Britt Monthly Summary: October 2017

Britt was SO PUMPED for our Disney trip and was the official countdown calendar keeper!

The day we left for Disney Britt had her field trip to Raisin’ Cane. I love going on field trips with my kids and hated to miss it but we actually checked her out from the field trip to hit the road so it just wasn’t feasible for me go! She had a blast and I appreciate friends capturing pics of her for me! 

This month Britt kept having these sores on her neck. They’d dry up and then come back and it freaked me out a little bit. With Zach’s strong family history of auto immune diseases I’m always extra aware of anything that might be a symptom of something bigger going on. We ended up using hydrocortisone cream on it for several days and it cleared up for good so unless it comes back at some point, I’m just not gonna stress it!

In prepping for Disney I realized Britt needed new shoes. I know many people hit the parks and have their kids wear sneakers that don’t match their outfits but yall know me and that’s not my vibe 😉 I ordered like a zillion pairs for her and we tried them all on and returned the ones that didn’t work! 

These were def our favs for lots of walking at the parks and their super cute!

Grammie sent us YUMMY cookies!

Making crowns at church

Britt has been having speech services since the summer and I’ve never been able to listen in on her lessons because I’ve always had a kid (or two) with me and they don’t allow kids in the back area. It was super neat to be able to go back when I was solo this month and see what she’s working on. They have headphones so I could listen and a window where I could see her but she couldn’t see me. 

She looked at the mirror a lot when working on certain words. Her “r” and “l” combos were really the only thing she had left to work on and by the end of the month she’d mastered that too! “Cinderella” was a word we practiced a lot 😉 

I fixed her hair for gymnastics and she didn’t like how I did it so she messed it up on purposed and expected me to fix it before drop off. NOPE. Totally let her go to class with it like that. 

It’s so funny to me how early in life girls start to be unsatisfied with their hair. Girls with straight hair wish they had curly hair and girls with natural curls wish it was straight…Britt has def joined that club and she’s ALL about braiding her hair so she can have “Moana curls”


Britt is our sweet girl and is enjoying her last couple of months being 5!

My girl!


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