Britt Monthly Summary: September

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We have been talking about Britt’s first time watching Star Wars for literally a year now. Originally we had thought we’d start working through the series over the summer but when we took her to see the live action Beauty and the Beast she freaked out. Like to the point where we don’t even talk about that movie (insert eye roll here…I mean she’s seen the original a billion times and the commercials for the new one so I just don’t get why she freaked so much). We told her she wasn’t ready for Star Wars because of how she acted about Beauty and the Beast. 

Since that conversation she’s been hardcore about talking up Star Wars and how she won’t be afraid and won’t freak out and will be able to handle it and wanted to see it. We decided to wait awhile on it and told her we’d try it one Episode at a time but that we love her and we aren’t going to be letting her watch something that she’s not on the level of handling yet. We don’t want to sit there and let her watch it only for her to have nightmares after! 

We had our first Star Wars night this month and Britt was SO PUMPED. We watched Episode 4 and she LOVED it. So much so that she requested to watch it in the car on the way to Disney on her movie screen. She did really well. She was a little scared in the scarier scenes but that’s okay. They are made to make you jump a little! She didn’t have any bad dreams or lingering issues from watching it so we plan to do Episode 5 soon (we may switch up order and do 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 then go see 8). 

Kye has been THRILLED to have her join his life of Star Wars and was such a great big brother while watching. He kept comforting her and telling her it was okay and explaining things to her 🙂 

Britt was super pumped about her fun run at school and was so adorable running around the track. She had a big grin the whole time and her hair fell out which was hilarious. She loved seeing me there and would wave every lap! 

Britt went into football season really excited about cheering Kye on (but quickly decided it was super boring haha). She wanted to make posters to hold up for his first game!

Football has brought us many firsts…like outhouses. 

Britt is L-OVING school and comes home with so many fun little crafts she’s made! 

For dress up days at school Britt is NOT like Kye. He’s super into it and she’s just not. Which I’m fine with! I’m very no pressure when it comes to stuff like that! 

She was excited about celebrity day because it meant she could wear her Moana dress!

For Senior Citizen Day she just wanted to dress up in a nice dress haha

And cowgirl she was cool with pigtails but that was it. 

She is just so stinking cute!

We’ve had fun with her hair styles and she has her favorites for sure!

Kye told her “you look like a real lady”

Painting rocks at church!

She hid hers at Zaxby’s and someone found it and posted it up on the local community facebook page! Such an awesome way to spread joy and the love of God!

Last pool dip! FREEZING.


Love my girl!!!


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Britt Monthly Summary: September

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Britt’s September was so special because it was Donuts with Dad!!! She was SO excited to have her Daddy at school with her which really make Zach’s heart so happy. Kye was always more excited for the donuts than the dad time 😉

Daddy got to visit BOTH girls this year!

They did a build and grow project which, duh, Britt’s a pro at 😉

Daddy visited Tess’s class first and she didn’t want him to leave so she got to tag along for Britt’s as well 🙂 They had a great time and went out to a special lunch after together!

(Daddy had the big Aflac duck as his show and tell item for Tess’s class…so cute)

Britt was SUPER bummed when school started because Tess got a new book bag, Kye got both a new book bag and new lunch box and all Britt got was a canvas tote bag her class is required to have. I was very excited when Personal Creations reached out to me and offered to send Britt her own personalized lunch box! She was THRILLED and used it this month when she got to stay late after school for Lunch Bunch!

This girl LOVES school and is always so proud of her school work!

Johnny Appleseed!

While Kye has tennis, the girls get to play!

Britt has done both gymnastics camp and dance camp and she just LOVES gymnastics. She talks about it all the time and brings it up on her own. Zach and I talked about it and decided she’s showing enough hardcore interest for it to be worthwhile to look into. Kye hasn’t ever shown such passion or interest into a sport as she has with this (at least not yet) so we don’t want to ignore that! We went to a local gymnastics place and they let her jump in a class to try it out. It’s a big investment (cheaper than dance at least haha) but yall SHE LOVES IT. 

