Brittlynn’s First Beach Trip

It was SO special to me that Kye’s first taste of the ocean was at the same beach where I had my first visit. I really wanted that same memory for Brittlynn so even though it was SO windy and even kinda chilly…we were GOING to the beach dangit! Let me just say here that the weather annoys me. You’d think with ALL this technology we have now that they’d be better able to predict the weather! Up until the day before we left for the trip it was 0% chance of rain with highs in the 80s. Perfect beach weather. Then the actual day of our beach outing it was cloudy, super windy, probably in the low 70s and rained on and off the whole day. Grr…..

The waves were INTENSE!

When we took Kye for his first beach trip, we were staying with Mom and I nursed him at her house, we ran over to the beach, then raced back for his nap. It was like a 20 min stay, tops. Well, Kye is a preschooler now. There is NO WAY you can take him to the beach for a few minutes. He LOVES it. So we planned to give Brittlynn a bottle at the beach, let Kye play, let her play, let Kye eat lunch then go back before their 1:00 naps. Great plan. Except for the million mile per hour winds. The boys raced down to the water right when we arrived and I fed Brittlynn. I’m SHOCKED she ate as well as she did!!!

It was freezing and I had to keep trying to rig her up so when the crazy wind blew she wouldn’t get sand all over her (good luck!)

Kye lasted maybe 15 min in the water. It was COLD. When he got out I gave him his lunch and he started eating while we attempted to get some pictures of Brittlynn’s first time at the beach.

This pretty much sums it up haha

Feeling the sand

Checking it out


She did surprising well with it all! We didn’t even ATTEMPT to have her touch the cold water, we’ll wait for our family trip to St Augustine this summer!

Kye got miserable fast. The cold water then cold, sandy, constant wind was a little much for him

Britt was also over it quickly.

Brittlynn got fussy and I picked her up and BAM. Girl had a MASSIVE blowout. All over her adorable new swimsuit. All over her bouncer seat. Awesome. It was the last straw for me. I was DONE. Britt and I headed to the car while the guys got everything loaded up. We were literally at the beach for under 30 min. And I didn’t care. It was OVER. Haha.

Once at the car it was SO much nicer. The wind wasn’t nearly as intense so we got some pics of “Britt at the beach” from there…hey we know how to make it work right???

I’ve never seen him so happy to LEAVE the beach!!!

I hattttte that Brittlynn’s first experience at the beach wasn’t a pleasant one. I’m still glad we did it though as she’ll know we made the effort to have her toes touch the “same sand” mine did as a baby. And that’s special 🙂 But I’m PUMPED for her first REAL beach experience when we go to St Augustine this summer. That’s when it’ll really count!

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