Britt Monthly Summary: October

This post is all about Britt from October!

This month she had her first school field trip and we went to Rasin’ Cane! We have visited in the past and really enjoyed it (can’t link to the specific post) and it was a great chance to go back. They have added a good bit since our visit and had a lot of planned activities that were perfect for Britt’s age group!

Is this not the cutest cow ever?!? I’ve never looked at a cow and thought “I want to keep you!” but this cow made me want to take it home!

Britt’s favorite was playing in the corn


Her teachers had everything so well planned and had snack time just at the right moment!

Britt has entered the phase where she cries when leaving, the benefit of having an older child is recognizing what things are phases. Kye is over the crying when we leave places phase so I’m sure Britt will get there eventually too (probably just when Tess starts ha!)

We had a BLAST together!

Britt has gotten really into her school work and LOVES to write and draw. I know I used to worry about Britt’s ability to sit still and work on a task because she’s always on the go but she’s done so well with it and truly enjoys it!

Kye and Britt started playing school together this month which typically has the end result of arguing. Kye gets frustrated that Britt doesn’t know how to read and spell and do math. Basically he expects her to be a fellow first grader. I feel his pain as I was always playing school with my brother and neighborhood kids. I remember my mom explaining to me that kids are in school all day and don’t really want to be in school when they are home too. I try to remind him of that as well 😉 Britt is usually a pretty good sport about it (at least for a little while!). 

One of my goals for Britt is to get her to dress herself. The getting ready process of a girl starts SO YOUNG. It takes forever because she’s so opinionated about every single detail (not that she gets her way, but I still hear about it). She’s def not ready to fully dress herself yet. I mean check out the job she did putting on her jacket after school haha 

Upside down and inside out…I mean that takes effort!

90% of the time Britt is still asleep when Kye gets home from school. She always ask me to wake her up but if you’ve met Britt when she’s woken up before she’s ready then you’ll know why I never, ever wake her to meet him at the bus. Child likes her sleep 😉 But when she is awake she’s SUPER pumped about running out there and always greets him with the biggest hug. Kye is pretty spoiled. Tess is obsessed with seeing him off the bus too and I’m hardcore about always being out there to greet him. I know we are probably making it a rough go for his future wife. Future daughter-in-law I apologize in advance and hope he doesn’t expect you and all your kids to greet him home from work each day in this fashion 😉

Britt loves sitting up front with me in the drop off line to school in the mornings. We get there super early b/c Kye has to be dropped off so early so we spend time together listening to music and I enjoy watching Britt admire herself in the mirror (cough mini-Zach cough). 

Yes, she’s kissing herself haha

Zach is SO great about putting aside quality time with our kids. He not only makes time for our family as a whole but is all about getting to know each of our children as individuals. They are SO lucky to have him as their daddy!!!

Breakfast waffle date!

This was the month that I got cleared from my foot physical therapy and Britt and I had our very first ever race in the yard. It was SO awesome to RUN with my little girl!

For Britt’s third birthday she got her own Power Wheels jeep. She turned 3 in December of 2014. I knew it took Kye awhile to learn how to drive his when he was that age but man Britt took her tiiiiime. She FINALLY tried driving it solo this month and actually realized how fun it is! She may take after her mama as I had zero desire to get my drivers license (and I failed the test the first time…b/c I couldn’t PARK. Not parallel park…just regular park…). 

A couple months ago I took the girls to their first baby shower and Britt had an awesome time! When I had another one to attend I asked if she wanted to come and she was all about it! Not only was it fun having her there, but she made it memorable for everyone. It was a family shower with a LOT of the Parker women (a solid 20 or so), many who I don’t know well and Britt doesn’t know at all. I was very proud of her when she asked to say the prayer and about died when she prayed for God to help her not to have diarrhea. CLASSIC Britt! It was awesome haha

Sweet cousins!

This month we attended the Friday Frolic gymnastics play morning again (I have more pics of our fun on the Family Post from this month!). Britt loved it but it results in some mega issues. She was very rude and disrespectful to me and just didn’t have a happy heart about things. When it was time to go she pitched a big fit and it was a last straw moment for me. We had a BIG talk about her attitude and how we are called to have a happy heart in all that we do. I told her she would NOT get to go back to “gymnastics camp” until she filled up a sticker chart on her “Happy Heart Chart.” She would earn a sticker before nap and again before bedtime each day (so twice a day) if she had a good attitude and a happy heart. The chart I made had 100 spaces to fill…so 50 days worth. Y’all. It took a lotttt longer than 50 days for her to fill it. Britt’s struggle is with her attitude. She’s obedient but struggles with being happy in her obedience. We are hardcore focusing on that with her!

This month Britt got to bring home her class stuffed animal, Hoot. He went with us on our Stone Mountain trip which was really exciting for Britt. It was funny though b/c she didn’t want to bring hoot along to anything we did that weekend. So he hung back at the hotel! 

Britt is becoming SUCH a helper! She is getting better and better at having that servant heart!

Britt got invited to a birthday party for a girl from her class last year. We very, very rarely go to birthday parties. We just are very invested in our time as a family and tend to already have plans when the kids get invited to parties. In this case though it worked where we could be there and I’m so glad we went! We have SO much family that lives near by that my kids parties have a TON of people at them (if anything I struggle with having too many people ha!) but a lot of the families in our community are military with no family around. It really did remind me how blessed we are to live around so many loved ones! 

It was a tea party and Britt got to dress up fancy and bring a baby doll! It was her first ever tea party!

It was so fun and it was so cute how they decorated the plastic silverware to make it fancy and had legit tea!

Zach’s grandfather, Big Daddy, is so precious with our children. He especially has a sweet spot for Britt. We went to their house thing month to eat which I really want to make a priority to do more often. BIG family gatherings are super fun but that quality individual time is really just the best! Big Daddy had Britt stand up on the chair so he could get a good look at her 😉

On our way to Stone Mountain we stopped at a rest stop to go to the potty and I was CRACKING up at Britt’s reactions to hearing other people in other stalls using the bathroom. bahaha

I LOVE having a girly girl! While our daughters won’t be allowed to wear makeup outside the home for a long time I don’t mind them having little girl play makeup. I think it’s adorable and I love watching Britt do it all by herself and how proud she is about it. My sweet girl!

More About Britt:

  • Britt cannot stttttand independent playtime. I’m really hoping to hook her up with some good toys to keep in her room after Christmas to hopefully help her like time in her room more. She gets VERY upset having to be separated. She is just our super extrovert 🙂
  • Britt LOVES to be tickled and always asks for more!
  • She does NOT want to wipe herself when she goes poop b/c “it’s yucky” Um. Do you think it’s less yucky for me to wipe it child?!?!
  • She told me that she doesn’t want to fall in love b/c it “hurts”and she asked me “how do you fall in heart with someone?”
  • Britt likes her pants and sleeves rolled up, she can’t stand feeling the material against her. 
  • She is always constantly ask me to switch songs in the car and then will say “this is my JAM” for the songs she likes
  • She constantly wants to go outside and constantly wants to be with Kye


My precious, beautiful girl. She has my heart!

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