Britt Monthly Summary – December

It’s strange having two monthly summary posts now! I do prefer it over the age ones for Britt though for sure 🙂

Again, like Kye’s, not much to cover from Dec but here goes!

Playroom: Britt LOVES the new playroom. I do too. I’m ready for it to be FINISHED! I think that’s how all house projects go. They get to a point where I’m just so ready for it to be finalized!  Here’s some pics of her enjoying the new room!

Messy Eating: The way Britt eats reminds me of my friend Ashley. We used to joke about her eating habits all the time. She liked to feel the food against her lips? So funny! Britt is that same way though…she doesn’t even realize she has food ALL over her!!! Peanut butter is by far the messiest. One of my goals for 2014 is to keep her shirt on while eating but peanut butter makes it tough. It gets everywhere!!!

To combat some of the mess I try to remember to put her hair UP. Some mornings I will make her oatmeal (her fav) and that’s almost as bad as the peanut butter! Keeping her hair up and out of her face really helps to minimize the mess!

Coloring: I’ve always been a tad nervous about Britt’s ability to sit still for long periods of time and stay focuses on a single task…but she has really started to do SO MUCH better in that area!!! She loves to copy anything Kye does and he is setting such a great example for her. She loves to draw and is so descriptive about what she’s scribbling. It’s so funny to see how active her imagination is already!

Fingers: When Kye turned two we weaned from the paci…now that Britt is two it’s about time to start dealing with the fingers! Since Dec was so crazy I decided to wait until Jan to start tackling it…any pointers from any mama’s of a former finger sucker? 😉

Baby: Britt still loves her babies…and so does everyone else. How funny is this?!?! I caught Sadie on the couch cuddling with Britt’s baby doll!

Playing Solo: I think I will forever and always think of Britt as my “hip baby” because she does just LOVE her mama and wants to be with me all the time. I’m always very proud when I catch her playing by herself happily. She is a child that FOR SURE needs independent playtime or else she’d never have the ability to leave my side! 

Other Stuff From This Month:

  • Britt truly likes to be a big girl in all areas. She prefers now to use an “adult” fork like we do rather than the child ones we have
  • I’ve heard about kids being in a “why” stage but didn’t really experience it with Kye much…I am making up for it with Britt! She’s very curious and constantly asks “why”
  • It’s hilarious but Britt also likes ALL the attention on HER! We will be talking and she’ll say “Guys! Guys! TALK ABOUT ME!!!!” haha
  • Before eating Britt will fold her hands and pray!
  • She is doing MUCH better with staying in her seat at the table during meal times
  • She can say the word “yes” which I remember taking Kye a LONG time to be able to say for some reason? She will say “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” on her own often without prompting from us!
  • I love Britt’s silliness and how she’s always go-go-go. Here’s just a quick taste in this video!
  • I know that night time and nap time potty training isn’t something that can be taught, it’s about the physical ability for her to be able to hold it for that long. She poops during naps often so I try really hard to get her to poop prior to nap and praise her like crazy when she does it! I have also started to talk to her about staying dry in the bed but she doesn’t fully understand. She will wake up from nap and say, proudly, “no tee tees in diaper!” but then it’s full of tee tee 😉
  • She is doing much better at handling transitions and is better able to control herself from getting overly upset when we tell her no.
  • Britt has started to participate in singing songs…she loves “The Lord’s Army” Here’s a video!
  • Britt is ALLLLLL personality! She keeps us laughing, literally, non-stop!

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