Josh said usually with kids this young its about educating parents on tooth care. We already brush Britt’s teeth. We already floss. I feel that the negatives would outweigh the positives in bringing her. Girl has a SHARP memory and I want to give it a couple years so she can forget about this ordeal and hopefully come back for her first cleaning with a better opinion of the dentist 😉

The appointment was done so quickly that we had some down time before Kye got out of school. We waited outside his building and she had a BLAST walking back and forth and back and forth. She may have a chipped front tooth…but she’s still a cutie 😉

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  1. Amy
    March 8, 2013 / 7:22 pm

    Britt was such a big girl at her first dental visit. Being that young, crying is the most natural reaction for them. Like you say, hopefully she will never remember it and I will be there to clean her teeth when y'all are ready! I hate her first visit to the dentist was because of trauma! 🙁

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