Brittlynn Summary of Month 15

Britt was 15 months old from Feb 6th through March 5th! Here is everything she had going on that month:


Church: Church is going SO WELL. We started going to all the services (Bible Study, AM Worship, PM Worship, Wed Nights) and she’s doing great. I used to feed Kye lunch during church services but Britt didn’t do well with it (she’s TOO hyper to sit there and eat haha) so instead I just pack a snack cup for both kids and we eat a full lunch once we get home. It’s going really well. As long as she gets somewhat of a nap that morning she will typically be able to sit in services with us the entire time and behaves well. Since we do have to put her down for that morning nap an hour earlier than she’s used to…she often will not sleep for it. Which results in her being CRAZY. Both of our kids have always been HYPER when they are tired. When those Sundays happen…she usually has to be taken out of the church a few minutes into worship πŸ˜‰ I do try to let her get her energy out during the time between class and worship. She runs around greeting everyone πŸ™‚ 


Potty: I decided to go ahead and get out the potty seat so Britt can get used to it and maybe up her chances of starting to use it once in awhile πŸ˜‰ I wasn’t sure if I’d feel okay using Kye’s same potty or not. For some reason I felt strange about using his same baby tub? I just didn’t like that it had been stored for so long so I sold it and bought her a new one. But I was actually okay with them using the same potty. I just wiped it out really good (it was already clean, of course, but to me stuff sitting in the attic gets kinda yucky?) Here’s her first time sitting on the “big girl” potty!



Zach started sitting her on the little potty before bath each night!

For Valentine’s Day she got a potty for her baby doll. Zach and Kye both said they didn’t set it  up like this and I know I didn’t do it so Britt must have done it! How adorable is this?!?!

Haha not how to sit on it girl!

She also has become very interested in the toilet this month! If I am not keeping a close eye on her I can always find her in the bathroom trying to flush it or closing the lid to it if Kye left it up!


Climbing Girl: Britt is VERY into everything now. If something is new to her she’s allllll about it. When Kye helps me cook in the kitchen we often have the step stool out (or if I need to reach something from one of the top cabinets…yes, I’m short!). This child has NO FEAR! She climbed up that beast like a pro!



Of course Kye came to get her down πŸ™‚

Eating: I wrote a Baby-Led Weaning update HERE and it’s still going great! I lovvvvvve how adventurous she is with food and how much easier it makes life. She eats what we eat all the time (with some healthier stuff added on her tray too). I have just recently started to like chicken salad and whenever I eat it she BEGS for some. I’d say it’s probably one of her favorite foods πŸ™‚ True southerner!

She is ALWAYS wanting whatever we all have and that includes Kye’s stuff. She asked to have a cup like his so I figured, why not? I put a little water in it and she mostly just played. I don’t see us stopping the sippy cup annnnnytime soon…but it’s great to let her try things out and practice those skills!



Jewelry: Britt LOVES to play with her brothers toys. She loves his cars, his footballs, everything. However, she is a TOTAL girly girl. Whenever I have on a necklace (which is most days!) she will pull on it and “ask” to wear hers too. She also loves bracelets and adores putting on shoes. And if her hairbow falls out she will try to put it back in herself πŸ˜‰ I got out a bunch of my non-breakable bracelets and let her play and play with them like I used to do for Kye (Kye is ALL boy but a little bracelet fun is totally fine!). She had such a great time but got SUPER upset when they would fall off her little arms!



Since I keep her jewelry in her jewelry box on top of her dresser (I get SO worried her necklaces will choke her!!!) she finds ways to accessorize herself. It’s so funny the things she comes up with! She attached this lamb to the velcro of her sunglasses and wore it around her neck. If it fell off she would stop and put it back on. You could tell she was SO proud of it! She also really, really likes to always have things in her hands. Her little “bible” is her favorite thing to carry with her wherever she goes!

