Britt Summary of Month 21

Britt was 21 months old from August 6th through September 5th! Gah countdown is ON for her birthday…I better get to planning this party 🙂


sticker, Mickey, Big Papa, G-Mama, Big Daddy, block, hide, mouse, house, buckle, she now combines two words together, kye date, cool dude, golf,

Pay-Pay (Payton), Coco (Courtney), coffee, me, no ma’am (praise her HARDCORE when she says it!

Here’s a video of it, it’s so funny to me how exaggerated the ma’am portion is), thanks, cut, gobble, rain, tea, crocs, bowl


This month I worked more with Britt on using bowls/plates on her tray.

I’m also giving her more of what Kye and I eat with less concern about her being able to “handle it.”

She LOVES dipping raw carrot sticks in peanut butter!!!

Doing her prayer hands!


Britt still sucks her fingers when she’s tired, upset, or needs comfort but she doesn’t suck them at ALL when actually ASLEEP. She has been a “crazy” sleeper from the start and still is.

Her future husband better invest in a king sized bed because they will need it!!!


I have NO IDEA why Britt says this but she calls being naked “dookie” And she LOVES to be dookie. After bath she yells “DOOKIE!” and runs around the house and literally CRIES when it’s time to put pjs on.

I’ve started to find her like this in her crib after naps.

It reminds me of my childhood best friend.

I can remember having sleepovers and waking up the next morning and she’d be stripped down too haha. Her future husband may like this sleep quality a little more than the wildness hahaha

Head Injury: 

WARNING…gross pictures ahead!!!!!!!!!!

On August 19th Britt and I were sitting on the bottom step having a “tea party” like we often do.

The bottom step is her FAVORITE spot in the house for sure.

She went to sit down and missed the step and hit her head on the very corner of the banister. She cried and I held her and calmed her and thought she was fine and then when I put her down and she walked away from me I saw all the blood.

I raced into the bathroom and found a legit HOLE in her head! It was gushing blood and I really didn’t know if I should take her in or not so I text Zach and Mrs. Charlotte and decided to clean it out really good and wait.

I gave her a bath and cleaned the area well and then put her hair up in a way that it was away from the injury and applied ice to it with pressure.

She seemed fine and I decided not to take her in but then on the way to get Kye from school she fell asleep in the car which is NOT like her.

And after nap she SCREAMED for an entire hour!!!

I had left a message at our pediatrician but hadn’t heard back from them so I raced her up there.

They checked her out and said she looked fine but to alternate Tylenol and IBProphen and to wake her every hour in the night to make sure she was okay.

She moves SO MUCH in her sleep that I didn’t wake her but the medicine def helped and it healed up pretty quickly. She is truly our walking Aflac Accident policy!!!

When I went to get medicine for her from the cabinet ALL Of this was expired!!!


Having the alone time I now have with Britt everyday is a blessing.

It’s a chance for me to work with her on things and that includes helping around the house.

I would LOVE to instill a passion in Britt to be a stay at home mom like I am.

And part of that is having a happy heart about the housework so I try to incorporate her into as much of that as I can.

Her favorite task? Taking things to the trash can for me haha!

Sitting Time: 

I am still working with Britt on sitting nicely and working on a single task.

She LOVES this game at Bible Class where a puzzle has little magnets on it?

I happened to have a car version of it (I put the one she has from church on her Birthday Wishlist!) and she enjoys taking the cars out and putting them back in again.

She still isn’t super into the coloring but does still enjoy taking the crayons out and putting them back in over and over 😉


I have a set of those little peg games (like the ones at Cracker Barrel) that I literally have had since I was a kid.

I let Kye play with them back in the day and he has always called them “cakes.” Like the little pegs are the candles and the wooden boards are the cakes I guess?

He will have little parties with them and such and now Britt also enjoys playing with them.

I figure it’s a great way to work on her hand eye coordination and fine motor skills so why not?

