Britt Monthly Summary: May

Here is everything Britt was up to in May!

Play: Even though I started independent playtime with Britt from an early age…her personality is much different from Kye’s and she is much more of a “people person.” She tends to want to play WITH me all the time or even skip out on playing and instead be doing whatever I’m doing. Cooking? She’s right there to help! Cleaning? hand her a rag! This month though I saw a big change in that which is wonderful timing as I need her to be able to play solo well when the baby comes! 

She is very into puzzles and will sit on the kitchen floor and put them back and get another one out over and over again while I’m cooking or getting other things done. 

She also is now enjoying playing blocks by herself and building lots of towers (and knocking them over of course!)

She LOVES her play camera and walks around the house saying “say cheese!” all the time!

She enjoys setting things up and just observing everything going on around her!

She is also liking to color more and more. I think she’ll do SO great in school and love that she’s getting more into crafts. She will ask to color and will sit for a long time making her projects! She still really loves to take out all the crayons and put them back in the box, but she is coloring more than she used to!

Eating: Kye and Britt have many different tastes when it comes to food which I find interesting. I feed them both the same stuff but I introduced them both to food in different ways. With Kye I did the traditional baby food route and with Britt I did baby led weaning. I wonder if that has anything to do with their food preferences or not? This month I made the kids peanut butter, bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches and they were a winner with them both!

Britt LOVES quesadillas! Kye is not as much of a fan but Britt will eat all of hers and then eat his too!

And of course every kid loves muffins…

and birthday cake πŸ˜‰

Disney World; Britt still remembers so much of our Disney trip. I know often people will say that 2 is too young to take them b/c they won’t remember anything. And while I do think the memories of that specific trip will fade for her, I think the trip started building that love and excitement for Disney and I’m SO ready to take the kids back!!! She turns 3 in Dec so we need to hurry up so she’s free πŸ˜‰

Water Girl: Britt loves to lay down in the water in the tub! She has NO issues with having her face/eyes get wet at all which I am so thankful we did survival swim with our babies! A love for the water is such a great thing!

Big Girl: Being the youngest of all the kids in our family has really made Britt grow up so fast! She loves to hang with the big kids and acts just like them! She can do anything they can do and does a pretty good job of keeping up πŸ™‚

Heart Beat: I think the sweetest thing about Britt from me being pregnant is how much she ADORES hearing the heart beat. I took the kids to more appointments with me than I had planned on…for that specific reason πŸ™‚ She loves hearing the baby’s heart! It’s so sweet!

Random Objects: Kye was never into bringing along toys when we went places but Britt has always liked to have something with her when we are on the go! She will bring the most random things and I don’t mind it, but always limit it to just one or two things and usually end up keeping them in my purse the whole time other than the car rides. One night we went to dinner and she insisted on bringing along a picture of Casey and Jordan! Isn’t that so cute?!?!

Pets: Britt is WAY more in love with our pets than Kye ever has been. I think she probably loves them more than any of our family does at this point πŸ˜‰ The animals love Britt’s big girl bed and she loves having them! She laughs and laughs when they jump up there and loves to be affectionate with them. 

Earrings: I did not have my ears pierced until I was 9 years old. I was old enough to care for the earrings myself and old enough to truly want them. Zach and I both are not fans of the trend of babies getting their ears pierced. We both feel like it’s something that needs to wait until a more appropriate age. I do have GREAT memories of hardcore rocking some stick on earrings as a kid and Britt wore her first pair this month πŸ™‚ I was surprised when I posted this picture on Instagram how many people commented and said they got their daughter’s ears pierced as babies and regretted it! Def made me glad we opted to wait it out!

Mommy Cuddles: Britt has ALWAYS been a “hip baby.” I honestly think the root issue of my foot is from carrying Britt on that hip so often. I think she is more the typical kid whose mom stays home and who is breastfed. I know I always heard that kids with moms who breastfeed and stay at home get mega super attached to their moms…but Kye was never that way. Britt has def made up for it! I literally cannot walk around and carry her anymore (hello baby is in the way!) so we will often sit and have cuddle time together. She would be totally content just to sit in my lap all day if I let her!

Model: I know she’s mine but can this girl get any cuter or whhhat?!?! I love how into clothes she is and how much she loves accessories! She will pick out accessories to match her outfits on a regular basis and will not take them off AT ALL. In fact she’ll get upset when they do fall off haha! I love love love how girly she is and how she is getting more into picture taking πŸ™‚

More From This Month:

  • Britt stayed dry and clean for the first time through the night on May 1st!
  • She also RARELY poops in her diaper during naps/night anymore. I started telling her if she poops in the potty she gets a treat (1 fruit snack) and that totally did the trick!!!
  • On May 5th she woke for the first time in the night from being afraid. She woke up two different times and both times was obviously scared and said she was afraid of the green lights in her room. Zach got some electrical tape and covered them up (they are from her monitor and smoke detector) and it hasn’t been an issue since! I also made sure to take her around the house and show her all the green lights πŸ˜‰
  • I love hearing Britt sing in the car. She will always sing the last word of the sentence in a song and it’s adorable!
  • She knows pretty much all of her colors other than black and orange and CONSTANTLY walks around tells us the colors of everything in sight!
  • I love how she calls Kye “Buddy”
  • Britt and Kye always race to the bathroom and, of course, Kye always beats her. She doesn’t mind it at all and he always yells out “I win!” then she happily shouts “I losed!”
  • Every time we are in the car she asks to hear “wreck it ralph”
  • She can count to 11 on her own!
  • Kye has a memory verse to learn at school each week and Britt learned her first one! You can see it here! (and Kye doing it as well!)
  • Just like how Britt LOVES being with her mommy…she is the same way with Kye! If he goes up to his room this happens every single time!
  • She is also very, very sweet and protective of her brother. Jordan took this video of her comforting Kye when he was pouting over not getting to wrestle! 
  • Britt’s new bed has some built in shelving so I bought a picture frame and a sea horse for it and also put a teddy bear bank from when I was a baby on one of the shelves. Britt is obsessed with these objects and will bring them out of her room to show us over and over again! Here’s a video! Also in this video you can see her recite everyone’s name πŸ™‚
  • Britt is starting to get more and more helpful with things around the house…here’s a video of her putting the dishes away!

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