Britt Monthly Summary: January

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This post covers Britt’s month of Jan!

This month we had another class field trip with her school! She’s had more field trips this year than I think Kye did his whole preschool career πŸ™‚ 

I had NO CLUE that our county has a museum! It was AWESOME. I’m not sure if it was fully appreciated by this age group but I’m hoping to put together a group of older kids to go back sometime soon. They do activities for older kids that I know Kye would love! Britt really enjoyed it too but I got a TON out of it. It was just a neat opportunity to learn more about where we live and where my children will grow up!

The man who wrote “Jingle Bells” was from Valdosta! How about that little fact to bust out at the holidays to everyone we meet? πŸ˜‰

We have been having TERRIBLE issues with Mediacom for our internet. Like October – March it’s been a JOKE the number of people who have come out here to try to “fix it” and the amount of time I’ve spent dealing with it. I sent this to Zach b/c it’s proof that maybe our internet issues are related to being located on an Indian burial ground πŸ˜‰

I was shocked my husband wasn’t in this display…I mean dude did have the #1 play of the day on Sportscenter πŸ˜‰

All the kids LOVED getting to go inside the train!

 And they loved climbing all over the elephant which is a statue to represent the REAL elephant that once lived in our town!

Preschoolers all agree that their fav part of a museum field trip is snack time πŸ˜‰

Now that Britt is four she gets to start eating the same vitamins that Kye does! Kye has been eating the Advocare chewables since he turned 4 and I’m a big believer in them! I wrote about each of the ones he takes (and now Britt does too!) in this post!

Kye has invented “pop tart mornings” where he makes a pop tart for himself and Britt on Saturday or Sunday. It’s really sweet that he’s wanting to get involved with preparing food for the family and Britt LOVES getting to have a pop tart treat one morning a week!

She may love pop tarts but WHEW food is a STRUGGLE right now. I reached the point where it was making me angry and upsetting me when dealing with her with not eating her food and complaining about it every. single. meal. So I changed. It’s important as a parent not to allow our children to dictate our emotions. I realize this food issue isn’t about food. It’s about Britt’s pride and her stubbornness and by allowing it to affect me, I let her think that she’s “winning” and that being prideful and stubborn works. No ma’am. 

So this month I switched it up. I started to give her the portion of food she needed to eat at a given meal and then I’d set a timer once it got close to the time the meal needed to end. Britt will sit at the dinner table for 40 min and barely touch her plate. A timer is a necessity with her. So I set the timer and when it goes off I just simply take her leftover food and put it in the fridge. Then the next meal? She eats that same food. I re-heat things if needed etc but I continue that routine until the food is gone. If that means telling her teacher at school or her teachers at church that she can’t have snack/treats then that’s fine too. If it means the rest of the family gets to eat a treat or a special meal or something and she misses out, so be it. 

This is all she had left of her dinner. Literally it’s less than 2 spoonfuls of yogurt. And to begin with I only gave her like 4 beans and 1 whole strawberry. I’m not expecting too much of her. She didn’t eat it so I put it in the fridge. Then she didn’t eat it at breakfast. So I told her teacher no snack. Then she didn’t eat it at lunch. So that night when I took the kids to Zaxby’s before church I brought the food with me and she didn’t get to eat Zaxbys like the rest of us did. Finally she ate it. 

I have found that this is working well for us. She’s chosen to go this path a few times and I just don’t stress it. She’ll eat when she’s hungry and I’m not going to let her eat junk food. I know I’m not “making her eat” more than she should to be healthy. I also know that I have to stick to my guns on this in order to help HER to break free from that pride. I feel WAY more calm in handling it this way. It allows me not to stress about it and truly does put the ball completely in her court! She decides if she eats it or not and she chooses to have to miss out when she chooses not to eat. 

From birth Britt has always had THE easiest hair! We wouldn’t even have to brush it and she’d wake up in the morning and it’d look perfect. She had that annoyingly beautiful hair πŸ˜‰ Well…those days are gone. Now she gets REALLY tangled while she’s sleeping! My hair does the SAME THING so I feel her pain and have been mindful to use lots of conditioner and have started putting it in a pony for sleep!

