Britt Summary of Month 13

Brittlynn lived her 13th month of life from Dec 6th through Jan 5th. She’s officially a toddler, right? And officially at that year that drives me CRAZY. I can’t STAND the whole “months old” thing. And once my kids hit the 1 year marker it drives me nuts to say they are “13 months old.” Instead I just say “she turned one in December” and once we hit April or Mayish I’ll say “she’s almost 18 months old” then around Oct I’ll just go ahead and say “she’s almost 2” πŸ˜‰ Makes life easier for SURE!!!

Like Kye’s December post, there isn’t a TON of cover for Britt’s month b/c we were SO busy and I had SO many blog posts during December! But here’s somethings she was up to that I haven’t already covered πŸ™‚ 

New Toys: Although Kye had many “gender neutral” toys that he’s been able to pass along to Britt, I’ve been SO READY for her to have some GIRLY stuff and her birthday and Christmas def brought out the GIRL! She has been LOVING having her OWN toys and I think she really does understand that they are “HERS” πŸ™‚  She is especially obsessed with the kitchen and once we moved it into her room she would get SUPER upset when it was bedtime because she wanted to keep playing with it!

The kitchen from her birthday was a HUGE hit!

We have had many tea parties together πŸ™‚

She even enjoyed all the balloons from her party (her party was now over 2 months ago and I JUST found a balloon up high in my laundry room and popped it today!)

She is SUCH a good Mommy to her baby!

This face cracks me up. She is INTENSE about pushing her stroller haha

She LOVES to feed her baby, here’s a video!

She even enjoyed each and every birthday card πŸ™‚ She loves to read them!

Her new sunglasses were a BIG hit!

She’s super cute when she tries to put them on herself πŸ˜‰

Here’s a video!

She still enjoys her music table too…I love this look like “don’t mess with my table”

Britt really surprised me with how PUMPED she was about all of our Christmas traditions. She took her turn at the advent calendar mega seriously. She often would go to the door where I have the thing hung and “ask” to get to put one up!

I’ve let the kids have their Cozy Coupe’s inside for now since it’s been rainy so often and Britt LOVES getting pushed around in hers!

She also loves being part of Big Brother’s Band

Here’s a video!

And she makes a great nurse too πŸ˜‰ Here’s a video!

Outside: Britt still adores being outside and we try to take her out as much as we can. It’s an easy way to cheer her up if she’s fussy! She especially loves to eat “picnics” outside, just like her brother! I’m excited about some of our back yard improvements that will be having us outside a lot more often in the near future πŸ˜‰

Independent Playtime: It’s still going well! She now does 25 minutes of independent playtime two times a day. I do think once Kye is out of school for the summer that I’ll probably try extending it? I know at her age I could start room time but she’s perfectly content in the pack and play and has never even attempted to escape it so I don’t see any reason to move to room time yet and I have NO CLUE how I’ll rig it up when it’s time for her to go that route. After seeing some blogs where children have been killed from climbing on their bedroom furniture it makes me leery to leave her alone in her bedroom…

She does do well for independent playtime….as long as we are all SUPER quiet and she doesn’t see us. She also enjoys throwing all of her toys out of the pack and play..she thinks it’s super funny!

Silverware: Honestly? I probably wouldn’t have started giving her silverware this young. I mean I wouldn’t even think of it? But with doing baby-led weaning she gets SO messy so I thought it’d be worth a shot to give her a spoon while she eats yogurt and other messier foods. She loves it! She holds it in one hand while eating with the other haha. But I figure with time she’ll learn πŸ™‚ Kye was SO pumped about her getting a spoon that now he thinks it’s his job to always make sure she has a spoon and/or fork at meal times. He’s such a big helper and it really does help for ME to remember to practice these skills with her!

Teething: My poor, sweet girl. She fussed a decent bit this month. At the beginning of the month she ate like a crazy person and then at the end of the month she was just a miserable mess. We found out she was cutting all FOUR molars at once! YIKES. But we didn’t know it during this month…we just knew she was not a happy camper. I actually realized it WAS her teething when she wouldn’t eat snack and I gave her a teething biscuit and she loved it. Look at her sad face πŸ™ Poor girl!!!

Reaching: When Britt gets done eating, I slide her high chair over to the sink. Then I pop off the tray and clean all the food off, clean off her cup, clean off her bib, then use baby wipes to wipe her down and clean off the seat. She’s gotten clever on me and has started reaching for whatever is laying on the counter by the sink! It cracked me up when she grabbed a Victoria’s Secret magazine and started flipping through the pages πŸ˜‰

Bad Hair Day: Britt’s hair is SUPER straight. Like it just naturally falls and we don’t even have to brush it after her bath or when she wakes up. One day she woke up and her hair was SO funky! It was stuck out to the side and nothing would make it lay down flat. It was her first bad hair day πŸ˜‰

Shoes and Socks and Bows: I know people say I will LOVE having a daughter because it’s so fun to accessorize them…but so far it’s annoying. I’m not a shoe fan for babies. They have PRECIOUS bare feet, why cover them up when they can’t even walk? It’s just dumb to me. And such a waste of money. And annoying b/c the shoes constantly fall off. Well. It’s winter. It’s cold. So I kinda have to cover up my baby’s feet…even if she’s not walking yet. So I started putting her in socks and, sometimes, shoes. Typically just socks though! I have learned that I cannot put socks, shoes, or even bows on her before leaving the house. I have to bring them all with me then put them on her once we arrive where we are going. So annoying! If I put them on her before we leave, by the time we reach our destination she will have the bow pulled out of her hair, both shoes off, and most likely the socks as well. Guess she’s not a fan of the accessorizing either πŸ˜‰

Literally minutes after I put them on!

Going for the socks next!

