Britt Monthly Summary: February 2016

This is Britt’s summary from Feb!

Every year Zach takes the girls on a special date around V-Day and usually that’s the same time that our town has a Father/Daughter Dance nice. This year I saw on FB where a local hotel was hosting a princess themed dinner prior to one of the dances. I talked to Zach about having him take the girls as their date night but he wasn’t feeling it (spoiler alert: good call on his part) so I talked to him about taking Britt as a date night for her and I. I love anything princess as does she! 

I had recently picked up this ADORABLE dress at a local kids consignment sale for only $8 (Does ANYONE know where I can buy another one? The tag inside says “fushi wen” but I can’t find anything with that name online! I really would love to get more of these type of dresses and also get a coordinating one for Tess for the girls to wear together at Disney!) and she was THRILLED about wearing it! 

It was a very cheap dinner and it showed. It was buffet and pretty much terrible. I knew right when we walked in that Zach would be SO HAPPY he didn’t have to eat that food haha! It was cute seeing the dads there with their daughters for the dance but it made me SO SAD that so many of them were straight up ignoring their kids the entire meal and were on their phones. πŸ™

Elsa had to have a seat too πŸ™‚

We were there right when it started and even beat the princesses there. I about DIED when they all walked in. All of the girls were very sweet and pretty…but there was a BIG lack for effort in their princess attires. A little bit more effort would have made a HUGE difference. Like try to style your hair a little bit like the princess you are representing…and when you are standing in front of kids don’t talk about how tomorrow night you want to switch which princess you are dressed like. I realized in that moment that no one does Disney characters like Disney. Oh and did you know Tiana had a daughter? Because we met her too and I had to create an entire storyline for Britt about it (sidenote but Tiana does have an ADORABLE child right?!). 

I’m SO thankful that Britt is young enough where our experience didn’t affect her belief in “Disney magic.” But I did immediately text Robyn b/c they had planned for LL to go and I KNOW it would have bothered her to see “princesses” so out of character. It was a one time event for us. I’ve seen pics from years prior and the princesses were MUCH more on point than this year but I still won’t take the risk. We were in and out in like 30 min and decided to take the party over to The Mix to fill up on froyo πŸ˜‰

Who needs a Father/Daughter dance when you have a dance floor and froyo?

I love that Britt LOVES some picture taking!

This month Britt started swim. Tess had her survival lessons for 5 weeks (4 days a week) so Britt had 5 30 min lessons on Mondays. It worked out well because she doesn’t have school on Monday and she was able to swim before Tess to help Tess be less fearful. Britt is a little FISH! Girl loves loves loves to swim and is really good at it. If she continues to enjoy it I def think she has potential in the world of swimming. She can hold her breath FOREVER and has a swimmers build for sure!

The big kids now are doing chores (thanks Dave Ramsey!). Britt really loved doing them at first and took very little prompting from me. As the newness is wearing off, she’s less and less into it. I think Disney was a good motivator and she LOVED having all that money to spend but once we got back she lost that motivation! 

Britt is SO stinking skinny! Girl cannot keep pants on her to save her life! She was still wearing some 18 months sizes pants. No joke. I finally said enough is enough. Her little sister is needing a size 18 months now and it’s time to move up the pants sizes…even if it means plumber pants for a little while. I couldn’t handle the overwhelming amount of sizes in her closet! I was over it! She needs to get a little booty so they won’t fall down πŸ˜‰

When Kye was smaller he LOVED to scare me after bath time with his bath towel. It makes my heart happy that Britt now loves to do the very same thing πŸ™‚

Britt and Kye play pretty well together. She is pretty patient with his bossiness and he’s pretty patient with her as well. He wants her so badly to learn the things he’s learning in school and bless her heart for trying!

Britt is tough when it comes to meal time. Child LOVES something one day and then can’t STAND it the next. She eats very little and would LIVE off junk food if we let her. I’m pretty positive she gets all the food issues from me as I remember being a kid and my mom packing me peanut butter crackers everywhere we went b/c it’s the only thing I’d eat. Britt went through this big phase where she loathed eggs then one day I ate a hard boiled egg and Britt declared she now LOVES them haha

One thing Britt always loves? Going through the car wash!

Her hair grows SO FAST and is SO LONG!

I mentioned in her 4 year well visit post that I asked about her bellybutton. For years they’ve thought it’s a hernia but now say it’s just an outie! 

Queen of the POUT

More about Britt:

  • We let her try drinking from a cup with no lid or straw for a few days but she’s DEF not ready for that step yet!
  • We also reintroduced a booster seat to try to help her do better eating over her plate. The mess this girl makes while eating is CRAZY
  • Britt loves Valentine’s Day! She said it’s a day all about kissing and she told everyone that Kye was her Valentine!
  • She also said EVERYONE is her Valentine except one person. I asked who and she said SATAN
  • SO glad that Britt is finally wiping herself 100% of the time!
  • She’s doing awesome getting herself dressed as well
  • She moved up to a size 9 shoes this month
  • Her height is that for a size 5T and weight is for a 3T. 
  • She told me she wants her hair cut as short as mine! I’m totally okay with that but I think she’d miss being able to braid it!
  • Her hair has a section in the back that gets SO snarly. I tried putting it in a pony at night and it seems to help some…any other tricks?
  • She likes to talk in an eco where she will repeat the last word she says and will fade out while saying it over and over


Britt brings such laughter and joy (and the sweetest kisses!) to my life every day! So blessed she’s mine!

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