Britt Summary of Month 24

Britt Summary of Month 24.

Britt lived her 24th month of life from November 6th – December 5th.

YES! That’s right! That means this is the LAST monthly summary post where I have to deal with monthly age 🙂

From now on Britt will have a Summary of each month like Kye does…based on the months of the year rather than her age. Yay!

toddler summary 23 month old girl

Food Stuff: 

Britt typically eats one large meal a day. Which I know is a normal toddler thing.

She will PIG OUT at breakfast then barely touch lunch or she will barely touch breakfast and then PIG OUT at lunch.

Dinner has yet to be her largest meal of the day which really is healthier.

“They” say we should eat like kings for breakfast, queens for lunch and peasants at dinner so I try to feed my kids large meals to start their day and I always give more as they ask for it!

Britt LOVES to drink water.

I LOVE that b/c I struggle with drinking water.

She asks to have a water cup every day. All the time. I have been doing better with my water intake but I often catch her stealing sips from mine!

Zach surprised me with Brusters this month after finding out about Baby #3!

Britt enjoyed the ice cream, I think it’s a guaranteed thing that alllll of our kids are destined to be ice cream lovers!

While Kye wasn’t a fan of the oatmeal introduction, Britt seriously loves it.

It’s probably her favorite food.

She will eat an entire package of oatmeal by herself then even ask for more.

One morning she ate two whole packages and I had to tell her no more!

Since this was my first time making it (yes, ever!) I did it waaaaay too soupy haha. I am now much better at it 😉

Miss Independent: 

Seeing how young Britt has become independent makes me realize how much you really do tend to baby your first born haha.

Kye was always good about doing things on his own and wanted to be a “big boy” but I didn’t even think to have him do things ya know?

I was just used to doing it all myself for him and didn’t really realize “he’s old enough to do this himself”

With Britt she has been in “big girl” mode for as long as I can remember.

She just truly idolizes her brother and wants to prove she can do everything he can do!

She still enjoys taking on and off her shoes!

She also has started insisting on putting on her panties. Oh goodness it’s a hassle b/c she soooo does not know how to do it haha

Attempting to put on her pants too!

She also gets up and down from her booster seat on her own! I’ve started having her help clear the table after meals! Here’s a video!

And she also can open doors. Poor Kye can’t play solo in his room anymore. Heck, he can’t even poop solo in the bathroom anymore!

Animal Lover: 

When I was a little girl I LOVED animals.

I wanted to be a vet when I grew up (until I had a cat who had to be put to sleep then I changed my mind). Britt is also a natural animal lover.

Which I remember when we took Kye to the Atlanta Zoo and the Aquarium a couple years back that I noticed how Lorelai LOVED the animals so much more than he did.

I said it was a girl thing and I think I was right.

I think as girls we naturally enjoy nurturing things and animals are always in need of nurturing! Britt calls out to our pets and loves to love on them!

Visit to Petsmart…the cats were her fav!

Accessory Queen: 

Britt will hunt to find the most random things to wear!

I’m not a cool mom enough to ever let her leave the house in them though!

Most days she’s wearing a pair of shoes that completely doesn’t match her outfit at all, but she has a style all of her own!

I hope we have fun times shopping together in the future…but so far I can see us having very different clothing tastes based on what she chooses to wear now haha!


Kye has ALWAYS enjoyed drawing and coloring and all things crafty.

Britt is SUCH a busy body that I figured it would always be a struggle to get her to sit still and focus on writing.

I have had the visions into the future of her going to school and getting notes home about Britt not being able to sit still 😉 But there is hope yet!

This month she really started to enjoy sitting and drawing!!!

Not even with Kye doing it first!

Danielle gave her a cute Minnie Mouse notepad when we went to the beach and she loves to write in it!

I love her creative mind b/c she will be DEAD serious and tell me a little tiny scribble is totally a picture of Mema. And she means it 😉

I took too many pics of this but I couldn’t get over how dang GROWN she looks!

Her writing enjoyment makes outings easier too! I had a big return to handle and she sat so nicely drawing away!


Playing Baby is still Britt’s favorite thing to do around the house.

She LOVES her baby dolls!

She’s really funny with them because she will be so sweet and loving and then will literally throw the baby into the baby carriage haha!