I adore how girly Britt is! She’s always wanting to wear jewelry and put on her “makeup”

Kye said “you look ridiculous”

Britt said “I look beautiful”

My favorite new thing about Britt is how much she LOVES to help in the kitchen! It takes patience but it’s such good quality time together and she legit WANTS to help and enjoys it and IS helpful!!!

She LOVES waiting for her big brother!

More About Britt:

  • When she grows up she wants to be a “baker”
  • Britt ALWAYS prays for Aunt Casey. We had a lady’s bible time where the focus was on prayer. Britt sat with another member of our church and she leaned to Britt and asked who she most felt needed prayer and Britt, right away, said “Aunt Casey”
  • Kye and Britt were discussing the splash park on our trip to Orlando and Kye said “well the splash park is like a medium” Britt said, “Medium?!?! I am NOT that kind of girl!”
  • Randomly in the car one day Britt said she wants to be just like me when she grows up because I’m so nice and sweet and I always keep my promises. That is probably THE best words I could ever wish to hear my babies say 🙂 


SO thankful for this big girl and her big heart!


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Britt Monthly Summary: September

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This post is a summary of Britt’s month of September!

Britt’s class hosted their “Donuts with Dad” this month. Britt was SO excited about it and it made Zach feel really special because we are used to Kye who was always more excited about the donuts than anything else but Britt was ALL about her Daddy coming to school with her 😉 


They did a building craft together in the classroom (which Britt still has on her dresser!)

I LOVE this! I was impressed with how many she actually answered correctly (like his eye color?!?) and love that they are legit answers. Although of course we know Daddy doesn’t consider going to work to be fun 😉 And we know that Britt’s favorite food is corn…I’m not sure if that’s Zach’s! 

This month was a BIG month in the world of Britt: she turned forward facing in her car seat! I’ve written multiple posts about car seat safety. You can see this particular post for more about Britt’s ability to be rear facing until almost 4!

I will say she wasn’t in love with being forward facing. She complained that her legs weren’t comfortable. Which is pretty hilarious since most people turn their children forward facing at younger ages b/c “their feet are getting squished.” Britt was used to having her feet and legs supported and now that she’s forward facing they dangle down which isn’t as comfortable. 

She also drops her toys more often b/c there isn’t the back of the seat in front of her to stop that from happening. She also constantly tells me we are lost and going the wrong way haha I guess looking out the back window for your entire life can mess up your sense of direction 😉

I sure do love seeing her in my rear view mirror though. I know people get in wrecks a lot from texting and driving but my struggle is keeping my eyes on the road instead of watching her the whole time! She’s so cute and seeing her little face when she talks and sings is addicting 🙂

Britt is LOVING school! There weren’t enough people wanting a 3 day class for her age group so she’s in a 5 day class but only attends 3 days. It’s been a little tough b/c she wants to go the extra two days (“but Mommy my friends miss me!”). They do send home all the work she doesn’t do since she misses those two days which is kinda awesome. It’s worked out great because Kye has homework most days after school and Britt loves doing “her homework” too. Usually she is still sitting at the table after he’s finished. She takes a LOT of pride in her work which makes my heart happy!

In the mornings at drop off we get there SO EARLY because there is a 30 min difference from when Kye needs to be at school until Britt needs to be there. I never would let Kye sit up front with me but Britt gets to b/c that way we can talk easier before she gets out 🙂 

Sometimes she lucks out and gets a breakfast date with daddy between dropping Kye and her time for school. I’m jealous 🙂

It IS nice that our Walgreens opens at 8 so if I have something I need I can swing in there real quick after dropping Kye. It’s an easy way to run a quick errand 🙂

Dancing is Britt’s FAVORITE thing. She loves it. She talks a lot about how excited she is for gymnastics camp next summer but I really think she’ll want to do dance camp instead because it’s her absolute favorite thing. I did talk to Zach about us signing her up for classes. I know I’m pretty anti-that but I do wonder if it would help her behavior improve? I know Zach NEEDS an outlet (golf, basketball, etc) and maybe Britt is wired that way too? Maybe having an outlet would help her release some of that energy and be better able to have a better outlook overall? It’s something we are toying with!