She focuses and concentrates to put the pegs in the little holes and is SO proud of herself when she does it! Here’s a video

I love this picture for multiple reasons…the fact that her little legs are covered in bruises (my accident prone child!), how she is completely spread eagle for sitting (not very lady like haha) and how focused she is!

Admiring her work

She is her own best cheerleader haha

Sitting at the Table: 

Britt is showing more interest in sitting at the table with us and will climb up in the chair to sit randomly throughout the day.

I love watching her “read” this card 🙂 Here’s a video of her reading it!


Another fine motor skill Britt has been working on is putting the rings on her “tower.”

I bought this at Ikea back when I was pregnant with her (and I was just DYING to buy her something even though we didn’t know the gender!) and I’m so glad I did.

It’s held up SUPER well and I love that the rings are all wood! She is SO good at stacking them all on there too!


As a special treat while Kye is at school I often let Britt bring in her Cozy Coupe to ride in.

I push her around and am able to clean house with her in the car haha.

It’s a win win! She doesn’t yet have it figured out how to make herself go so I have to push her but at least I get a bit of a workout in right?

Her favorite game is to “go bye bye.” She will walk up to me and give me kisses and say “bye bye!” then get in her car and close the door.

Then about 1 min later she gets back out, comes over to  me and says “HEY!!!!” and then repeats the cycle haha! Here’s a video of her playing the game 🙂 I love how she has her little purse with her!

Other toys: 

Usually when Kye is at home Britt wants to do whatever he is doing.

She doesn’t typically decide to play with something on her own and just follows his lead in all that he does.

It’s nice to have her by herself and see what things she chooses to play with when we have free playtime!

Thanks Robyn so much for the whistles from Coop’s party…can’t wait to return the favor haha

here’s a video of her whistling fun!

Her castle has become a favorite toy which I also enjoy! She wants to have ALL her people standing up on the little dance floor! Here’s a video and another one!

I have such great memories of Kye sitting in his closet exactly like this and playing with this exact same toy 🙂

Playing in Kye’s bed is always a treat

She also loves to grab the sticks and bring them to me saying “stick!” 

Mickey has become a favorite of hers which is SO sweet to me!!! I’m pushing more the Minnie b/c you can’t really find girly Mickey Mouse stuff haha


Britt’s hair is long enough now to wear in a decently cute ponytail with a bigger hair tie than she’s been able to wear! I think it looks so pretty all swept up! At least it gives me a new way to “style” it haha

Hands on Hips: 

Everyone knows my “go to” picture move is hands on the hips.

It’s a very flattering way to stand, especially when you don’t like the way your arms look and/or if you need to cover up some love handles hahaha!

Britt has started to put her hands on her hips too and it cracks me up every time!

Like Brother: 

Now that Kye is back in school we are back to taking pictures of all of his school work.

I’m proud of myself b/c I do the pictures EACH MORNING before we walk out the door 🙂

Britt wants in on the action and always stands next to Kye and has me take her picture too. 🙂

The one shoe look is my fav haha


I was never really into baby dolls when I was growing up, but I LOVE that Britt likes her baby so much!!!

I want to really focus on that as I think it’s a great way to help prepare her to be a mommy someday! Start ’em young, right? 


With Kye back in school things have shifted a little again!

7:10: up for day

10:15: roomtime

10:45ish: video time

12:20: lunch

1:00: down for nap (sometimes it’s later than that…but I decided I do NOT want to be in a mad rush during lunch. I want to ENJOY my time with my babies and if that means them going down 15 or 20 min late for naps, it’s okay)

4:00: up from nap

6:00: dinner

6:40: bath

7:00 bedtime routine

7:10: down for night

Other Stuff Going on This Month:

