Britt Monthly Summary: May 2016

This is a summary of Britt’s month of May!

Her class had a little end of the year fiesta so we did our best to dress in theme for the event ๐Ÿ™‚

Tess came along with us!

Plain chips is as far as Britt goes with Mexican food!

Whew. Tess WORE ME OUT at this event. Into evvvvverything and was evvvvverywhere. I felt bad b/c I really wasn’t able to give Britt much of my attention. I’m thankful that Tess will have her own class in the fall so hopefully Britt’s and Kye’s events fall when Tess is in school so I can be solo and just focus on them!

Sweet gift from her awesome teacher!

Britt also went to the dentist this month and had a wonderful visit. Her spacing is MUCH better than Kye’s and he said he couldn’t even tell anymore that she used to suck her fingers. No cavities and we’re crossing fingers that her spacing sticks so mmmmmaybe she will have room for her adult teeth and won’t need braces like Kye for sure will!

Britt has started doing SO great with her writing! She filled out this card for Grammie and did such a fabulous job! I spelled the words for her but she wrote them all on her own!

Lots of letter practicing

I love seeing the ways in which our kids are different. I know Kye is very creative but not in a typical creative way, Britt is also creative in a way that isn’t like Kye’s. I thought it was so interesting that she took all the magnatiles and created this layered effect whereas most people who play with them create a building or structure! 

A few years ago my dad and Audrey made me a really neat mirror with tons of little toys from my childhood as the frame. I couldn’t really find a spot in our house to hang it so I kept it in my closet and enjoyed looking at it. Well. It fell and broke (7 years bad luck?!?!) so I took off all the little toys and keep them in a special box in my closet. They are the PERFECT distraction/entertainment for my little girls who LOVE to be up under me while I’m trying to get ready ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

At Halloween every year a house in our neighborhood decorates in a really spooky theme and our kids call it the “ghost house.” Britt is obsessed with it and every time we go on a walk she wants to go see the ghost house. On this particular day she was feeling brave and said she wanted to walk up to the ghost house by herself! I’m sure these people are wondering why in the world this random family is so obsessed with their home haha

I found several childhood pictures of mine and pulled them out to show Mrs. Charlotte when she came over because Tess just REALLY favors me. It was so cute b/c Britt kept saying the pics looked just like her ๐Ÿ˜‰ She wanted a comparison. She’s def my child, just doesn’t look AS much like me as Tessie!

Britt loves playing babies and being Mommy and loves to pretend that she has babies in her belly ๐Ÿ˜‰

We did a night where each big kid got to choose to do whatever they wanted with Mommy. Britt picked playing babies. It was so fun! As a kid I always wanted twins (what was I thinking?) and wanted to name them Peanut Butter and Jelly. Britt thought this was hilarious so of course my babies took those names ๐Ÿ˜‰

Britt chose more normal names for her babies: Zoe, Elizabeth and Rain

I LOVED tucking her in that night and seeing her huge smile!

I also love that Britt is such a solid sleeper. Most naps we have to wake her up and she’s always the last one to wake up in the mornings. I know it may become an issue when she’s a teen, but right now I enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜‰

More About Britt:

  • This month was tough on all of us for many reasons, and I did see a lot of that weighing heavily on Britt. With the news of Casey and Jordan’s baby, Britt took it the hardest out of our children. She talked about Casey’s baby all the time and prayed for Casey and Jordan constantly. She asked lots of questions and became very concerned over death and dying. Really this was her first experience with death (she was too little to remember Austin passing away) so it was a natural thing for her to wonder about things. I was proud to see her loving heart for Casey and I know that her concerns meant a lot and showed how much she cares!
  • Britt also doesn’t shy away from the icky stuff. She LOVED to ask a ton of questions about Zach’s back surgery. She wanted to see his scar and wasn’t grossed out by any of it at all. 
  • She has stopped enjoying doing her chores. It’s funny b/c Kye is always DONE with his like day 1 but Britt procrastinates like crazy and waits till the last minute to do hers, if she does them at all. I know she’s young to get the whole concept so we don’t push it!
  • She’s finally brushing her hair by herself (except for the back)
  • She’s got quite the imagination! One day she told me she was playing with Jesus and that the little pieces of paper she had were bread. I asked if Jesus made extra bread and she said “No Jesus made them into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and he even cut the crust off without me telling him I don’t like crust because he just KNEW”


Britt keeps us all smiling and I’m so thankful she’s my girl! 


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