We got an American Girl Catalog in the mail and Britt was so cute about it. She was in love with the dolls and I found this page with one circled and her name beside it 🙂 So sweet! I told her IF she starts playing with her other dolls (she has some Disney dolls with “real hair”) then maybe when she turns 5 we can consider an American Girl Doll. I know they are crazy expensive but I do think it’s so great that they teach lessons in their book series and I remember loving mine as a kid!

This child is THE messiest eater. This is the common sight. Britt sitting on like the corner of the chair where she’s almost standing. Her placemat pushed away from where it actually needs to be to catch the food. The plate also far away from her. And whatever food she’s eating ALL over her face. And hands. And hair. And table. And floor. And chair. And wall behind her. 

This is also another coming site at meals. Crying. Sobbing. Complaining. Whining. All over eating her food. Whew. Guys it’s no joke! We set a timer and give her PLENTY of time to eat. I also give her portions that are often less than I give Tess. She has more than enough time to finish the food. She even likes majority of it! Yet this is still a common outcome. I’m more than ready for this eating issue phase to pass!

Britt usually is asleep when Kye gets off the bus (typically I have to wake her at 4 from nap!) but she LOVES getting to see him when she is awake! it’s so cute 🙂

Suckers I brought back from my girl’s Disney trip 🙂

Britt is also becoming more and more of a “big sister” to Tess. She likes to be that example for her and I’m so thankful that Kye has always been such an awesome big brother. He set the bar high and Britt is really stepping up in a big way here lately! 

This is the common Britt picture struggle. I end up posting pics where her smile isn’t as cute b/c the ones where she IS smiling cute the other kids aren’t! I promise she has a beautiful smile that she DOES show 🙂

Even as a baby this girl LOVES to be outside!

Britt loves to play our nightly games and now that I’m done nursing I can finally participate! Since Britt has been old enough to stay up and play I have been nursing Tess and very rarely get to enjoy game time with her. I love spending that kind of quality time with the kids!

Britt is VERY into pretend play now. She makes up a lot of stories with her toys and I love to listen to them. She sets them up and has them tell stories and has them all match up with their doll type (like the BIG Belle doll is the Mommy to the little Belle doll she has etc). 

As I mentioned earlier, Britt still sleeps VERY solid. She’s always been a high sleep needs child and she sleeps most days for her nap. Usually she takes a little while to fall asleep but then I will have to wake her at 4. Sometimes she’s SO asleep that it takes legit work to wake her up! She also often has to be woken up in the morning. She goes to bed at night at 7:15 so I know she’s getting plenty of sleep. Can you imagine when she’s a teenager?

Sneaking in some hand holding while she’s crashed!

More About Britt:

  • While at Disney Zach took her to the bathroom at Be Our Guest and she asked “is this Belle’s bathroom?” 
  • Instead of “commercials” she says “commercinals” (which our kids call the “fast play” feature on Disney movies watching the commercials haha)
  • Instead of independent playtime she says “capendent playtime”
  • She’s had no discipline issues at school! 
  • Her favorite movie right now is Incredibles
  • She ALWAYS wants her hair fixed
  • Britt freaked me out a little by telling me she’s only going to have two more birthdays. She also at another time on a different day said she’s never going to turn 8. She better have more than 2 more birthdays and she also better turn 8!!!
  • She’s been doing great at independent playtime and seems to play better with Kye after they have that time apart
  • Her personality is naturally a “glass have empty” type which is a struggle for me
  • She can push my buttons and there are times I have to just physically remove myself from the situation. I often have her go to her room so I can collect myself. I never ever want to lose my temper with my babies and just a few minutes to cool off really helps me be more patient and loving and kind towards her during our moments (making a note to remember that when she’s a teen!)
  • She has issues right now saying “yeah” rather than “yes ma’am” which I’m pretty sure Kye went through with school to!
  • She still very much talks like a baby. It’s her natural voice and it’s adorable but I’m not sure if it’s something to be concerned about? I wouldn’t be surprised if speech is discussed with me at some point by one of her teachers 
  • An older couple at church came up to me one Sunday and asked if I was Britt’s mom and told me that she is SO SMART which was such a nice thing to hear! With little girls you always hear about how cute/pretty they are 🙂


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Britt Monthly Summary: September

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Here is everything about Britt from September!

