Britt Monthly Summary: February 2017

This post covers Britt’s month of February!

After her well-visit I finally remembered to measure her on our doorframe! I love that we have this so we can see how our children grow and the kids love to randomly stand against it throughout the year and see how they are measuring up to each other as well as to their past heights! Britt is def much taller than Kye was at her age!

Y’all I struggle so hard with how UGLY all gymnastics clothes are! They are so expensive so I try to find them all used so maybe I’m only seeing ugly ones because people don’t sell their cute ones or something? I literally just grab any leotard from the kids sales racks that I can find…in any size. It’s tricky bc Britt being so tall PLUS being SO skinny. I prefer the ones with shorts but they aren’t always easy to find either. Bless her. At least she thinks she looks awesome and that’s all that really matters πŸ˜‰

She got her evaluation this month and is really improving!

Swim skills are very important to our family. Having a pool in the backyard means it’s crucial that the kids have a solid skill set! Especially when I have all three kids every day of the summer wanting to swim and I’m mostly by myself while Z is at work! Kye is old enough now where we don’t feel he needs a refresher with swim but Britt is still young enough where I want her to have a few lessons just to make sure she’s set. She did three 30 min lessons at Tiny Bubbles and yall. I know she loves gymnastics but swimming? Swimming could totally and completely be HER SPORT. Child can hold her breath like no other and is lightning fast. Her first lesson Zach was home and took her and he texted me during it to tell me he couldn’t believe the speed of this child. We’ve talked to her about competitive swim. It starts at age 6 and to condition her for it we could do more lessons at Tiny Bubbles. We are a one sport per kid family though so she’d have to stop gymnastics. Right now we decided to keep going with gymnastics and work with her at home over the summer and then in the fall decide what she wants to do moving forward! 

Britt’s swim was at 1:00 which meant packed lunches by the pool!

Tess doesn’t always love watching haha

(naptime makes it tough!)

The kids earn Bible Bucks at church for having their bibles, prayer journals, memorizing verses etc. One of the ways to cash in your “bucks” is to have lunch with the head of the kids program…Mrs. Liz. Our kids ADORE Mrs. Liz and Britt saved up her bucks to go to lunch this month. She went to The Mill and got to bring her sweet friend, Nola, with her. The girls racked up and hit the jackpot on a game and won over 500 tickets. This pic cracks me up b/c the kid in the background is SO BITTER hahaha! 

Something we are starting to work on with Britt is her open mouth/tongue. She has THE biggest mouth and I seriously wonder if us getting her tongue clipped as a baby made it more difficult for her to keep her tongue in her mouth? She unconsciously has her mouth open and tongue hanging pretty often. As in like pretty much all the time if she’s not sleeping or talking or smiling. I know it’s something she’ll be self conscious of later in life if it is a natural thing she does. I don’t want to embarrass her or make it into a “thing” now either though. I’ve been ignoring it for the longest time but did decide that some gentle reminding may help. Rather than “Britt put your tongue in your mouth” I talked it over with her and our code is “Britt, be a lady.” It’s not lady-like to have your tongue flapping around so I feel like this is a gentle way to remind her and hopefully in time it’ll become habit πŸ™‚

Britt LOVED Valentine’s Day this year and especially loved making cards for all of our family!

She loves drawing and writing (dry erase boards are where it’s at)

This month was kid sale month for me so I stocked up on clothes for the kids. Kye doesn’t care much at all what I come home with (unless it’s something FSU or Star Wars of course) but Britt? She loves looking through every single item. She loves taking off the tags and talking about each thing in detail. These moments remind me of time spent with my mom. Zach always joked that Mom and I took a MILLION years on Christmas morning b/c we talked about each gift we opened in intense detail. Why we bought it. Where we found it. The story behind it. I can see Britt enjoying this with me as well πŸ™‚ 

Britt is a HARD colorer but she’s getting SO good at staying in the lines!!!

How adorable is this???

Britt is SO thoughtful. She gives of things very freely and expresses a lot of appreciation when others give to her. She came home from her lunch date with Mrs. Liz and told me she spent 200 of her tickets (her and her friend split the 500 tickets so they each at 250) on this bracelet. And that she bought it for me. How sweet is that?

When I went on my Solo Disney trip Amanda and Ashley came to pick me up and met the kids and Amanda has daughters as well who also love Disney. She brought along some of their Disney clothing they no longer wear. When they dropped me off when we got home Britt came out wearing one of the dresses because she wanted Ms. Amanda to know how much she liked it. For a 5 year old to think of that completely on her own? This girl is such a light! It made me very proud!


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