Poop in the Potty! I’ve mentioned before that we put Britt on the potty every night before bath time. Well on Sunday, Dec 9th (3 days after she turned one!) I was at Casey’s new house helping her unpack and organize her kitchen when I got a text from Zach with this picture. Normally I wouldn’t post poop on the internet…it’s not my style. BUT it was HILARIOUS. Zach just sent the picture and said “guess what this is?” And it really did take me a bit to guess haha! Of COURSE she would poop in the potty for the first time when I wasn’t even there to witness it (so typical!). She hasn’t pooped in it again and since she’s not walking or talking yet we aren’t pushing the potty training thing but this is a good start!!! Also I want to point out that she had a VERY bad diaper rash when this happened. It also happened that when Kye first used the potty he also pooped for his first time AND he had a super pad diaper rash at the time as well. Interesting! Not sure what it means, but thought it was worth noting πŸ˜‰ See why it’s a funny picture…her poop was BRIGHT PINK from her birthday cake haha!!!

Schedule: Same as usual πŸ™‚ However, this month she did wean completely so by the end of the month she was no longer having any nursing sessions. I’ll include info for both though πŸ™‚

7:10: Up for day, change diaper, nurse (this was the last nursing session I dropped…on Dec 26th), then breakfast 

After breakfast: independent playtime for 25 minutes

9:00 Down for nap

11:00: Up from nap, independent playtime while I fix lunch (I dropped this nursing session on Nov 15th)

12:20: Eat lunch with Kye after school (if no school I give lunch to them both at 11:30ish)

1:00 Nap

3:30-4:00: Up from nap, Snack (I dropped this nursing session first…on Nov 4th)

5:30: Your Baby Can Read video if needed while I finish up dinner (typically will play with Zach and Kye though instead)

6:00: Dinner as a family

6:40: Bath time

7:00: I dropped this nursing session 3rd on Dec 8th. So now we just say prayers, read story, and put her down for the night!

Other Stuff Britt was up to This Month:

  • As I mentioned Britt had a SUPER bad, painful diaper rash at the beginning of this month. She started pooping during her naps and in the middle of the night so she’d be sitting in the yucky poop for a long time! It was pitiful. Luckily I had some prescription strength diaper rash cream to help clear it up quick!
  • She loves to “read” her books and will “read” them out loud to us
  • Britt loves to carry around little bibles/books and is a pro at “patting the bible” here’s a video!
  • I’m not really much of a shoe girl…I prefer clothing to accessories but Britt LOVES shoes. She may take them off when I put them on her but she enjoys going through her shoe collection and will try to put them on herself! 
  • She has become very loving and sweet to the animals, especially Sadie and will pat her nicely and even hugs her! 
  • If I tell her to “give it a kiss” she will! It’s ADORABLE to watch her kiss her baby doll and other toys. She’ll also squeeze things in a big hug and twists back and forth while holding them
  • Britt is a BIG fan of dancing. Girl can break it DOWN! She will dance with her shoulders and wiggle a lot, it’s precious
  • Britt still really enjoys opening and closing the door…here’s a video!
  • She is eating a lot faster than she was last month and is eating less and is doing well with the silverware. Kye encourages her to eat more and more and more and will constantly ask her “do you want more Britt? more?”
  • Britt’s fav room in the house is probably the bathroom. If she’s down on the floor with the freedom to roam she WILL end up in the bathroom! Here’s a video of her adventures πŸ˜‰
  • This was a month of training as she had to get a LOT of spankings for throwing things off of her high chair tray. By being consistent with the spankings she stopped throwing things!
  • Britt enjoys her nightly bath and will cry when Zach takes her out of the tub
  • Zach and I went to NC and Britt still hadn’t taken her first steps. I don’t like to pressure my kids into milestones. I like for things to happen naturally but after Mr. Rusty got her to crawl for the first time while I was away, I wasn’t going to take any chances of missing her first steps. So the day before we left for our trip (Friday Dec 14th) I worked with her and got her to take her first steps with me. She took like 3 or 4 the first time which was exciting! When Zach got home from work I tried to show him and get a video of it but it’s not that great of an example. Here it is! Mrs. Charlotte thinks this is SUCH a funny video b/c of me pushing Levi and acting bothered by Kye haha. 
  • Even though she CAN walk she still chooses to crawl. I’m pretty sure she crawls over walking b/c it’s soooo much faster!
  • While Britt loves all her girl toys she can still play with her brother’s stuff like a pro. Here is a video of her making her car sounds. πŸ™‚
  • Britt wears a size 4 diaper and still 12 months in clothes

You can look back and see Kye’s summary of month 13 HERE. So I totally have some stuff to get going on with Britt!!! I want to start having her color like I did for him. And I want to try letting her play at my bathtub while I get ready. I forgot about how well that worked! Good plan πŸ™‚ Also she is going through the SAME stage with her little temper and I need to just let her work it out more and not help her as much! And it’s time to start letting her have more responsibilities around the house like giving the dogs their treats when we lock them in their crates. Guess Kye is gonna have to start sharing that duty! Glad I blogged back then…totally helps me now! You can also look back to compare with Britt’s 12 month summary HERE


  1. Elisabeth
    February 19, 2013 / 11:27 pm

    She is sooo cute. I second you on the no socks and bows – it seems to futile when they're this age, and my LO always pulls them off/out immediately. Can't say I blame her since I live in barefeet as much as possible (and hate headbands and other things in my hair).Been loving your Babywise posts, and sooo cool that Valerie guest posted here. I just wrote a little blurb on independent playtime – likely my favourite Babywise thing ever! (

  2. Robyn Mullican
    February 26, 2013 / 2:55 pm

    I LOVE all of her expressions – they're hilarious! And the bed head is toooooo cute.

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