School: Britt LOVES school! She hasn’t complained one time about going, but she also rarely gets upset on the days that Kye goes and she stays home. It really has made me feel good about our decision to send her this year and to send her for just three days a week. It’s been perfect for her! 

Her teacher shared these pics from the first day!

I love this b/c she’s not allowed to suck her fingers…so she just has them LAYING on her lips but not sucking them haha

I think the thing Britt has enjoyed most about school is being able to participate in all the fun things that Kye has always gotten to enjoy. They do football Fridays where everyone wears team spirit stuff. I think the main reason for it is to support the high school teams but we send the kids to school in college gear 😉 We just aren’t into the whole town obsession with high school football (at least not yet…I’m sure when it’s my son or nephews playing it’ll be a different story!).

Go Blazers and Seminoles!

Britt has been THRILLED to be able to attend chapel each Wednesday. I took her once last year and she LOVED it and still has talked about it and sings songs we sang that morning. It’s the highlight of her school week and she was super pumped the first day she got to go!

On our days where Britt stays home she has really started to enjoy solo play. Kye has always been the kind of kid who enjoys playing on his own. I’d for sure say he’s an introvert and needs that alone time to reenergize. Britt is a true “people person” and I think she gets more of her recharging from being around others. I’m so glad she’s learning to enjoy alone time as well and I often find her in her room reading and playing with toys!

I feel like she’s taken FOREVER to get into playing with little toys and making them talk and having a storyline for her playing? She’s just now really starting to do that! 

She also is having a longer attention span with her coloring and I’ve already started seeing an improvement in her scribbles!

A lot of the days that she’s at home we just have PJ Day and cuddle and relax. Mama needs the break too 🙂

Her favorite thing to do on our days at home? Dress up! I need to move the dress up clothes downstairs so they are easier access b/c she will find the most random things to wear!

Another favorite thing to do is help me prepare lunch. She LOVES to help. To the point where it’s not always so helpful haha. She will drag out her stool regardless of if I really need any help or not 😉 Can you tell her job that day was to give each plate a few goldfish?

Yoga: This month I started working out while on my 24 Day Challenge. I alternated between the elliptical and yoga! I found a GREAT Beginngers Yoga DVD
. It was hard to find time to do it so I tried doing it one morning while Britt was home. She LOVED it and stuck with me the whole time! I had a hard time focusing because I kept watching how adorable she was 😉 Here’s a video!

Eating: Britt’s biggest issue from a parenting perspective is meal times. Ugh this child! She is MUCH more interested in entertaining everyone than she is in eating. She constantly says “I’m not hungry” and “I don’t like such and such.” We have tried everything with her but she just doesn’t eat much. I know it’s a phase and it’s common for this age…but I’m ready to move past it! She’s also a VERY messy eater. She’s almost 3 and still totally requires a bib!!! And even then she ends up with food in the most random of places and if I forget to put her hair back then she WILL have a sticky rats nest look going on after she eats! 

Business: Kye started his “first business” this month and Britt cracked me up .She bought SEVERAL bookmarks from him and then she turned around and tried to sell them to me haha Here’s a video of her sales pitch!

Date with Mommy: Zach and I took two Saturdays in a row before we went to Hawaii and made date plans with the big kids. For the first “date day” Zach and Kye went out together and Britt and I stayed home and then that afternoon she and I went out! We had a GREAT time!!! 

We took some carrots in the car for snacks 😉

Our first stop was ToysRUs. I made a wish list for each of my kids for every holiday (christmas and birthdays). It makes it VERY easy for people to have gift ideas…and it helps ME keep organized with the things I want to get them! I thought it’d be fun for my dates with the kids to take them each to the store and let them register for the toys they liked. It was so fun! Britt and I took 2 HOURS walking around ToysRUs. She would have stayed even longer but we had to hurry to eat dinner so I could get back to nurse Tess 😉 

You would think a 2 year old would want everything in the store but Britt surprised me. She wanted to look at everything and she wanted to talk about everything but she didn’t actually want all that much on her list. I had to force her to pick things! I’d ask if she wanted to have such and such toy at home and she’d say no and keep on moving! She also didn’t ask to buy anything that day at all and was such a joy to walk around with. 

