Britt Monthly Summary: July 2017

Britt jokes that her earliest memory as a child was that she cried all the time. Which could be true, whew she wasn’t always the easiest baby or toddler. But the upside is, she continues to get better and better with age! I LOVE this stage of life with her! She’s so much easier going, happier, and just that ray of sunshine in our lives. 

We had a great month in July and the highlight was def our trip to St Augustine. Britt loved the Alligator Farm but the BEACH was her clear favorite. She is just an ocean girl! She loves it!!!

This month was a big milestone month for Britt. She did a semester of speech therapy at VSU and created an instant bond with her instructor, Courtney. She did FABULOUS with speech! She was evaluated in April and when she started speech at VSU she had 7 goals to work on. It’s all jargon so I won’t list all the goals but of the 7 she met 4 of them just from the summer session! Awesome progress! We did decided to do one more semester to help her meet the remaining 3! I have NO regrets about enrolling her or having her evaluated. I know that majority of the concerns are things she is probably just a tad behind on and would probably catch up within the next year or so naturally but I figured why not get help to make sure she gets where she needs to be? Especially because it doesn’t affect her academically which means the school system won’t ever get her any help either! 

Miss Courtney hooked her UP with all kinds of sweet goodies and the most precious note!

Britt also graduated from the beginner class in gymnastics this month! She just started gymnastics in October and was put in the 5-7 year old class even though she wasn’t yet 5. In just this short span of time she’s already mastered everything in that class and has moved up to the intermediate class. She LOVES gymnastics and had a great bond with her couch, Miss Charlotte. 

Britt is getting better and better at playing card type games. Often she’ll just be on my “team” but I’m starting to work with her about playing on her own and she does great! She loves Blink

and learned how to play Spoons and WON!

She had a special date with G-Mama and was allowed to choose a prize. Girl loves some stuffed animals!

Britt has SUCH a giving heart and is always getting prizes and such and picking them out to give to me. So thoughtful!

She LOVES to help, especially around the kitchen. She was a huge huge help in Tess’s party and just loves to be “part of” whatever I’m doing!

She is very proud that she can climb up on the counters herself 😉

Britt is SO eager to have a baby brother and has been a big help in preparing the nursery and unpacking and organizing all the baby related things!

She had some good practice when sweet baby Cam was born this month 🙂 

I love that Britt has her own unique style. She cracks us up because she’ll complain about being SO HOT but then insist on wearing random leg warmers all day every day, including to sleep haha

Britt is in a BIG “be like Mommy” stage right now and I LOVE it. She loves to look like me and likes to talk about how we’re twins and how she’s going to be just like me when she grows up. It’s THE best compliment I could hear!

My beautiful, sweet, funny, amazing girl! I’m blessed to be her mama!


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