Britt School Work Fall 2016

Britt has BLOWN US AWAY this school year. It’s crazy to me that she was once a little girl who couldn’t sit still and I was nervous about how she’d do in school. Out of our three kids Britt has had the least discipline issues (she’s never pulled a single clip in her ENTIRE school career thus far!). She is also off the charts with her learning! She LOVES to learn and it’s showing! Zach and I are both so, so proud of her and love that she takes such pride in her school work. Hearing her teacher tell us that she’s among the top could kids in the class is music to our ears and we pray her love for learning only continues to grow through the years.

As you can see from her report, the only thing she really needs to work on is writing her 7, 8 and 9! Britt is SO eager to start reading and she has been placed in the top reading group for her class. I’m so excited for her and to see her develop in this area. Kye is SUCH a strong reader now but wasn’t from the beginning. I’m so interested to see where Britt will be at with her reading at his age with starting off ahead of the game the way she is. Having an older brother who does love to read has really helped to foster that excitement for Britt and I know she’s going to LOVE reading! She completed all of her site words for the whole year during the early part of the 2nd nine weeks of school and she knew all the books of the bible only a couple weeks into school.

We are simply on awe of Britt and beyond proud of her achievements so far this year. She has many friends at school (she’s our social butterfly). I was worried about potential “mean girl” issues as I remember there being some problems with that when Kye was this age but it has not been an issue with Britt. She plays with a variety of friends on the playground and doesn’t seem to be affected by any “mean girls” and it doesn’t appear that she’s a “mean girl” either so, so far, I feel good there. She does have a little boy who she smiles at a lot 😉 But Zach and I never make a big deal about those types of things. We just always talk to our kids about making sure whoever they marry loves Jesus!

I can’t wait to have another reader in our home by the end of the year! Britt is rocking out in the 4 year old class!

Britt loves her school work so there are a LOT of pics 😉 

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