I adore seeing my little girl playing with MY baby carriage from when I was a little girl!!!

Other Play: Zach and I joke that Britt may be his future football player. Child loves to have a ball in her hand and will initiate games of catch!

So thankful for our little indoor trampoline…great for getting out all that crazy girl energy!

The kids had a BLAST playing in this massive Ikea box!

Britt’s favorite play-doh creation is little balls haha

Here’s a video!

Her favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are (and yes, her fav characters are the wild things…she always likes the bad guys? haha)

Here’s a video of the kids being “wild things”


Once Kye turned two we weaned him from the paci. I’m not yet worrying about Britt’s fingers.

She mostly only sucks on them when she’s upset or tired.

She also sucks on them at the start of any sleep time but (thanks video monitor!) doesn’t keep them in her mouth once she actually falls asleep.

Which is a good sign to me! I am dreading the weaning from the fingers. I mean it has to be waaaay tougher than the paci! 


Britt is in a dramatic stage where she will get SUPER upset and cry and scream for like a minute and then BAM! will be in a great mood.

I snapped this of her during her 2 year photo shoot haha. Real life 🙂


7:10: Up for day

12:20ish: lunch

1:00: nap

4:00: Up from nap

6:00: dinner

6:40: Bath

7:00: Bedtime routine

7:10: down for night

Other Stuff Going on this Month:

  • Britt does well with obeying commands but won’t be happy about it. Like if I tell her to go to the bathroom she’ll say “no no no” and scream and cry but she will still go to the bathroom. Gonna have to hardcore work with her on having a “happy heart!”
  • When she is upset she will now go sit on the couch without me telling her to. She won’t get up until I come sit with her and sing to her.
  • One day the kids were playing together so I was sneaky and just watched them. They were bickering and Britt hit him on the back!!! I spanked her and told her to go say sorry and kiss him and she walked back over and punched him in the eye!!! Child can be violent
  • Right now her fav princess is probably Belle. She called herself Belle when she wore her special birthday dress 🙂 
  • Here’s a video of her doing a little singing and dancing!
  • I stopped doing treats for going potty and it’s still going well
  • She wants to wipe herself now which can be annoying at times. Everything is “self self self”
  • One of her current favorite songs is the Woody Song in the car
  • She legit knows the colors pink and blue
  • Says “OH MAN!” all the time which is funny! And she also will call herself a Big Girl
  • When carrying around her baby doll she said “Baby Hiney Hurt Spanking” and kept spanking her baby
  • She is VERY stubborn. I have to be hardcore and stand my ground with her on stuff all the time. Like if I tell her she has to eat such and such before she can having something else she will really fight it and resist it and I just have to stand firm. While in the moment it’s tough, she gets over stuff SO quickly and easily and that makes it easier for me not to cave in!
  • I constantly talk about how much she’s like Zach. She just has his personality through and through. Very active. Very daring. Very loud. Very stubborn. Very smart. Very silly. And has a very big temper too! It’s something Zach has had to always work on (and you wouldn’t even know he has it anymore!) but Britt def struggles with it. When she’s angry I can tell she HAS to get it OUT of her. She will hit herself and I’m working on teaching her not to do that. I don’t want her hitting herself or others but if she needs to punch the couch or something to get that anger emotion out of her system then it’s fine by me!

Here are so more cute pics of my sweet girl from this month!!!

You can look back at Kye’s post from this age here! Gah this age is just a STINKIN ADORABLE age huh? I think Kye was super cute too! I love seeing his little boy self 🙂 And it’s always neat to see how similar they are in their stages of development! 


  1. Katie1315
    January 20, 2014 / 7:04 pm

    She is looking so grown up and seems to have the cutest personality! It is so funny how you realize how much you baby the 1st once the 2nd is a bit older. I felt the same way about Bo!

  2. ChelleyN
    January 23, 2014 / 4:41 am

    Bren's favorite breakfast food is definitely oatmeal! He also has just started wanting to put on his own undies after going potty and his own pants . . . which is SUCH a pain and takes forever. But, they have to learn somehow, right? It made me smile when you wrote that Britt will obey but have a whiney/bad attitude about it. SO like Bren. Especially with going potty lately? He will obey and go in the bathroom, but he makes a big fuss about it. Hoping it's just a phase that will soon pass :-).

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