Britt’s 1st Day of 3 Year Old Preschool

This year is Britt’s first year at school without her brother! Last year was SUCH a blessing having them both together and I’m truly so thankful that Kye was able to have kindergarten at the preschool. I’m already hassling the director to bring it back when Britt is ready for it 😉 

I have had a LOT of anxiety regarding all the big changes for Kye this year. I was SO RELIEVED when I found out who Britt’s teachers are. Her head teacher is Kye’s favorite teacher ever (from when he was in the 4 year old class) and her helper teacher is a sweet friend of mine! I couldn’t have been more thrilled and it was such a great feeling to have zero nerves regarding Britt’s new school year! Whew!

We had Britt’s Open House the same day as Kye’s 1st day of school as well as the same day we celebrated Zach’s birthday as a family 🙂 It was a slightly crazy day 🙂 

Britt is in the 3 year old class this year and it’s her 2nd year in preschool. She LOVED it last year and was very excited to start back again this fall. She goes to school three mornings a week and is home in time for lunch each day. I had the option to put her in for all five days and she does ask regularly if she can go to school those two extra days a week. Next year she will have to go five days so I’m going to enjoy my two moorings a week at home with her while I can! 

She looks SO GROWN in these! I mean it’s crazy to see the change from last year!

Unfortunately Daddy wasn’t able to be with us for the first day. I felt a lot of guilt about it but he’d taken off work to be at her Open House, Kye’s Open House, and Kye’s 1st day. He just simply couldn’t keep taking off! We agreed that her open house was more important than the actual first day. Tess ended up having a dr appointment the same morning as Britt’s first day (Y’all. Legit this week was INSANE) so there was a tad of a rush at drop off anyway. Not that Britt noticed. She was like “BYE MOM!” haha! Other moms were teary eyed and trying to consul their children and mine didn’t even notice I was still standing there 😉 

So pumped for her first day!

My tradition is to have cookies ready for my kids on their first day of school. Since Kye’s first day was a little crazy (I picked him up and we went straight to dinner for Daddy’s birthday) I decided to wait and bake some for them on Britt’s first day. I know when I was growing up and wanted to be a stay at home mom that it’s one of the things I was really excited to get to do 🙂 

We have truly had our prayers answered this school year. Our babies have AMAZING, GODLY teachers and both LOVE school! Praise the Lord and praying that this is a trend that only continues in the future 😉 

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