Brittlynn ~ 7 Months Old!

Britt-Britt turned 7 months old on July 6th! Congrats to Megan from Loving the Little Things she just had her baby girl #3 and I sent her the monthly stickers I’ve already put to good use for Britt 🙂 Excited to see them used again! If you want a set of your own you can order them from this shop! Once again I’m using What to Expect the First Year to compare Britt’s development to that of other babies her age!

Monthly pics have officially gotten difficult…

At 7 months old Brittlynn can do mostly all of the things a baby her age should be able to do including:

  • feed self a cracker
  • coo or babble when happy
  • smile often when interacting

She is STILL not doing the “razz” sound or making raspberries…I asked about it at her 6 month check-up (post to come) and they said it’s TOTALLY fine and that’s she doing so well developmentally that it doesn’t matter. Whew!

Had to resort to using the chair because the crib wasn’t happening!

She can do all the things a seven month old will probably be able to do including:

  • sit without support
  • bear some weight on legs when held upright
  • object if you try to take a toy away
  • work to get a toy that’s out of reach
  • look for dropped object
  • rake with fingers an object and pick it up in fist
  • turn in the direction of a voice
  • babble, combining vowels and consonants such as ga-ga-ga, ba-ba-ba, ma-ma-ma and da-da-da
  • play peekaboo (is she supposed to be able to cover her eyes on her own? I’ve never tried it! I just always covered them with my hands and she loves it!)

She can do some of the things that a baby her age may probably be able and may even be able to do including:

  • pass a cube or other object from one hand to the other
  • stand holding onto someone or something (someone!)
  • get into sitting position from stomach

Things she cannot yet do from those same two categories include:

  • creep or crawl (although the backwards thing she does may count as creeping?)
  • pull up to standing from sitting position
  • clap hands or wave bye-bye
  • walk holding onto furniture
  • say “mama” or “dada” indiscriminately

This month’s chapter didn’t have anything of interest to me…the beauty of a second born baby is that I kinda know what I’m doing at this point 😉 Here’s some more picture attempts of Britt for this month! Enjoy!

trying the crib again but she just kept trying to pull up and wouldn’t sit still!

showing off her teeth!

You can look back at Britt’s 6 month post here and Kye’s 7th month one here!

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