Britt Monthly Summary December

December was Britt’s first month of being 3! Just like Kye’s monthly summary from this month, I don’t have a lot to include in Britt’s post either! A busy month means less day to day pictures 😉

Birthday at School: Britt had a little party in her class to celebrate her birthday. She and another little girl both have December birthdays so they had an extended snack time. I brought Tess with me and she had her first bottle during the celebration (and…a MASSIVE blow out diaper. Like BEYOND manageable). I’m so glad I was able to be there for Britt’s special day and especially glad Zach was able to stop by for a bit too! I know it made Britt feel so special 🙂 

Zach squeezing in the tiny chairs haha!

Outside: Since Britt was a tiny baby she has always loved outside time. She just lights up when she gets to play outside. I do wish she was a little older so I could let her and Kye play outside solo without having to worry about her. I don’t think she’s ready yet for that responsibility and it’s trick with the baby to be able to get Britt outside as much as I’d like for her to be!

Books: I have a lot of reading and try to instill that in my children as well. It makes my heart SO happy to see Britt reading books in her room. Britt has a temper. It’s just something she will always probably struggle with and have to work on. I’ve been trying to get her away from the situation when I can tell she’s becoming angry. I tell her that it’s not a sin to be angry: God gets angry! Anger isn’t bad, it’s how we act when we are angry that can be sinful. I’ve found that having her go to her room when angry is the best thing. She doesn’t have an audience for her fit which helps it dissipate quicker and she’s in her own personal area that allows her comfort. Majority of the time when I go to check on her I find her like this!

Hermey: Last year Britt didn’t really understand the whole Elf on the Shelf thing but this year she LOVED it! She was just as excited as Kye was and most mornings he’d race to wake her up so they could search the house together. 

Little Sister: Britt is an awesome big sister to Tess, and she and Kye have also become really good friends. However, she’s still his little sister! She still bugs him and pesters him and drives him nuts on a regular basis 🙂 

His train set was one way she drove him CRAZY the most! She’d keep messing up the tracks or knocking stuff over. Sometimes on accident…sometimes on purpose

More About Britt:

  • I was wearing an almost all black outfit and she said “you look like a bad guy Mommy”
  • When we know Zach is coming home from work she will wait by the door “to defeat him”
  • She ALWAYS puts her shoes on the wrong feet
  • She loves to accessorize but also always breaks the jewelry she wears so I’ve stopped letting her wear cute stuff during playtime
  • Britt loves to do “made you look” jokes and also loves knock knock jokes but when you say “who’s there?” she always just says “YOU!” hash
  • I’ve seen a BIG shift in her since turning 3. It was like an instant attitude adjustment! She whines less and is WAY more obedient. I am trying to encourage her by using a LOT of positive reinforcement.

More pics of my biggest girl!

She loves to dress up…here’s a video of her Elsa dress

Putting on her “lip stick”

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