Britt Monthly Summary: December 2016

December kicked off Britt’s year of being 5!!! Zach and I went away for a night for our “pre-Christmas getaway” and spread the kids out to make things easier. Plus they all have SO much fun getting to stay with different family members when we travel. Britt stayed with Casey’s crew and got to attend an awesome breakfast with Santa with Lindsay and her oldest, Hannah. She had a BLAST and I loved getting picture updates 🙂

Casey is just TOO stinking GORGEOUS right?!?!

Carter was so proud to show Britt his new big boy bed!

Whenever we get to eat Zaxby’s on Wednesday’s we love meeting up with friends there…church friends are SUCH a blessing and I’m thankful Britt has such a sweet friend in Ella to look up to!

Britt was ALL about card making this month. She made Christmas cards for EVERYONE in our entire family. She’s so thoughtful and sweet!

She is in a very artsy stage right now…all about the craft life!

Obsessed with my car air freshener haha!

She comes home with the cutest school crafts, I love this one!

Britt LOVES Samantha which makes my heart very happy. I’d say it’s been the most used toy she’s ever received 🙂 

Since all of Zach’s medical stuff I’ve really tried to buckle down on spending. I’ve discovered that Dollar General is a Mom’s best friend. Britt, Kye and Tess all needed items for class exchanges and a quick trip to Dollar General allowed them to have cute items for SO CHEAP. Here I am talking about it: one and two!

First ever gymnastics evaluation!


Well this was super brief but that’s what happens when you have a super busy month! Excited for all the fun ahead with our precious 5 year old princess!

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