Britt Swim 2016

Britt has always been the kid who is content with just playing on the stairs. The past couple of years she’s really gotten better at ENJOYING swimming and she’s just a little fish! I have to remind her to starfish b/c girl can just hold her breath all day long. I can really see her wanting to swim more in the future, she catches on quickly and would probably do great at swim team (of course right now though she’s ALL about some gymnastics and dance!).

This year Britt swam every Monday for 5 weeks for 30 min per session. She did an individual lesson with Mrs. Margie (We love Tiny Bubbles!) and really started learning different strokes! She had a BLAST and was a great example for Tess to watch! I didn’t take as many pictures or notes as I usually do because I was dealing with a toddler near the pool…and also because pictures of swimming aren’t so amazing and there wasn’t really much that needed to be noted for me to remember. This summer I plan to have her practice the strokes and to really show off her starfish skills for Tess as Tess adores Britt and will copy whatever she does. Hoping that’ll translate in swim too!

Here are some videos (videos are so much better than pics to show her skill set):

Here are some of the pics I took from her lessons:

The cute little tush in the air!

SO proud of Britt and her hard work! You can see her improvements from last year here!

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