Checking herself out in the mirror

Wearing a velcro monkey as a necklace πŸ˜‰

Mulch: I love that Britt pays attention to such little things. She is always wanting to learn and likes to explore her environment. We went for a walk to the park one day and she didn’t care much about the playground…she was more interested in the mulch. She picked up piece after piece to show them to me and wanted to bring one home. It was so cute to watch her and she was so intrigued by it haha Also when we went on the walk she was waving like a beauty queen to all the people and cars…here’s a video



Wild Child: Growing up Zach’s parents filed claims with their Aflac Accident policy ALL. THE. TIME. He was always active and into everything and always getting himself injured. It’s starting to look like Brittlynn takes after her Daddy πŸ™‚ She has already been to the dentist twice because she chipped her tooth, remember? I was in the kitchen one evening cooking dinner (on 2/17) and heard that sound you know means something bad has happened. ZACH gasped. Not a good sign! Britt had been running around crazy and went to run to the window and put her hands out to grab onto the window ledge but missed it and fell on her face. She had her first busted lip. It was bleeding SO BAD. And it was so sad b/c there really wasn’t much we could do about it. I was shocked how quickly she got over the crying and how fast she was back to playing again. I’m glad she’s a tough kid πŸ˜‰ Thankfully her teeth were fine this time and she didn’t break through it all the way…but it was pretty gross for quite awhile. It puffed up pretty big and I gave her a lot of cold food (frozen go-gurt helped a lot!) to ease the pain!




Sitting Pretty: Britt may be VERY active and constantly on the move but she does enjoy sitting to look at books too. She has learned how to climb up onto the couch (and she gets a spanking if she stands up…we SIT DOWN on the furniture! Whew, I feel like a broken record with that one!) and will sit there with some books for a few minutes at a time. Her favorite spot to sit though is the bottom of our stairs. It’s so cute and is “her little place”



Teeth: Britt now has 12, yes TWELVE teeth. She has 8 in the front plus all four of her molars are completely in! These pictures show her bottom teeth (which I can rarely get in a picture), her busted lip, and her chipped tooth. πŸ™‚ 


Playing with Brother: Kye is Britt’s best friend. He refuses to say that she is his friend, but I promise he is hers πŸ™‚ She copies EVERYTHING he does. And it makes me so, so thankful that Zach and I worked as hard as we did in raising Kye. I love that she has such a good example to follow and I am so proud of Kye! I know he will be an AWESOME leader for alllll of his siblings πŸ™‚ 

I know her hair is in her eyes ALL the time…I can just hear my mom saying “Emily, get her hair out of her face” haha

Look at how HAPPY she is! So sweet how much fun they have together πŸ™‚




G-Mama’s Playground! G-Mama now has a playground at her house and all the kids were excited to test it out. Since there are just three swings the older ones kinda dominated them so Britt was happy just walking around with her water and checking it all out!



Mommy’s Toys: My parents both are very sentimental and held onto a TON of my childhood stuff. When Zach and I got married they pretty much gave us ALL of it so I have tubs upon tubs fillllled with toys. Some of them Kye has been playing with for years, I’m starting to go through them all to find toys Britt can have as well (the Barbies are staying packed away for a couple more years though for sure!). My mom got these little animals out when Kye was a toddler. Did any of you have those “mommy” stuffed animals? They were PREGNANT with the babies and you took the babies out of their tummy? I guess the mommy animals got lost along the way but the babies are all still in GREAT condition. It’s so cute seeing my kids play with toys I remember playing with! Britt’s giving the bear some kisses πŸ™‚

Helper: Britt is starting to help more with things…like washing her hair! Such a total girl! We can tell her to “wash her hair” and she’ll rub the shampoo around in it πŸ˜‰ She also LOVES to have her turn brushing her teeth, here’s a video

Shoes: I put it off for AS LONG as I could…but Britt needs some shoes! I’m SUPER thankful to Robyn for passing down a ton of Lorelai’s old clothes and shoes and to Courtney for passing down so many of Payton’s! I don’t know what I’d do without the hand-me-downs! It was uncharacteristically COLD here this month so I had to put her in some for church and such. These pink converse were the only ones I had that fit so she wore them with her dress and tights to church one Sunday haha. TOTALLY not my kind of typical style…but work with whatcha got, right?

Stuck Stroller: So this month I had a total Emily moment…I took the kids to Hobby Lobby to buy some stuff for Kye’s party and when I went to get the double stroller out of my trunk it POPPED OPEN and somehow got itself stuck on my trailer hitch of my car. Omg. Legit I spent 20 min trying to figure out how to get it off. Kye was yelling from his car seat “Mommy. Just get me out and LET ME DO IT (okay ZACH JR!)” finally some lady walked by and saw my issues and helped me get it off. Embarrassing! 