This month the kids started having their chores (you can read more here!) and I’ve been both shocked and excited by how into it Britt has been so far. She’s ALL ABOUT IT! She loves doing her chores and I’m hoping that positive energy flows over into other areas as well! She was so excited to clean the windows that she asked if she could keep on cleaning πŸ™‚

I stopped nursing Tess back in September and it is such a “proud mama” moment for me when I still see Britt “nursing” her baby dolls. She will sit with them and rock them and have them against her chest/belly and says she’s feeding them. I know breastfeeding is a controversial thing a lot of the time, and I don’t judge mamas who choose to formula feed but when it comes to my own daughters I do hope that the example I’m setting helps lead them to choose to breastfeed their little ones someday πŸ™‚

Britt loves to draw, especially on chalk boards and dry erase boards. I love that she drew our family and the sunshine and holding balloons πŸ™‚ It looks SO MUCH like something Kye would have drawn!

Britt is my Disney Girl! She LOVES it! The kids completed their Disney books this month and Britt has been obsessed with looking through hers and Kye’s shutterfly books of their first visits πŸ™‚ Makes all that work worth it!

We found a very friendly lady bug out back. I love that if we had to have a “bug issue” that it’s lady bugs that we are always finding πŸ™‚

I love my girl!

More About Britt:

  • Britt gets SO HOT which is so funny. She will be in the car and be like “I’m HOT Mom I neeeeeeeeeeed to feeeeeeel the air!!!” She even told me herself that she LOVES to be cold but can’t stand to be hot and “freaks out” about it. Which is just so interesting to me b/c when Britt was born the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. I was told to STOP pushing in order for them to untangle her. She has very little body fat and has ALWAYS had issues with turning purple even if it’s barely cold. Yet I guess she likes it!
  • Part of her chores include things she has to do but that she doesn’t get paid for. It’s been HUGE in helping her do better with wiping herself as her own, dressing herself and making her bed!
  • Britt asks over and over again about the same things she will say “mom mom mom mom mom” over and over and over again. 
  • She makes really funny voices and has her SUPER sweet voice sound which is super precious but man if she whines and says “WAH!” it can make my blood boil haha
  • Britt always says that she has her babies in her belly already
  • She says that Zach and I married and that her and Kye are in love and that Carter and Tess are in love
  • She also decided she will get married when she’s 10


Boo boo = DRAMA

She’s my sunshine!

…and Daddy’s too πŸ™‚



Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

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Britt Monthly Summary: January

I work with several companies and links to any products within posts are affiliate.

This is a summary of Britt’s month of January 2015!

Curlers: Britt loves accessorizing and is SUCH a girly girl. I was thrilled to find the old school soft sponge curlers! I knew she’d love them and I was right! We put them in her hair while it was wet, fresh out of the bath. I had no doubt that she’d sleep with them without complaint, I was nervous for how well they would hold though. She has very fine, thin hair and it’s MEGA straight. I mean I don’t even have to brush it and it just is perfect when she wakes up in the mornings. 

Future house wife in training πŸ˜‰

She was THRILLED with the results when she woke up the next morning. The curls didn’t last for very long, but they were there long enough for her to feel like Belle πŸ˜‰ She talked about them for days and told everyone she saw that her “hair looks like Belle” even though the curl was long gone πŸ˜‰ It was one of those moments where I was just so happy to have a daughter! So often kids are kids…you don’t think about their gender that much really. But she was truly a little girl in her curls and princess dress and it was fabulous. 

And now, of course, Belle is her favorite princess and she says she’s going to wear her Belle dress and  Belle “hair” to meet Belle at Disney next time πŸ™‚ 

Makeup: I don’t have any memories of my mom putting make up on me? I only wore lose powder and that was in high school. I didn’t even start wearing mascara until my 20s when Casey told me I need to ha! I didn’t even own liquid foundation until after I had Britt! Everything I know about makeup I learned from the awesome women who work at MAC counters πŸ˜‰ I am honestly thankful my mom didn’t encourage make up on me. I think I have better skin because of it and I am thankful I wasn’t one of those girls who peaked in looks in high school! Britt LOVES watching me put my makeup on and always asks to wear it. I have super nice brushes and worried about her messing them up so for Christmas we got her a “makeup set.” It’s some of that little girl makeup that is nothing. She only plays with it when I’m with her and it’s a good alternative than her asking to wear mine. I’m not a fan of little girls in makeup, especially outside the home. I’m not sure yet at what age we will feel like it’s appropriate but for sure not anytime soon. I want to keep her sweet, young, and pure! 

Here’s Britt with the “makeup” on. I mean I legit put it on and it legit is like CLEAR?!?! I dunno how that junk works!

