Britt Monthly Summary: May

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This post covers Britt’s month of May!

This month Britt had her first Water Day at school. Kye’s age got to go down HUGE water slides (no parents were allowed) but at Britt’s age they just played in some small pools and had water toys and snacks and fun. I was able to stop by on my way to physical therapy for my foot and see her in action. She has SO many little friends and is just quite the social butterfly! 

The location we used for Tess’s 9 month pics had horses! We were there a little early and the kids loved rolling down the windows, getting out of their car seats, and seeing all the horses! Britt especially enjoyed it 🙂

This month we moved some books into Britt’s bed. She has shelves on the sides of her headboard but we’ve kept them pretty empty until she’s old enough to handle the responsibility. I told her she can read books when she wakes up early from naps or in the morning. For a few days she would read them but then she started to completely forget they were there. She’d wake up from nap and say “oops Mom I forgot about my books!” 

Sidenote but Britt is pretty hardcore about her bed. She insists on keeping it perfectly made at all times. And refuses to move the pillows around to sleep. Often we find her sleeping sitting straight up in the bed to avoid messing it up!

We also often find her like this. Randomly laying in a weird position!

I’ve always talked about how Britt is my mover. She’s my busy body and the one I worry about sitting still. She’s taken longer to be into more stationary things but she’s starting to ask to draw and is getting better and better at it. Her scribbles are turning into circles and lines and she also presses down SO HARD that she will often rip through the paper!

This month we had Britt’s 2nd hair cut. She LOVES all things girly and had so much fun going with me. She’s extremely well behaved and always makes me proud!

Before pics

After pics

She loves it!

More About Britt:

  • Kye and I have always enjoyed bedtime cuddles together. Britt is so silly and wild in bed that we don’t get as much cuddle time together. She’s not into “talking” before bed the way I’m used to with Kye. If I ask her what her favorite thing was that day she usually makes something totally random up or says something from a long time ago. Instead I’ve developed little rituals when I tuck Britt in. They tend to help her transition from “it’s silly time” to “it’s sleep time”
    • We have special kisses. We do “eye kisses”, “nose kisses” and “lip kisses”
    • I also tell her that I love her from her head alllll the way to her toes and from her toes alllll the way to her head and tickle her down and up as I say it. She LOVES this!
  • Britt still takes a long time to fall asleep even though she stopped sucking her fingers two months ago. I def think it’s a long adjustment period for her. However she’s never ONCE sucked her fingers since quitting!
  • I’ve been trying to hard to relate everything through Jesus for her. I explain that we have to be like Jesus in all we do and try to parent to her heart. It’s hard because I think that’s the main thing Britt needs. It’s easier to discipline actions but harder to “discipline” the heart. Britt doesn’t feel guilt or remorse for her actions and that’s something I really want to help train her up to be like the Lord. 
  • Britt cries EVERY SINGLE NAP and NIGHT. Every one. Never fails. When I leave after tucking her in she will cry. It’s sad to end the time with her on such a sour note. She stops within a few minutes but it’s just something I guess she has to do in order to settle for sleep.
  • She asked to try “Tess’s milk” one day (breastmilk) after I pumped so I let her and she liked it
  • The kids started calling Tess “Baby Tod” but Britt somehow changed it up and now calls her “Baby Shoff”
  • She also will call people “silly goofer” and now it’s something we ALL say. It’s one of those family words that just kinda happens and then sticks!
  • Britt took a bath solo and said she missed Tess
  • She calls her painted finger nails “paint nails”
  • She constantly asks me if it’s time for me to feed Tess so she can watch a movie. Man, she’s gonna be sad when I start dropping nursing sessions!


I love her crazy accessorizing (side note but I was successfully able to sneak that dang junky crown into the TRASH this month!)

Britt wears shoes 24/7. She changes them multiple times a day. She has NEVER worn this particular pair out of the house but has worn them so much at home that she literally wore them out!

Britt can go from happy to miserable in 1 second! It’s a skill 😉

Kye’s turning into a photographer…and Britt is his best model 🙂

I love that Britt is now asking to have her picture taken!

Britt still very much ADORES her big brother!

My favorite thing about Britt is that she is BRITT. She is her own unique personality and just has so much spunk and truly draws attention from everyone when she enters a room. You just can’t help but to watch her and smile. She’s precious and hilarious and I’m thankful she’s mine!

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