Britt Monthly Summary: July

Summer was SO FUN around here!!! This month we stayed super busy and I also did weekly summer recap posts so there isn’t much to cover in the monthly ones (which I prefer!). 

Britt is now really loving sitting quietly and coloring and I’m hardcore loving it too! My little busy body has learned to enjoy the slower paced things in life! She colors SUPER hard when she colors too!

She also loves games (and Don’t Break the Ice is about the only “little kid” game Kye is still okay with playing!)

And, duh, every day she wanted to go swimming!

And she still loves her accessories!

And asks for pics of herself all the time now 😉

Silly girl during bath time! 

I think my favorite memory of the summer with Britt was going to the beach together. She was SO happy there and was just in such a good mood the ENTIRE week. We didn’t have any discipline issues at all with her and it really helped renew my spirit. I struggle with Britt in that she’s very different than I am and it’s hard for me to understand her perspective on things. I pray about it a lot and have been focused on finding the best way to parent her specific needs. It did MY heart some good to have so much FUN with her. It helped remind me that I’m doing a good job and she’s a wonderful little girl and we will work through the issues that arise together! We saw a HUGE attitude shift in her overall on that trip and it has been a huge blessing for our family!

Britt This Month:

  • She’s very obsessed with Uncle Jordan and constantly says “he’s my favorite!”
  • Every time she wakes up she asks “is it tomorrow today?
  • Britt wants her bed just right and gets very upset if we mess it up. She sleeps with it fully made!
  • She is allowed to sleep with two friends since she stopped sucking her fingers but she never does it, she always picks two friends and has them on top of her bed not actually in her bed with her
  • Britt is a true middle child. I feel like we baby her in some ways and in others we expect too much of her for her age. It’s a balance to treat her like the 3 year old she is!
  • I find when I DO treat her like a big kid and expect things of her like I would a big kid, she rises to the occasion. I need to give her more responsibility as she can handle it and enjoys having it!
  • Even if we are just riding in the car somewhere she always asks to accessorize such as “what can I wear in my hair?!?!”
  • She’s really starting to bond and play with Tess more!
  • She loves to play “meow meow” all the time and especially loved it in the ocean at the beach. 
  • Even though it’s July she loves to talk about plans for her birthday party in Dec 😉
  • She is hardcore about the “big kid club” and loves talking about how she’s part of it!
  • Britt is a high emotional needs child. She really requires undivided attention which is difficult when you have three children! I found that her behavior was so, so much better on our trip because she did get so much individualized attention and we were so busy the whole time with very little down time. Meeting her emotional needs leads to that better behavior for sure and it’s something I’m working on big time with her!


Britt brings so much laughter and fun to our family and to everyone she meets! She has such a unique personality and is so smart and eager to learn new things. I’m so proud to be her mommy! I always tell her she is special because she’s my first daughter. I always wanted a little girl and I will never forget the moment they told me “it’s a girl” when she arrived and the joy I felt! 

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