Britt Monthly Summary: July

Here is everything going on with Britt from July!

Daddy Date: Britt and Daddy had a special date night! I don’t know if it’s true for all families…but in ours we tend to hang out mostly with our same sex child. Zach and Kye do a lot of “guy stuff” together which means Britt and I get a lot of “girl time.” We have to make more of an effort to do things with our opposite sex child and I’m so glad we take the time to have dates with them! Britt and Daddy had a great time at Zaxbys!

Shopping Partner: When Kye had golf camp, Britt and I enjoyed a lot of time just the two of us. I knew I was going to be homebound once the baby came so I wanted to go and do as much as I could! We had fun hitting up Goodwill and Carters. My kids LOVE Carters because of the lego table. Britt did AWESOME playing all by herself with the legos while I shopped! She wanted pics of her “tower”

And she didn’t even fuss when it came time to clean up!

Her “prize” for good behavior was “riding” Mighty Mouse…

Now that Kye is upstairs we rarely all play in his room so one day while he was gone Britt and I went up there for a bit and she enjoyed playing in his bed with his books and toys πŸ™‚ 

Belly Twins: This month was my last month of pregnancy and my belly was MASSIVE. I couldn’t get over how far out my belly button went and I wanted to make sure to get a picture of my belly with Britts. She has the cutest little outie belly button and I wanted to capture our matching bellies πŸ˜‰

Painting Nails: I never have polish on my finger nails (always on my toes) so when I got my nails done this month Britt immediately noticed and wanted hers painted too. I’ve always avoided painting her nails but went for it. She LOVED it but whenever she went down for naps or night sleep she still sucks her fingers so the polish would get messed up. I fixed those beasts like 10 times in a few day period. I was glad when they all wore off!!!

Model: This month I also got several new pairs of Crocs in the mail, including some new boots for myself. As I was trying them all on Britt ran into her bedroom then came back out like this πŸ˜‰ Wearing her brothers old socks and rocking some of her boots haha!

Bible Class: This month was a big month for Britt at church. She finally moved up to the next Bible Class. She should have moved up when she turned two, back in Dec. But the teacher of the 18 month old class just LOVES Britt and Britt loves her and I love the way she teaches the kids. So none of us were in a hurry to move Britt from that class πŸ˜‰ It finally got to the point where Britt was pretty much teaching it and she’s a full year older than the other kids in there so we had to move her. She’s done great in her new class! It was SO sweet on the day we moved her…her old Bible Class teacher cried. It made me feel good to see that our baby is that loved! I promised her we’ll be sending another Parker baby her way soon haha!

Home Days: Just like in Kye’s post I mentioned the activities the kids did at home to stay busy while we waited for baby to come…here’s Britt enjoying the jumping stuffed animal game and the flicking beads one πŸ˜‰

First time ever playing “house”! πŸ™‚ 

Hairy: Zach and I are both decently hairy. Like I remember having to shave my arm pits when I was like 10. Poor Britt is following in those footsteps. Thankfully her body hair is all blonde but check out the hair on those legs!!!! (and the bumps and bruises…girl is tough haha)

Daddy Time: Zach is an AMAZING father and really, really went above and beyond this month with the kids so I could rest! 

Playing legos in the playroom

popcorn and movie time together

cuddled up reading stories!

Other Stuff with Britt This Month:

  • I always heard that little boys love poop jokes…Kye hasn’t ever talked about it!?! But Britt? She constantly jokes about tooting on people and about poop!!!
  • On July 14th she went to bed for the first time without her pull-up on over her panties! No accidents! Since then she’s only “wet the bed” twice!!!
  • She got in trouble and had to go sit on the couch. When it was time for her to get up she came to me on her own and said sorry!!! 
  • We went to Wild Adventures and Britt was going under the water and she came and told me that she was baptizing her hair πŸ˜‰
  • During naps I can hear her talking and singing. I will go in and ask if she’s okay and she says she’s just talking to her fingers haha. One day I walked in and asked if she was talking to her fingers and she said “no ma’am I’m talking to my thumbs”
  • Britt SHOCKED me this month at her counting skills!!!! Here’s a video of her counting to 30 completely on her own. I had no clue she could do this and she almost does it perfectly!!!

More pics of my beautiful girl!

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