Eating: Almost every meal Britt sits down and announces she does not like whatever we are eating. It doesn’t matter if she liked it yesterday, she doesn’t like it now. However if you have that same item on your plate, but not on hers, then she LOVES it and wants to eat yours. Like all of yours. She also considers meal time to be more about entertainment than eating. She has to be constantly reminded to eat her food. I have found the best method for dealing with the picky eating/complaining is to stick with piles. She gets two (equally sized) piles and can choose which one she wants to eat of each item on her plate. It works. Since I’ve been eating healthier (using Advocare to lose this baby weight!) it’s really rubbed off on her and she enjoys sharing my snacks with me…or eating entire hard boiled eggs and not leaving any for her mama πŸ˜‰

Crafting: Kye has always enjoyed crafts but Britt has taken longer to warm up to the concept. She would usually run around and play while Kye was crafting but now she wants to sit and craft too! She especially loves getting to use the scissors right now and cuts paper into small pieces. It makes for some fun clean up πŸ˜‰

G-Mama got her this water coloring book and it’s amazing. I need to buy stock in these things! When she had her ear infection this was the only thing that kept her happy!

Games: Britt loves loves LOVES that she’s included in the game nights now! She loves to practice playing during the day as well and it’s AWESOME that Kye now has someone he can play board games with πŸ™‚ Aunt Katie got her her own game for Christmas and she LOVES it!

Car Seat: I plan to do a whole post about this but wanted to include a little about it here. Britt turned THREE in Dec and is STILL rear facing. She has never once complained about being backwards. She’s comfortable in her seat. She’s happy in her seat. And, most importantly, she’s SAFE in her seat. Rear facing is THE safest way for your kids to be in the car…and car accidents are the #1 killer of children. We LOVE our car seat for Britt and will be finding another seat that is made for extended rear facing for Tess as well! You can read about Britt’s seat here. 

Parker Child: If you took our children and put them in a line and had to choose whose side they came from I think that Kye and Tess are more “Sedgley side” and Britt is more “Parker side.” Although I do think all of our kids are a great mix, Britt really favors Zach’s side of the family most! Check out this pic of “Little Zach” πŸ™‚ 

Outside: We had so many pretty days this month! Britt loves to be outside and is so funny to watch. She trips constantly. Zach and I sit back and watch her and predict how many times she’ll fall haha! The best part is how she falls and then just jumps right back up and keeps going!

Play: Britt, of course, enjoys anything Kye is doing. She is a big helper for him but also his biggest annoyance. She’s clumsy and knocks over stuff on accident a lot but she also has a temper and will knock things over on purpose too. It’s sometimes hard to know which is which! Those little sisters can be sneaky πŸ˜‰ 

She still really enjoys her baby dolls and especially putting them down for naps (hey, she gets it honest!)

She also is a great back up musician for Kye’s performances!

And she’s already placing bets on the who the Bachelor will choose haha!!!

I had a good bit of work to do upstairs this month (cleaned out the kids clothes in storage) and Britt played SO happily on her own in the playroom. She really enjoys my dollhouses from childhood and it’s so sweet to see her playing with toys I enjoyed so much as a kid!

Of course princesses also love tea parties πŸ™‚

Nighty: When Britt went back to school after the break the director of her preschool asked her what her favorite gift was from Christmas and Britt said her nighty! She has LOVED having a special nighty to wear to bed πŸ™‚ So cute!

Accessory Queen: Britt LOVES to dress up. She loves to accessorize. I can just see her being one of those girls who never takes off her high heals πŸ˜‰ I love her confidence and her sense of style. It’s SO fun! I have a drawer in her room filled with accessories she’s allowed to play with (I learned my lesson the hard way about letting her use her “cute” jewelry as play). She’s hilarious to watch as she chooses things to wear!

Wink: Britt has perfected the art of the wink and it’s Zach’s favorite thing. It’s absolutely hilarious and adorable πŸ™‚ 

More About Britt: 

  • All of her baby dolls are named “Tess A Lee”
  • When I asked what her favorite part of Christmas break was she said “skiing”
  • Britt gives THE best kisses!
  • She wants to go to school every day but when she gets in the car she always says all they did at school was eat snack and play outside! 
  • I, of course, prefer for her to sleep in her bed but during times when she’s awake it so cute to hear her singing and I especially love seeing her laying there with her hands folded and hearing her talk to God πŸ™‚ 
  • Videos:

So thankful to have this sweet sunshine in my life!



Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, FacebookΒ and Pinterest!

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