Here’s a video…you can see why it took us so long 😉

That morning Zach and Kye had gone to Fun Factory and out to lunch and Kye came home with some new binoculars. My kids go nuts over binoculars haha. I wanted to get Britt a little present on our date so I got her a pair. And they broke immediately! Guess that’s what you get when you shop from the $2 bin 😉 

We headed to eat at Chick-Fil-A. It was SO. FUN! She was so adorable and silly and just cute. People literally stopped every time they walked by and commented on how beautiful she is. It’s amazing the difference in her one-on-one. It was a good reminder to me of how important and valuable that one-on-one time is!!!

Mama’s Girl: I have always called Britt my “hip baby” and even now, at almost 3 years old, she will ask me to hold her. And not just hold her…but WALK AROUND and hold her. Y’all! I legit think this is to blame for my foot issues! I’m not an attachment style parent but I have an attachment style daughter haha! She is almost too big to be able to do it so I try to just soak it in on the days when she wants to be held and cuddled 🙂

With me now having two daughters I try to still make every effort to let Britt know how special she is. I never want her to think that having two girls in the family somehow makes her less special, ya know? I knew when we first took Tess to church that EVERYONE would be all about the baby but I also knew how much Britt would want to be with me the whole time. So I had us wear matching clothes (which she loves) and tried to let Zach handle Tess so I could spend quality time with Britt during worship 🙂

Getting attention by any means necessary 😉


My big kids!

Little Entertainer: Britt is our constant source of comic relief. She’s silly and goofy and just naturally funny (traits she clearly did not inherit from me!) She comes up with stuff totally on her own and it is hilarious. 

Kye always takes off his clothes when he gets home and throws them on the steps to take up to his room and Britt decided to dress up like Kye 😉

Swag for days 🙂

Middle Sister: So far Britt is fitting in well in her new roll as “middle child” She is still very much the younger sister to Kye and she doesn’t have as much interest in being a big sister to Tess yet. She is helpful, but just not very into the baby at all. She’d rather have the attention for herself 😉 

More about Britt:

  • Britt says the “God our Father” prayer song from school and always says “awwww mannnnn awwww mannnn” at the end rather than “amen amen” haha
  • Britt is a sweet mommy to her babies. I love her voice in this video of her “comforting” her babies!
  • She is VERY into “poop talk” I know this drives many moms nuts but I think it’s funny? I know it’s a phase and it’s just her being silly! We were talking about games to have at her birthday party and I asked what kind of game she wants and she said “poop games” I asked how do you play poop games? and she said “you roll it” hahahah
  • She also will call people “Poopie” and will say “Bye Poopie” when she leaves a room
  • She tells us that Tess is her sweetheart 🙂
  • The kids LOVE smoothies…I took this video of their excitement about them haha
  • Zach made up a song waaaaay back when Kye was a baby called “Milk in my Mouth” and now Britt sings it whenever I nurse
  • I asked what her favorite animal is and she said “mommy”
  • She talks about playing with a friend at school and I asked her what they played and she said she was Anna and her friend was Elsa and that I could be Olaf. I love that she’s playing those fun girl pretend games. So cute!
  • Here’s a video of Britt saying her ABCs
  • She is finally able to get on the potty on her own! With nursing Tess that’s a major chore for me to manage so it’s awesome that I don’t have that struggle anymore! When she goes potty now she also says she “needs privacy” (yet I don’t get ANY privacy when I go haha)
  • Britt will do ANYTHING to make people laugh and once you laugh at her she will keep going and going and going with it. 

Here are more pics of my girl!

Child LOVES to climb!

I’ve always said that Britt is prettier in person than in pictures. She’s just not very photogenic…maybe those days are changing? I ADORE how these tuned out!!!

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