  • She calls “You are my sunshine” “happy happy” which I think is so sweet b/c she takes the best part of the song into the name 🙂
  • She adds the “ie” sound to many of her words. Like it’s “cuppie” instead of “cup.”
  • Kye never really showed much interest in his privates…but Britt? She puts her hands down there in exploration quite often. I want to be very careful about how I handle that because I don’t want her to think it’s wrong or gross or inappropriate etc. I want her to have a good self image about her body and try not to make a big deal about her learning. I just will say “that’s your privates” and then kinda redirect her attention elsewhere. 
  • Roomtime is going great and Britt especially enjoys the ball pit/tent area! Here’s a video of her!
  • Her biggest struggles are climbing on the basket in the living room and not coming to us when we call to her
  • I’m working with her a lot about standing still while in the parking lot. I say “stay stay stay” over and over. She only has ran once and got a big spanking for it!
  • One day at lunch she kept saying “kye date kye date” so I asked her if she missed kye while he was at school and she shook her head yes, so sweet
  • One of the games the kids love to play is hide and seek. Here’s a video of them finding Daddy!
  • When I’m getting ready and she happens to walk in (typically only happens on Sundays as every other day I wake up before the kids and get ready) she always wants me to put my makeup on her. Again, I handle this carefully. I don’t want her to think she HAS to wear makeup to be pretty, ya know? I didn’t even really wear makeup much at all until college and I think it’s great that I was raised that way. So I don’t make it into a huge deal, but I do think it’s totally cute that she’s so girly!
  • Britt LOVES to be tickled and will ASK us to tickle her!
  • She also loves to sing. She sang (legit said the words) “rain rain go away!”
  • In the car she has certain preferences about the songs that come on. She will request certain ones (most often it’s “do-dah” and “highway”). And she even sings along
  • We constantly have to correct Britt for saying “nope” she says it all the time and we have to correct her to say “no ma’am” instead
  • Kye does memory verses now for school and we work on memorizing them together. Britt LOVES it and always wants to have a turn reciting the verses. Here’s a video!
  • She loves to wear her crocs. Which is hilarious to me b/c if you long time readers remember…I HATED crocs. Kye started wearing them b/c he had such fat feet and now I’m a Croc lover haha. Britt has a pair and is obsessed with them!
  • Britt will start singing “happy birthday” and then will immediately stop singing and ask for cake haha
  • Britt is VERY active and hyper and it’s a struggle at times to get her to calm down to pray before bedtime. I don’t mind her being active while the rest of us are praying b/c our prayers (kye’s especially) can be VERY lengthy and I know that’s a long time for a little one to sit still and be quiet. But she HAS to pray. It’s not a compromise! I took this video that really shows the struggle it is sometimes with her haha
  • When I have to give Britt a spanking she acts SO INNOCENT. I will take her in her room and she will start looking at me so sweetly and waving to me and saying “hey mommy hey” b/c she thinks her cuteness will get her out of the spanking! It starts SO YOUNG with the scheming haha!
  • Britt can name all the members of our family! I think having this photo book REALLY has helped her learn everyone’s name 🙂 Here’s a video of her saying them all!
  • She still eats a good variety of foods but will be very sporadic in the amounts she eats. One day she won’t eat a single bite and the next day she will CHOW DOWN and ask for more over and over again. Maybe teething?
  • We’ve started to tell her she has to eat her vegetables and such if she wants to get more of something. With Kye, he will take AGES to eat like 5 beans. But Britt? She will put them all in her mouth at one time haha!
  • Britt also will get a little attitude already, which just seems so young? Maybe girls just start with that younger than boys do? But she has already told me to “go away!”
  • She LOVES to give really tight sweet hugs and kisses and pats us on the back!

You can look back at Britt’s 20 month summary here and Kye’s 21 month summary here! 

It’s laughable to me that Kye was JUST hitting the “terrible twos” type behavior when Britt has been experiencing it for what feels like ever now.

I’m so glad God gave me an easier temperament for my first child. He was very “textbook” but also had a little of that sweet “angel” mixed in.

Britt is def more “spirited” and “textbook” and less “angel.”

I love seeing the things we expected of him at this age as often I find that I’m not expecting ENOUGH from Britt at the same age.

I guess we naturally tend to treat the second child more babyish?

I def need to start requiring her to reply with “yes ma’am” when I give a command of her!!!

She doesn’t really say “yes” yet but I need to start saying the words with the command even if she can’t give the response fully. 

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