Other Stuff Britt was up to This Month:


  • Britt loves to eat BIG pieces of food. She’ll ask for a whole slice of pizza or an entire triangle of quesdilla rather than have the small pieces I cut it up into!
  • Well, it’s hard to believe Britt just started walking less than a month ago! She’s a PRO!!!! Here’s a video of her!
  • On 2/14 she gave me her first closed mouth intentional kiss πŸ˜‰
  • to get some of her wild energy out we will take her up to the playroom and let her jump on the trampoline, she loves it! here’s a video!
  • While we were on our trip to Panama City Beach she really took off with her walking and started to always choose to walk and rarely crawled anymore
  • on 2/14 she said “dada” for the first time where we KNOW she meant “dada” b/c she was pointing to his picture in her little photo book. Here’s a video!
  • She really loves looking and pointing to all the lights at church (kye always did too!)
  • Her vocabulary is def getting better. I can tell she’s trying to say all kinds of things including cow, car, and dog. She is great at saying ugh-oh as you can see in this video!
  • She enjoys dropping things on purpose just so she can bend down and pick them back up!
  • On 2/21 she said her first LEGIT word: BIBLE!!!! I was sitting with her in Kye’s room and his little blue bible was on the floor. She picked it up and said “bible” clear as day! I tried to video her but she would NOT say it again for me. Here’s a video of my attempt!
  • I am SUPER ticklish on my inner thigh and so is Britt. I was changing her diaper one day and she just kept CRACKING up. It’s so funny!
  • Britt is getting good at shape’s a video
  • I know people will be surprised when I say this…but Britt is much easier to discipline than Kye was. I personally do not like the term “strong willed” but if one of my kids were to be defined that way it’d prob be Kye. He is much more stubborn and required a loooot more spankings. With Britt, we can tell her one time in a stern voice “no ma’am” and she not only stops doing whatever she is doing (majority of the time anyway) but she will also bust out in a HUGE cry! Kye it would often take the “no sir” then the spanking and sometimes even two spankings until he’d actually stop. She is MUCH more WILD than Kye and is always moving but she is easier to discipline, at least so far!
  • Since Britt is so wild…she is not very cuddly. One night she fell in the bathroom and bumped her head on the tub. She was soooo sooo sweet and cuddly afterwards. I just totally ate it up and she laid her head on my chest and just let me hold her. I loved it πŸ˜‰
  • Currently Britt has two chores/jobs: she throws her diaper in the trash can after we change her and she helps give the dogs their treats when we lock them up (Kye had the idea that he would always give Levi his treat since they are both boys and Britt will give Sadie hers since they are both girls)
  • Britt does pitch little fits and gets frustrated with things…here’s a video of both her walking skills as well as her little fits. 
  • Britt’s FAV game is cleaning up. She is so serious about it and will walk around the house hunting little tiny pieces of trash or crumbs or whatever just so she can pick them up and walk them over to throw them away. She also loves to dump out toys and such and then put them back. Kye takes full advantage of this and has her help him clean up his toys ALL the time πŸ˜‰
  • We started survival swim this month but you’ll see more about that in one big post covering the whole thing!



7:10: Up for the day

After breakfast: independent playtime (still in pack and play) for 25 min

9:00 down for nap

11:00 up from nap

independent playtime for 25 min


1:00 down for nap

3:45-4:00: Up from nap

5:30-6:00ish: Dinner

after dinner: Bath

after bath (7:00): bed for night!


I love these bare bottom baby ones to end on πŸ™‚ Yes, she can almost reach the door knob!



Striking a pose!


You can look back at Britt’s 14th Month Summary HERE and Kye’s 15th Month one HERE. Reading Kye’s a BIG thing stuck out to me…his schedule! Um…he only took a 1 hour and 20 min morning nap at this age. Britt still takes a 2 hour one. And his afternoon nap was only an hour and a half to 2 1/2 hours long and Britt’s is usually 3 hours. AND he went to bed 15 min later than she does at night. I think I need to re-read some Toddlerwise, huh? I have been noticing she’s awake a LOT longer in her crib than normal. Like often at night she’ll be in there playing for an hour. We just ignore it but I def need to probably adjust her nap times!!! 

14 months old sample schedule and what to expect

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